Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yes to God at She Speaks

Hello! Welcome to Yes to God Tuesdays!

Next Tuesday, July 1st I will be hosting the first day of the study of Lysa TerKeurst's book, "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith?".

I'm so excited I'm about to explode at what God is going to do. He is so worth the chase. So buy your book and meet here starting next Tuesday, July 1st. Invite a friend too. They don't have to have a blog to read and discuss it with us. Two hometown girlfriends of mine, Penne and Rachel both read this book with us and neither one has a blog. So invite who God puts on your heart and let's see what He has in store for us as we say Yes to God!

More on She Speaks...

This weekend God went before each one of the speakers I heard. He was so evident in their lives and He gave them the words to speak. Every speaker that took the stage directed the audience to God. This weekend was more than a dream to become a writer and a speaker. This weekend was about trusting God with the talent that He has entrusted me with and allowing Him to use His gift for His glory. She Speaks wasn't about Lelia Chealey becoming this great writer at all, but all about depending on Him for everything and trusting in Him.

It was all about saying Yes to God!

Here is some of the sweetness shared with us this weekend:

"What extraordinary thing has God created ordinary you for?" ~Lysa TerKeurst

"Do not resent the tasks of your everyday life because it is preparing you for ministry. You can't do this ministry until I (God) equip you in the everday fields of life." ~Lysa TerKeurst

"Comparisons kill contentment" ~Karen Ehman

"Satan's MO (mode of operation) is to convince you the one thing you don't have is the one thing you need." ~Karen Ehman

"Sometimes God allows us to get to a really hard place because He wants complete dependance from us." ~Renee Swope

But here's my favorite:

"Mommy, Daddy did my hair all by himself and it doesn't look so bad. When are you coming home?" ~my 6 year old Alivia on my cell between sessions.

Saying we were blessed by these women is an understatement. God really knows what He's doing when He hands out assignments.

As for Daddy fixing Alivia's hair all by himself, no telling what her "do" looked like for church on Sunday as these are the "rats" that came out in the comb on Monday...

Bless his heart.

Next summer when I attend She Speaks I'll make sure to get her hair braided first to spare the dreaded comb-through.

Reminds me of what happens when we give God control of our lives. He just combs through and gets all the rats out! I feel He did that this weekend with me.

Words are easy to say and write. The hard part is taking what we say and write and actually living them out. It's easy for me to say I want to live my life completely for Jesus, but then to actually do it? Tough. It's tough because it's everyday of really laying myself down and allowing God to take control.

I think I get in God's way. A lot. I think sometimes I provide a home for a lot of rats to reside within my heart.

I live in a college town and on football Saturday's there is a policeman on every intersection directing traffic downtown. It's so funny because they're quite rude if you try to go a different way. I wish God was like that with me sometimes when I try to take my own route. I wish He'd wave his arms at me and blow His whistle like crazy until I obeyed Him, but that is the beauty of Him. He wants us to follow His direction because we choose to, not because we have to. Sweet surrender to Jesus just makes Him melt.

He's crazy about you. Follow Him. Chase Him down. He has such greatness planned for every life He has created. Find out what He has for you. Say yes to the God who desires all the good, bad and ugly you have to offer Him.

Make Him melt.

We had a few minutes before we had to board our plane for our connecting flight in Chicago. Missy's plane to Texas was delayed so she was waiting at our gate for us talking with a mom, her baby and her teen daughter. Beautiful girl. We told her where we had been and the young girl told us she writes poetry. I asked her if she had something we could read and she handed me a poem she had written she titled Silver Blade.

It was filled with words describing a teen who had pain and expressed her pain by cutting her wrists. She had said she went to a Christian school and her English teacher told her she was too deep to share any of her writings. We encouraged her to come to the She Speaks Next Generation conference in 2009 and let God use her pain for His glory. Her mom was so excited.

Coincidence that a teenager with a notebook filled with words penned from her heart that believes in God, but is hurting like crazy is suddenly surrounded by 3 women that just left a Christian women's writer and speaker's conference?

No. Not coincidence, but instead a set up by the Savior. We gave this young lady our blog cards with all of our info on it as her Mom beamed and said "God is so good!". We told her to contact us and Kelley gave her a P31 info card so they could check out this awesome ministry for themselves.

I believe God wants this young lady to attend the conference next year and turn her writing into something that will help other hurting teens. Set up by the Savior. He pays attention to us and just adores us. That teen in the airport had been there for over 10 hours from delays and He had her right where He wanted her.
She writes.
He reads.

He can use every single one of us...if we let Him. Don't ever think you are too much of a project for the King.
She surrenders.
He uses.

Y'all come back tomorra for more on She Speaks from this newly converted southern belle! , I pinky swear that pictures are comin'!

~Many Blessings~

If you also went to She Speaks I'd love to read about your experience. Leave your blog name below so we can come read your blog!


Luanne said...

Wonderful posts regarding the conference. You summed up many of our feelings.

I posted a comment on Lysa Blog about a young lady I had breakfast with Sunday morning. As I chatted with her I knew too that it was no coincidence that she sat at my table that morning. It is evident that God is up to something in young girls lives. I'm sure your conversation touched both her and her mom's heart.

Wish I would have had more time to talk with you at the lunch. Had some burning questions to ask you about whether certain places still exist in your town. Have some great memories of those football Saturdays and the sea of red that permeated the landscape.

Your cab ride sounds quite interesting.


Kelley said...

It was worth almost missing the plane to talk with that sweet girl. And to think I was coming home to my own teen trouble. Perhaps God was preparing me a little and showing me that if I could encourage another person's daughter surely I should show some grace to my own. God works in some mysterious ways but there is NOTHING like being used by the King!! Especially when He uses us in pairs :)

Love you,

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Lelia!
It was great getting to meet you this weekend. Your writing touches the hearts of so many of us. You're a beautiful girl! I picked up a copy of Lysa's book so I can do the Bible study with y'all. I lost count of all the books that I bought!!!

Keep practicin' the dialect from down here! You'll git it rite purty soon, I'm shore! Keep me posted on your running!!! I have confidence in you!! One of the precious girls that I had the chance to meet and fall head over heels in love with her heart was Wendy. She was inspired by all of you bloggers and here is the link to her brand new blog!

Not being computer savvy, you all will have to type it in and open it yourselves!!! Sorry! Mybe one day....!

Laurie Ann said...

Lelia, I enjoyed reading about She Speaks and the opportunity at the airport. I'm going to do the What Happens When Women Walk in Faith - ordering my book now. Looking forward to it as I haven't read anything yet by Lysa K.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Lelia-I don't know why but I signed on to mr. blinky and it won't link to my site. Can you remove my name and I'll try again later? So sorry for the three attempts!!

In His Graces~Pamela

breaths of the heart said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I found you blog by no accident! God wanted me to be convicted, encouraged and inspired! Thank you! I hope to be able to attend the next conference!

Linda said...

Hi, Girlfriend whom I love! It is so good to "hear" Lelia again. I am amazed at your airport experience. That is awesome.

Yolanda said...

I did session two last night of Wising Up by Beth Moore.

You statement of 'Make Him melt'....

made me think of what I learned last night, I must have my heart melted, open, softened for Him to enter in and give the wisdom that ONLY He has.

Don't you hate the "rats"? I think that is my concern at this moment, with joining a group of TALENTED women at next years She Speaks conference.....that I don't have that talent. Isn't that just like the enemy?


Amy said...

"Sometimes God allows us to get to a really hard place because He wants complete dependance from us." ~Renee Swope

I needed to read this one. I am in a really hard place right now, and I have found myself asking "why?" so many times.

Sometimes the difficulties leave me feeling defeated, but then at other times I feel encouraged. I figure if the devil is so determined to distract me with worry and problems, it's because He knows what God is doing in my life, and it's making him nervous.

I just told someone today that I feel so much like Peter....I jumped right out of the boat into the water with my eyes focused on Jesus, but lately I have found myself stumbling, because I've shifted my focus to the storm.

But like you said:

"He can use every single one of us...if we let Him. Don't ever think you are too much of a project for the King.
She surrenders.
He uses."

You're a treasure!
God Bless,

Renee Swope said...

Girl, it was SOOOOO good to hug you, to see you, to meet you in person. Thank you SO MUCH for finding me on Sunday before you left. My heart would have been so sad if I had not seen you. It was SO big this year that I didn't see many precious faces I wanted to gaze upon! Holding your hands as we talked and hearing about how God met you there this weekend was a gift to me.

You are so gifted and you are beautiful -inside and out. I love how you are faithful my friend to give away what He has entrusted to you - your smile, your insights, your love, your laughter, your beautiful heart. You are a royal diadem in His crown.

Depending deeply on His grace,

Kay Martin said...

Reading this post makes me want your book now. I was one of those She Speaks conference women also. I have come home with great inspiration and sense of a move of God. But I must admit the practical action I was led to take is just as meaningful. My hope for America is heightened by all of you. God is moving in His people. Hallelujah. Keep up the great work.
Kay of SC