Wednesday, June 25, 2008

American Woman

I told you about our $60.00 cab ride to the airport with our self-described "American Woman" cab driver in a previous post. I'm not sure why she used this description.
Ravonda told us that her nickname is "Guardian Angel". We found this out after Missy asked her if she had anything we could be praying for her. Her request was that the Lord would just bless her each and every day.
I hope He does.

Ravonda was as sweet one could be. The whole ride was very entertaining from the time she pulled up to us in front of the mall. We believe that God sent us Ravonda in her huge LTD Crown Victoria to keep us humble. No way is He going to allow these aspiring writers/speakers to think their big shots. Never. See only He knew how humbling one would feel to walk up to this fancy hotel/resort busy with businessmen parked in the front of it while the bellman got their golf clubs out of the trunks of their luxury cars.Only God knew how humbling it would be to load our own luggage into this. Here's Missy taking a break.

So as a reminder to stay humble and show us that He loves all of His children, He sent us North Carolina's very own cab driver, Ravonda. In all the silliness she provided us He loves her just the way she is as He loves us just the way we are. I love that about Him.

Driving down the highway with the wind whipping through our hair from the windows being down because the AC didn't work, Ravonda asked "y'all like to coooook?". When we said yes she started giving us a recipe for pancakes made with Sprite instead of water and some divine chicken recipes. We had nothing to write down her award winning recipes with so we video taped her with her permission.

Below is the video we took of Ravonda giving us her chikn recipe. I am so sorry about the brief cleavage shot. With all of the noise from speeding down the highway with the windows down it was hard to hear her so I was trying to get close enough to record the sound of her voice not knowing I was video taping her chest.

Anyway, get out your pens and write down this here recipe from our Charlotte Guardian Angel. I have to say that Miss Ravonda puts Emiril and Rachel Ray to shame! I'd watch Recipes from Ravonda any day over their shows!

At the end you can hear where I'm confused by the step "bull the chikn", but thanks be to my back seat interpreter, Missy from Texas who was able to understand Rav's accent and tell me to BOIL the chicken.

~Many Blessings~


Luanne said...

Your comments about not understanding "boil" because your from Nebraska was better than the recipe. Too funny!


Kelley said...


Grace said...

Maybe there's hope for my Costco chick'n!


Lisa said...

Lelia...Girlfriend, I miss you tons, too! It's so crazy to meet someone in person you feel like you already know. Ya know? :)

Ok...seriously...this video was too awesome. Very clever to think of videotaping it. And by the way, I think I heard the word "ull" in there, too. Translation: "oil," of course.

Oh, and if you would have taped longer you probably would have heard an "own" or two thrown in there. Translation: "on"

I have learned all of these things by living here for nearly 13 years. The first year, I was definately "lost in translation."

On a serious note, I love the way you validated this woman by hearing her share her "expertise" in cooking. It reminded me that everyone wants to be heard, and everyone needs to be needed. You took the time to listen. You looked at that woman as more than just your cab driver. Those are moments God can use you as a minister of Him. It's all about looking through a different lens.

Loved that.

And...I am so completely thrilled that you might do a study of the book! Yay! Really, that would be awesome.

Sorry for the novel of a comment! Maybe next time I'll go the email route. :)

Love you, friend!
Lisa :)

Sandra said...

Too funny! It reminded me of a time we took a cab ride in a similar car. The car didn't have A/C so we rode with the windows down. Somewhat anyway. We have the electic windows on our vehicles and I usually have to lock them so the boys don't continually roll the windows up and down and let's just say that my boys were very excited to ride in a car with windows that manually rolled up and down.

Runner Mom said...

Too, too cute!!! Bless your hearts!That is one of the "best of technology" blogs I've seen!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How funny. Thank you for such a blessing. She does seem like one of those rare gems of an experience.

I wonder what other kind of ketchup is there besides "tomato ketchup".

I would've loved to be in that cab ride with you gals!

I like how she kind of chopped everything was kind of like you could hear her stopping and going to the next line of the recipe directions.

Thanks for sharing, my friend.
Love ya,

Julie said...

I saw this over at Missy's, but I didn't get the music....I USED TO LOVE THIS SONG....It is from my "era".....Let's see was it junior high?

Being a southerner...ALL MY LIFE....she sounded pretty normal to me. : )

What I can't get over is the cab ride......

What a hoot!

Looks like you all had tons of fun.

I am glad you got a good taste of the South. : )

Have a blessed day,

tiggerdaisy said...

Too funny girl! I just love it! :)

Prayers and Blessings,

Tammy R said...

Loved it! Looks like not only did you have a blessed time but alot of fun too.

Laura said...

this is too funny! I might have to try that recipe...
but what about the pancakes with sprite? sounds interesting! why didn't you get that one on tape????

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Too funny!!

In is Graces~Pamela

Wendy said...

Too funny...isn't God great. Able to humble us and give us laughs to carry with us.

The pancakes thing, my grandfather has used sprite or coke for years...apparently the carbonation makes them fluffier?!? I loved his pancakes, even when I didn't know why they were always better than mine. And he's not southern, just a country boy at heart.

Laura said...

p.s. I can't wait to start the study next week. How many chapters do we read for the first week? After this one, let's do Lisa Whittle's next? What do you think?

Carol said...


LynnSC said...

Golly... what a horrible time for the speakers on my computer to be out. BUT... since I am from right down the road in South Carolina... I bet that I would have understood every word.

God is so gracious to keep us humble. He can bless us when we are humble. Keeps us right in line to get the blessings.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time at "She Speaks." And from the comments on all the other blogs of those who met you, I know they had a wonderful time too... and just loved meeting you as well!!!
I can't wait till the day we get to meet, too.
I love you, and love hearing all the stories, and the way God has met you through the conference.
God bless you,

Amy said...

That is funny!:)

You know what they say Lelia....A watched pot never bulls.:)

God has the best sense of humor, amen?

Renee Swope said...

Oh my gosh, this cracked me up!!! You chicks know how to have some fun and like Lisa said, honor someone all at the same time. I love the video and the song!!!

All of these traveling stories makes me wish I could've met all of you at the airport and rode with "American Woman" and you girls to the Embassy Suites.


Cheryl said...


I just wandered over to your blog from Kelley's where I was reading comments on She Speaks.

What an awesome post on "When Grace meets Innocence." Unfortunately we mess up at times in life. But we have an Amazing God who forgives us.

It is such a cruel world we live in at times.

I hope you are enjoying your little grandgirl.

Many blessings to you and your family!


Tracy said...

You are so right about the humbling part. When you think of all the ways He COULD have done that, don't you love that He did it in a way that encouraged Ravonda and gave the three of you a memory for all time!? God chose you three on purpose...I say that speaks pretty highly of all of you. ; )