Tuesday, August 19, 2008

YES to GOD study Chpts. 12 & 13


Hello! So glad you are here today for the YES to GOD discussion of our friend Lysa TerKeurst's book "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith".

If you haven't read it, I highly recommend getting the book and reading it. If you have read it before, join right in and if you are reading it with us now, get ready to discuss! This book has been so incredible and with each chapter I feel closer to God.

Let's go...remember anything in blue is a quote from the book.

CHAPTER 12: Learning to Lead

I never pictured myself as a leader until God revealed to me that like it or not, people were watching and modeling my life. If you are influencing people, you are a leader.

I loved the example of Moses. Looking at his resume it's so clear that God uses the inadequate, imperfect and insecure to do His work. Whew! So I can be a leader after all!

Lysa reminds us not to be stiff-necked. If we are too proud and think we know it all, we are stiff-necked because we refuse to bow our head and admit our inadequacies.

The other day I was talking with one of our customers on the phone and he was telling me how he was in a motorcycle accident. For the next 3 months he has to wear a brace. This disables him from touching his chin to his chest or turn his head from side to side. That's the visual I got when we are stiff-necked and refuse to give God control.

The biggest part of this chapter to me was when she talked actions and reactions on page 119. Lysa says that our reactions are key.

The way to a good leader is for your actions to be reflective of God reigning inside of you. But to be a great leader is for your reactions to be reflective of God reigning inside of you.

Nothing will make God so real to you as seeing Him change your character.

Lysa tells us that the reactions we have shows what condition our heart is in. This is all part of the believing phase to walking in faith where the goal is to get you to the place where your experience of God is too real to deny.

Just this morning I reacted in such a way to Gene that made my heart look completely ugly. After Gene left the house I cried out and yelled to God, "I can't do this!! I fail before 9 o'clock in the morning!" Instantly what came to mind is this book and what we've been reading. Because of what I learned in this chapter I was under instant conviction. This morning I could had a reaction that I'll always have until my heart agrees to bow down to God and not be stiff-necked I will always blow up and sit in the chair of regret afterward.

CHAPTER 13: Death Does Not Mean Defeat

Death brings about a new life that can't be found any other way. Indeed, death does not mean defeat.

Lysa's testimony of the guy she thought was Mr. Right for her was so neat how God's ending was so much better. God had to allow Lysa to endure some pain and mistreatment to see that His plan would be appreciated and followed.

Heartache from another person is the hardest to endure. Especially when it's someone you trust. There have been hurts in my marriage that by the world's view should've ended in divorce, but the trials we've faced has only drawn us closer to the God we love. A trail of pain had to walked on first though to get us where we are today. We are so far from the perfect couple, it's scary, but we both love Jesus and each other and the hardships are worth it.

The very thing that feel like death are really a birth of something so much better.

So often we focus on what has not worked out because we can't see the big picture. We just have to trust that God knows what He is doing and follow Him without knowing every detail of the trip He has us on.

Lysa tells us how God's way is the perfect way. When we stop worrying we allow God to start fighting. Not only does God direct us to the perfect path, but He has perfect strength, timing and plans. We have to trust Him. We must!

God not only has defeated death but is providing victory through it. This is not your defeat; this is your valley in the shadow of the mountain your soul longs to climb--a mountain of greater faith and closer intimacy with God than you ever thought possible.

Sometimes we have to let God put to death something He knows will only cause us harm or heartache down the road. Sometimes we choose to not listen to Him and we experience the unbearable and other times we choose to put our trust in the One who has the plans of His perfection in our future.

Right now I'm going through something that God allowed to be put to death. The grieving is tough, but I know my walk with God won't allow this thing to be in my life. So, I let it go. Just yesterday driving home tears were just falling down my face. I turned up the worship music playing and whispered, "Lord, I had a bad day and I just need to hear your voice." I can't begin to describe to you how my heart felt, but in an understatement, He is incredible. And so worth the death of what I know will bring me life. I once heard Beth Moore say, "The one thing you are holding on to can be the very death of you girl." If choose to be stiff-necked then Beth's words will be played out in my life and I don't want any separation from my King.

Lord, you're worth this struggle. Every minute and every second. I love and adore You!

Share what touched you in these chapters. Sign up under Mr. Linky if you have more to share on your own blog. A blog of influence...a blog of a leader. Join us next week for chapters 14 &15.

Have a blessed week and remember to keep seeking Him. Every day.

I love you,


Yolanda said...

Lelia and friends:

I too loved the statement that Lysa made concerning acting and reacting. In that same section of the book I also was hit hard by: "NOTHING will make God so real to you as seeing Him change your character."

I so want to keep digging, and allowing Him to change me; and to change you. Beauty from ashes!


Mari said...

This week blew my socks off. As I was blogging about it, God put a new spin on what I thought I had learned. WOW!

I was most affected by the statement to do the possible and let God do the impossible. Also the personal question after Chapter 13 where she asked us to write about a time where God was working but we could not see it at the time blew me away. That's where God really tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of some things and showed me a new thing or two.

He is *so* good. I can't wait for the next two chapters.

Anonymous said...

Even though I don't yet have the book (you all may be finished by the time I get hold of it...), I find your take on it so helpful, and am very grateful you give your time to blog it. Hope you are having a great day...

Jill said...

Wow two more wonderful chapters!! I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on seeing the big picture. As I struggle with some current issues in my own life I'm reminded of where I need to focus, not necessarily where but on Who. What a blessing to take my eyes off myself and look to Him. Thanks for sharing the blog of a leader - one that definitely makes an influence. - Jill

Runner Mom said...

These 2 chapters were awesome! Lelia, thanks for sharing your heart within today's post. If I were nearer, I'd give you a hug, girlfriend!
Love ya,

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I'm a day late but I have posted. What a great study!!

In His Graces~Pamela

tiggerdaisy said...

Hey there! I'm in Chicago for a conference this week and have very little time for bloggings. I'll be back in FULL FORCE next week! Until then...

Prayers and blessings,

Laura said...

I'm sorry, Lelia! I didn't make it this week...I started my post two days ago but just haven't been able to finish it! The chapter on death was very compelling to me. Too many times I have experienced rebirth from the ashes! Thank you again for all you do, girl! You bless!