Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week 5: YES to GOD Tuesday study


Every Tuesday for the last 4 weeks we've been reading and discussing the awesome book, "What Happens When a Women say Yes to God." by Lysa TerKeurst. I've had the pure pleasure of reading the blog posts and comments of what God has asked of women from Canada to everywhere in the States. Things that have touched them in this book and what God is teaching them. Please join me in sharing in the comments a time of obedience and trust in God when you have said YES GOD. Even if you aren't reading the book, I'd love to hear a testimony of God's greatness in your life. ALSO...if you post a comment then your name goes in a drawing to win Lysa's cd "No More Shame" where she shares what God has done in her life. Drawing will be Thursday!


If you have never been to Lysa's blog, click here. For the last two days she's been writing about Oprah & the New Age book study she's involved in...very insightful as Lysa speaks nothing but the truth. I linked it on my sidebar under the video of Oprah. Okay...let's get started with our YES study.

There were many "wow" moments for me splashed throughout this chapter. Here are a few of Lysa's statements that I can relate to:

*Naysayers make themselves feel better by tearing others down.
Been a naysayer as well as well as believed naysayers.

*Becoming a woman who unashamedly says yes to God is going to cause you to be different from many of your family members and friends.
The times of being the Lone Ranger have been the most incredible moments of my walk with my Savior.

*The thought that I am really something denies the reality that, but for the grace of Christ, I am nothing. The ease of settling for less is the pull of Rejection.

I have sat amongst a group of woman with the fear "If they only knew me". God has helped me rise above that fear by placing my confidence only in Him. I am unworthy, but He is what makes me worthy of His calling on my life.

*Our flesh seeks the approval of others, is swayed by Satan's voice of condemnation, and looks for the comfortable way out.

I am daily learning to recognize the difference between the voice of Truth and Love versus the enemy's tongue of lies.

*When we find ourselves in these hard places, we make the choice to worry or worship. But we can make the choice to worship. When we worship in these hard places, we are reminded that none of this is about us----it's all about God.

Oh how I long for a life that shouts the name of Jesus with my unspoken word.

John 3:30 He must become greater; I must become less.

*Our attention is like a magnifying glass---whatever we place it on becomes larger and more consuming of our time and energy.

I have this at the bottom of my basement stairs so I see it everyday..."Thoughts become words, Words become actions, Actions become character, Character becomes everything." Many thoughts have turned into regretful choices for me all because I allowed my focus to get off Jesus and onto what was before me.

* "I want to be a woman who says yes to God."

I want to be a woman who says yes to God.

Lysa ended the chapter with a very moving story about her daughter Brooke. Back in January she posted the story on her blog. Very heart touching and how we should be with our Heavenly Father. Click here if you'd like to read it.

Please leave a comment of your thoughts on this chapter and if you have more to say on your own blog sign up below.

~Many Blessings~


Amy L Brooke said...

Thanks Lelia! I trust everything is goign well with little Amiyah!

Amy said...

Hi Lelia,

Please ignore my first Mr. Linky entry(it's my last week's post about Noah and his wife)...I messed up and added it again. But my second Mr. Linky is a devotion post I did about the woman who lived a sinful life. She is a woman who went right to the feet of Jesus, even though no one else saw her as being worthy to be in the same room with them, let alone Jesus. She kept her eyes on Him. She did not let the naysayers stop her.

God Bless,

MrsJoeB said...

Oh my gosh! Is it Tuesday already? I posted this morning on my blog because of something that was happening and totally blew off our Bible study! Unbelievable! What makes it worse is that I read the chapter again while at my daughters orthodontics appointment this afternoon. I haven't finished the questions yet but planned to for "tomorrow's" devotional...thinking today was Monday. Ok...I need spring break again.
You commented on so much of what I felt drawn to also but I will post again related to this devotion. It truely is all about saying Yes, living a YES LORD life. I might not be able to post until tomorrow though...

You are a blessing dear friend. Thanks for bringing back to reality!!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Joyful said...

Oh, the influence and power of the "naysayer". Lysa wrote (pg.78), "The difference naysayers see in you compels them to come against you full force because Christ working through you will sometimes step on the toes of their consciences. While naysayers may talk a good Christian game, they deny Christ in their attitudes and actions toward others. Instead of allowing those feelings of conviction to produce good changes in them, they seek to discourage you in hopes of hushing Christ in you."

I'm sure we've all felt the discouragement of the 'naysayer'. Following the Lord isn't always an easy path, and I've often found that the 'naysayer' attacks because they are simply too lazy to put forth the effort it takes to follow a spiritual discipline eg. spending daily quiet time with the Lord. (I realize for the one who IS following, this discipline is a delight, not a duty - but the 'naysayer' doesn't see it as such.)

I love the quote Lysa included from a wise friend: "Never let others' compliments go to your head or their criticisms go to your heart." Profound advice.

Lysa highlighted the difference between conviction and condemnation. Christ convicts, drawing us to confession and cleansing. Satan condemns and attacks, after all, he is the "accuser of the brethren." Rev.12:10

On page 86, Lysa writes, "Saying yes to God is a lot more about being than doing." It's not about performance. It's not about trying harder and doing more to find favour with the King. NO-ONE is righteous, but God 'declares' us righteous. God 'imputes' righteousness to us, but we cannot be righteous - all our efforts are vain attempts.

Phil Vischer the original creator of "Veggie Tales" said, "Until I was ready to do nothing for God, I wasn't ready to do anything for God."

Trusting and waiting on Him,

tiggerdaisy said...

I just spent the last thirty minutes typing my dissertation response to Chapter 5 and the internet ate my work. ARGH!

I'll have to post my thoughts tomorrow. I'm just too tired to go through that again. :)

Prayers and Blessings!

Sita Henderson said...

Saying 'Yes' is simply for me surrendering...resting in His loving sovereignty daily..not on my contingency plans...that is why He has had to bring me to that point of no Plan B' that scene in Indiana Jones when he steps off the cliff and immediately a rung appears for each step he makes.
Blessings, Lelia!
(I am enjoying Living Beyond Yourself)

Alyce said...

Hi Lelia
I am not going to play along, since you guys started a month ago, but I will enjoy reading others.
Hope all is well in your household. Did you try those Salmon Cakes??

SweetPea said...

Stumbled across your blog somehow...who knows in the blogging world. I am saying yes to the Lord right now by waiting on Him to turn around a current trial in which I am enduring. It's hard to say yes, I'll wait upon You Lord and allow You to work this situation out. But, it's a daily commitment to relinguish control and give it to God every day. I cannot control or change this situation, only He can. Has it tried what little patience I had, absolutely but low and behold my patience have increased.
Please include my name in the drawing.

Yolanda said...

Well, I certainly have a basketfull of "naysayers". Does anyone else? The "naysayers" hit me hard in my family. And with a friend that was extremely close, but God ever so gently showed me it was time to let go for if I continued to hold on, I would grow stagnant.

If you desire to see how I said yes to God this week, just check out my blog and read the last two posts. GOD IS GOOD! I love saying yes to Him, because I know it is going to be an awesome ride. Difficult perhaps, but awesome none-the-less.

Love ya!

Laura said...

So true, every word. Satan tries to steal so much from us. I love how you say that every day you are learning to distinguish the voice of truth from the lies. It can be so difficult sometimes, can it not? We all have things that we believe keep us separated from Jesus. Satan wants us to believe that. It sounds like Lysa's book is a good tool to help overcome that evil voice!

Joyful said...

Hi Lelia,
Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. may use my quote on your side-bar - WOW - your kindness humbles me. ( could I say 'no'?)
Have a great day!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm going to "She Speaks" also! Thanks for your comments. You can read about my weekend under "a Gracious Grace" on my blog. To say it was fantastic is an understatement. It was life-transforming...a pivotal moment in my faith journey that I will never recover from. I think that is what God intends. Anyway...look forward to meeting you in June.


Michelle said...

I liked your comments interspersed with passages from the book. The only way I can have peace right now is to remain focused on God. I wrote on my blog about an exciting development today from trusting God. I registered for She Speaks, praying for a way financially to go. I learned today that my registration fee will be paid in full. God is so good. I look forward to meeting all the ladies from this study who are attending. Blessings!

HisPrincess said...

I really want to say yes. There is a lot happening spiritually in my life at the moment. Some of it powerful, some amazing and a whole lot I really don't understand.

I guess thats the point. I need to stop trying to figure everything out, relax and say yes.

Lizerd said...

So much in this chapter spoke to my heart. I loved the wise advise regarding the naysayers that we run across and taking what is true in what they say, forgiving them for the hurt and moving on. It was good for me to read this section as I have not handled naysayers appropriately, but tried to prove my motives in the past, only to find myself confessing my own sin.
And grace...what a wonderful reminder of what is really for Christ! I pray against the lure of those gatekeepers of acceptance and rejection and living for Him alone!
I pray that I will fix my eyes on Jesus (like little Brooke did with Lysa) and dance through life looking at His smile. That is really all I need. Yes, God!

tiggerdaisy said...

Okay gals....this isn't going to be as long as my original post was, but here goes!

I LOVED the prayer of St. Patrick at the end of the Bible Study. It's nice to know that St. Patrick is more what America portrays him to be every March! :)

I think the biggest part of this lesson that touched me was that this life is temporal. I know we all know that, but to live your life on earth knowing it is temporary is kind of a new thought to me. Why get bogged down in all the "stuff" the world has to offer when this is not our home. I mean, I realize that we have to live her for a time, but we do not have to be conformed by it.

One other thing, I liked the quote from John Bunyan that Lysa included, "If my life is fruitless, it doesn't matter who praises me, and if my life is fruitful, it doesn't matter who criticizes me." Food for thought for sure! :)

Love you guys! Really, I do!

Prayers and Blessings!