Friday, June 13, 2008

Down to the Roots

Last month, at my husband Gene's post-op appointment to check on the healing of his back, his surgeon gave him specific okays to drive and fish, but not mow or work. I bit my tongue as I am learning to do and just smiled. A few weeks ago, being the great wife that I am (wink, wink) I told Gene that I would mow our lawn for our son who was gone for the weekend.

We bought our home 9 years ago and this was my first time mowing. That would be one advantage of having a muscular 14 year old son. It was actually kind of fun, but please don't tell Gene or Aaron this because I don't want them to get any ideas in their little minds.

Anyway, I'm known for starting one project and letting another project catch my eye and lure me away from what I was doing and not finishing either one. Drives Gene crazy that I try multi-tasking, especially when he is supervising the job. I couldn't help it though when we went to the backyard to mow and I saw this on the side of our patio...

There is 3 of them and they are just weed surrounded eye sores. Last year I took one out after Gene said there was no way I could do it and suddenly I felt up to the challenge again, even though Gene never gave me one. When he realized I had no plans of mowing until at least one of the ugly bushes disappeared, he went into the house and told me to call him when I got tired and was ready to finish what I had started. I knew I wouldn't be mowing anytime soon because from previous experience, these things are deep into the ground and hard to get out. That's why they are on my 4 year plan. I pull out one a by 2010 I'll be completely rid of my ugly bushes.

Determined, I went and retrieved the essentials to tackle my task: Gold Claw thing, a shovel, a saw and to work I went. Not being a lawn person, I forgot to wear gloves so after five blisters, a lot of sweat, the curiosity of a dog and a few hours later I ended up with's Kane sniffing my work.

Look how big around the thing is, but let me show you what held this big thing in the ground and caused me to break out in a gross sweat...

See the 2 sticks that are almost in the center but toward the right of the picture? Those 2 things are still in the ground. I couldn't get them out for anything. When I would finally get things detached they would unravel far away from the bush itself. The roots on this thing were so deep.

I had to take pictures because God showed me something through all my sweat and almost tears. Sometimes we recognize that something is not good in our life and we just trim it down thinking: problem solved. I believe that those are the times that Satan backs away from us and lets us sit in our comfort zone thinking we are done with that problem or habit. Then the weeds start to surround us and the enemy's attacks are ruthless.

We have to get to the root of our behavior in order to make some real changes in our lives and we can't do it on our own. Later that afternoon when I shared everything from the blistered hands to the roots still grounded with my sweet friend Maya she said, "Because when we do try to do it on our own we end up with blisters on our hands as proof."

Dear friends, we have to call on the name of Jesus and let Him be the Gardener in our life.

John 15:1-2

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

May we allow God to come in and prune away what He doesn't want in our lives. As the Master Gardener, He is aware of the weeds that want to choke the life out of us. Let's give Him the okay to cut away until He has us just the way He wants us. I know that the times I allow Jesus to get to the root of my problem, my life displays the beauty of the Gardener. The times I try to be in control my life looks like the side of my patio...full of weeds and just plain ugly. Let's have lives that are easy on the eye....full of His beauty.

Have a great weekend.

~Many Blessings~



Anonymous said...

Your analogies of everyday life and Biblical teachings is such a testimony to your faith and a real blessing for this reader... Thanks!... Have you tried Paw Paw Ointment? T'is great for blisters; actually great generally for healing skin. Naomi

Nicki said...

Hi Lelia,

My Name is Nicki and I'm also attending She Speaks. I wanted to tell you that I just finished reading your daughter's story and can relate very very much. Although I was 19 and one year out of high school. She will have an amzing story of grace to tell one day!!! I look foreword to meeting you! Take care!


Sita said...

Only God can unclog those hardened arteries. While it may be painful, the end is a free flowing channel for His Spirit to flow in and out through us. He is the Only One with the X-ray vision to see the whole job, and only he has the power to perform the delicate surgery. What a God we serve. Blessings, Lelia.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

This prunning process is painful-a lot of sweat and tears but I like the end result!!

I love how you put storied in to your life situations!! You are blessed in this way!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lelia,
This was awsome. I was thinking about a couple of issues that I have been having that I think (i know) are interferring with my relationship with God. And though I try to deal with them, as you so eloquently stated, i have come away with blisters on my hands.
I have no clue as to what the root issue is. Now i know even better how to pray.
thank you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thems theres some biggin's...big roots, my friend. Hope you got to laugh right back at Gene upon your accomplishment. I remember when I dug out three huge bushes one summer and tackled the other three the next summer. Of course, I did have the wonderful help of my beloved. Sometimes, we just had to cut them there roots and leave the remainders. However, you are right in that we cannot do that with our spiritual life and walk with Jesus. We need to allow Him to disolve and remove all reminants of the ugly roots. If you've ever noticed under some trees, you can get little sproutlin's as I like to call them. Those booger's won't disappear for anything. I've got two trees in the front that I cut those sproutlin's about every other day. My point being that we can't do that with our own lives. We have to let Jesus get to the bottom of the roots so we don't see evidence of these sproutlin's.

Believe it or not I have a rough post in my drafts to write about gettin' the roots. Not sure when I'll finish it or post it as I've had it for about two months.

Love ya, girl.

HisPrincess said...

I so love your analogies. Keep them coming!

Tracy said...

Powerful illustration. What great spiritual truth! Isn't it amazing how God speaks so vividly through things like this? Thanks for sharing one that will definitely stick with me.


valerie said...

It's good to see an updated picture of Amiyah. She's beautiful!

tiggerdaisy said...

Girl, let me tell you...I am also a multi-tasker, but unfortunately, no task is ever completed in a timely manner. :) It really fascinates my husband to see my mind "wander" so quickly to the next task, subject, etc. I'm glad it fascinates instead of aggravates! Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Prayers and Blessings!

P.S. I love your stories. Keep 'em coming! (And I agree with Sweet Pea...them thar roots are some bigguns!)