Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YES to GOD study: chs. 9 & 10!

Welcome to....

A few months ago I started up a Facebook account.

Then I decided that it was a waste of the already limited time I get on a computer, so I removed my account.
Then I missed it so I re-activated my account.
Then Facebook gave me access to my past...the part of my past I don't need brought into my present.
So I de-activated my account. Again.
Then I thought...I will just use it for ministry purposes so I re-activated my account.
Then I talked to a wise Christian man last Friday who knows of my history of an affair and he said, "You should not have a Facebook account".
So I de-activated it again, but this time I had my oldest daughter change the password so I can't keep "re-activating" it.

Why why why do we want to play with fire and think that we are above being burned?
One thing I noticed this last time I was an active Facebook member is that on the profile set up there are different things you can write about yourself. The part that made me shake my head is when it asks about your "status" and you are supposed to pick one...



In a relationship, but it's complicated


In an Open Relationship

In an Open Relationship just jumped out at me.
The thing that hit me the most is that God does not want an OPEN relationship with me.
He doesn't want me to want to worship Him in the morning then look for past flings on Facebook in the evening.
He wants me to Himself.

Now hear me out here...I am not saying Facebook is not for you if you have an account.

I am talking about for myself it wasn't a benefit for me or my husband. It had the potential to open doors that have no business being opened and I don't want or need that kind of junk in my life. So I de-activated the tool that Satan can easily use to get me right where he wants me again. For the longest time I have convinced myself that my affair was isolated because it was with someone I thought I really cared for...I mean c'mon, I would never just go out and have an affair. Not me!

I believe that when we restrict Satan from certain areas of our lives because we think we have our sins under control all we are really doing is putting our enemy in a cardboard box. A box that all he has to do is kick down the sides to get to us again. And this time around, he'll bring it into our lives in a different way.

A Facebook kind of way.
An Open Relationship kind of way.

Next week the Circus will be in town. I haven't been in years and have been thinking of taking the kids since Alivia has never been to one before. When I was a kid my Dad's boss gave all his employees free tickets and I couldn't wait to go. It was always exciting when the big cages containing the lion and tigers was rolled into center stage. There is a reason these animals are caged in metal boxes versus cardboard boxes. They have the potential to attack and turn on their handlers.

Don't try to be Satan's handler.
For just when you think you have a problem of sin in your life mastered, he will turn on you and attack you in a way you never expected.

So don't try to handle your can't. We can't, but our God can. And He can handle our enemy in a way that he'll be sorry he ever messed with us.

Give any past or present ungodly habits, sins or thoughts to Christ and let Him fight the battle that is going on for your following. Because sweet sister, without Christ as the Ring Leader of our hearts, our life will just be one big messy circus.

On Tuesday March 24th we will begin our next YES to GOD blog study with

Micca Campbell's

first book,

I just received it in the mail yesterday and it is going to be an awesome study!
To get your copy you can order it by clicking here.

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NOW...let's get to our book study of Jennifer Rothschild's book Self Talk, Soul Talk.

I cannot believe we only have one more week in this study!! I'm so sorry, it seems like every week got harder and harder for me to post without a computer.
Okay...this week we will post on chapters 9 & 10.

Remember...anything in blue is a quote from the book.

When we are hysterically and emotionally spent and worn, we become susceptible to the enemy's attack. We become easy targets, sitting ducks. Our enemy attacks us with despair, depression, illness, impatience, and myriad other maladies...all results of a fatigued soul and body. Speaking rest to our souls is critical.

This is the chapter I read right after my trip to Dallas where I got much rest. It made me realize how much I am on the go and how much I need to settle down and just rest in the Lord.

Jennifer told us that soul rest only happens when we speak rest to our souls.

If we don't tell our souls to chill out every now and then, we are also subject to attack.

When I work too many overnight shifts it's so apparent how messed up it is at home and I'm always the center of the problems.

I loved how Jennifer taught us that God is our rest. Rest is who God is.
Rest means we quiet ourselves next to the One who not only gives us peace but who is the Prince of Peace.

I am really going to try to live the game plan Jennifer put together for us...
Divert Daily
Withdraw Weekly
Abandon Annually

Be like Peter getting out of the boat and walking on water on the storm-churned sea. He threw one leg over the edge of the boat and put his full weight on H2O---his eyes locked on Jesus.

I felt very inspired to write a to-do list and accomplish something on that list. I think I might try this with my husband too. Jennifer says to turn our feelings into action!
I just want to get going with life...the life God has planned for me, for me and Gene, for our family...just so tired of going in circles.

So often we mess up and that failure becomes our focus. Jennifer's example of singing one word wrong and 81 right was awesome and very encouraging to keep pressing on!

When we struggle with low self-esteem we are to starve the negative feelings and thoughts by speaking truth to our souls. When you feel a big I can't coming on, starve it by showering it with truth: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Now this chapter was much different from the last, but Jennifer was quick to tell us that Sometimes we need to stand still (and chill) while we wait on God. And sometimes we need to move on, to get up and start marching.

On this very topic you must take the time to read this blog post called The Push written this week by our dear friend Lisa Whittle, author of Behind Those Eyes (our last blog study---see sidebar).

I love how this chapter ended encouraging us that when we mess up, don't focus on our failures...keep marching on. When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum!

Have a great week...see you next Tuesday for the final chapter of this study.


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~Many Blessings~


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I'm been waiting to see what you'd post next and may I say it was WELL worth the wait. Man, you never cease to amaze me. You are just outstanding. I'm enthrawed with all you have to share with us.

I'm in awe of how you open up and share your temptations of Facebook. You are so raw and rare. I gleam so much from you. It's so easy to relate even without having an affair with a man. I've had plenty of affairs on God and cheated Him from what He deserves. Remember my post "Are You Having an Affair?" The title shocked everyone. Yet, we have affairs on God all the time with anything that takes His top spot in our lives.

I, too, thought of you during chapter nine about rest. I hope your Texas trip was all that you needed in refilling your cup!!

Love ya, sweet one.

Sue said...

Hi Lelia,
I like the things you picked up on in the chapters, and the way you summarized them. I really liked chapter 9.

I just got your Texas trip post read. I used to listen to Tony Evans when he was on KGBI years ago. He is awesome! How wonderful you got to go to his church, and God spoke to you through his message!

I enjoyed your shopping story and pics, too, but I'm sorry you had a headache. I get them sometimes, too, but it's sounds more than light that make it hurt more.

Oh, and I'm glad you are realizing you need to back away from Facebook. I've been invited by people to join either that or My Space, and be their friends. A couple of the people I knew, but one I didn't. I spend too much time on the computer blogging, and don't want to try to keep up with another site of some kind.

Thanks again for hosting the study.

Liz said...

Thanks for the honest testimony of God's work...yet your life! I love being on this journey with you. March on, my friend!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I so appreciate your openness. Your willingness to share your heart is a blessing! I love it where you said 'He wants you to himself'. Sometimes I'm just so in awe that God desires to have a very personal relationship with me.

P.S. I finally decided to blog the baby news. I've been thinking of you lots lately.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Lelia,
I have to write you something that I can't share here... check your mail k?

tiggerdaisy said...

Hey Lelia! I wanted to comment on the first part of this post. You are SO RIGHT ON!!! Facebook and MySpace are okay for some, but not for me. It allows an open door to those people in my life to whom I've had to say goodbye (due to my relationship with God). I don't want them back in my life. I don't want their worldly thinking; their temptations; their negativity; etc. I've never had a Facebook account and don't plan to have one. I created a MySpace account just so I could keep up with one of our youth as she headed off to college, but then I closed that account because I didn't want it in my life.

Lelia, it takes guts to take a stand in a world full of compromise and free living. And I applaud you for it. I know it's is for me, too. But we must do what we must do to keep our relationship with God and family intact. :)

Love you girl! I'm joining you for Micca's study! Can't wait! :)


Carol said...

Hi Lelia,

How I've missed your posts on our chapters. You always inspire me, and I always read your posts and say wow now I have to go reread that chapter. Isn't it funny how God speaks to us with the same book so differently sometimes.

It's awesome. I finally posted, mine is 3 chapters in one, but I enjoyed them so much.

Ahhh Facebook. It's a sticky wicket isn't it. I've had my account for a bit, but have really backed off of it, I found it stole my time, from God and my family. I also appreciated what you said about looking up past life people, people we don't need to be in touch with and shouldn't be. I find it interesting some of the people who find me on facebook, I choose to ignore the rekindle, and your post was confirmation to me on that.

Love you,