Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YES to GOD study: Chapter 1


Oh can you smell it in the air? The sweet aroma of women all across the country and across the sea burning with the desire to say YES to GOD? Women who want to learn how to be real, how to let the stories behind our eyes finally have the spotlight? I do...from Arkansas to Australia the craving for more of Jesus is strong and the desire to just be ourselves cries out from the depth of our hearts. What better way to learn how to be the real deal than with the beautiful inside to out author Lisa Whittle as she walks us through her book, "Behind Those Eyes".

I am thrilled to introduce you to the first chapter and study of this book so without further delay, let's get started. Anything in blue is a quote from the book. Also, read yesterday's post to see where everyone signed up for this study is from...God is just too cool!

CHAPTER 1: The Truth Hurts

I loved the stories that Lisa shared in this chapter...from her childhood display of honesty to Dolly Parton's look alike sister showing up on her door step while moving into a new home in Nashville. Every story she shared brought out a great point. This is what she said after finding out that the woman that came to get boxes from her was not a female impersonator, but indeed kin of Miss Parton.

Just as I was led by my eyes to believe that the woman standing at my door was someone other than who she really was, so we, as women, often lead others to believe we are someone other than who we really are. The story behind our eyes often goes untold. Our engaging smiles mask things we don't want others to know about us.
I'll never forget sitting at a Women of Faith conference with a bunch of women. We sat in the nose bleed section and I was so moved by each speaker that shared with us. The thing that caused so much chaos inside of me was the fearful thought that if these God fearing women I'm surrounded by really knew who I was they would probably faint. So I did what they did. I raised my hands and praised Jesus during the worship music. I carried my Bible with me and bought a book to take home with me that would make me into the perfect Christian woman that I was trying hard to portray. But inside I knew who I was dealing with and I was nothing but what Lisa calls a female impersonator.

We put up the barricades, allowing very few to penetrate the walls we've erected around us as a means of self-protection.

We desperately hope and believe that someone, somewhere, somehow, will think we have our lives figured out and perfected to a T. This is the great charade of womanhood, and most of us have gotten really good at it. My 7 year old is in acting class right now. She is learning to become something she isn't. Right now her role is a sea monster. When she gets on stage her goal is that I don't see my Alivia, but rather a monster from the sea. She'll talk different, look different on the outside and even have a different attitude. No matter how much changing she does on the outside though, she will still be my Alivia on the inside. I know I've done this very thing with myself. I put on this face of the Christian I think I need to look like and go out into the world appearing as if I have my act together but inside knowing if the wind comes my way I'll crumble into a heap of false appearance.

In the same way, sometimes truths about our inner selves hurt to the point where we also want to make a change.
There are things that my husband has encouraged me in changing for the good. Things that I've expressed to him and he has lovingly pointed out to me that yes indeed a change in that area would be a good thing. Unlike Pat in English class who pointed out that I had a "patch of zits" on my chin or when Mario, my high school boyfriend lovingly told me that his mom said my legs were like telephone poles. Both hurtful and yet I cleared up the face and worked out harder. Changes were made from hurtful situations.

You can't really blame us for pretending to be someone we are not. We are somewhat geared this way. From a very early age, we pretend to be singers, beauty queens, pop stars, princesses, brides, and mommies.
I loved how Lisa pointed out that since we were little girls, we have been pretending. Oh my goodness, when I was in high school, I was Whitney Houston. My aunt even bought me a microphone. I cannot even begin to count the hours I spent in front of the mirror impersonating her. I knew how she flicked her hand up on top of the microphone when she sang, I knew how she scrunched her nose to the audience while she belted out her hit songs. It got worse after I drove 5 hours to see her in concert. I was a pretender because truth be known I make my grand baby Amiyah squirm when I sing "Jesus Loves Me" to her because Lelia cannot hold a note. But in the mirror I could pretend to be Whitney so well you couldn't even tell the color difference in our skin.

Make no mistake about it: women are yearning for something real. We're hungry for truth and authenticity. We crave honesty. We want someone to cut through all the fluff and get to the bottom line.
Amen amen amen sister!!! Lisa couldn't have hit this truth any harder on the head. I know when I go to my husband and ask him if something looks good, I'm going to hear the truth. I crave that in him. I would never want him to let me walk out our door looking horrible. Sometimes the truth can hurt like the Sunday morning before church when I asked him if my black pants looked okay and after turning in a circle for him heard him say, "Honey, you need to go to the gym". I know. I gasped too, but I knew he was speaking what I didn't want to hear, but needed to hear. A thumbs down would've been better received, but his honesty is what I crave and he was only responding to weeks of me complaining about how I look with a gym membership going unused.

The truth may initially hurt, but the truth may be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

It took me awhile, but I'm working out now and eating better. Best thing that has happened for my body.

In the Bible study for chapter 1 in the back of the book, Lisa asks us to define the word authenticity and what it means to you. How can you tell if someone is being genuine and real, or can you tell?

I really loved this chapter. I don't want to deal with it, but I know in order for me to be the woman God has called me to be, I need to hear the truth about myself and make the changes He desires for me to change. Last night Lisa called me and one thing she said to me that really struck me is that she wants us to learn how to be real...not just during this study, but for life. We have to get to the reason that keeps us from being real with God, ourselves and others. Right now my Grandma is in the hospital and last Friday had surgery. The surgeon was to go into her colon and remove the tumor; however, when she was in surgery he realized the tumor was bigger than what he had ever seen and due to the amount she was bleeding he was only able to remove 20% of the tumor. Yesterday he had a powerful scope brought over from another hospital determined to remove the rest. Again, only 20% of it was removed. She'll go home, but in two weeks has to go see the surgeon again. He knows he has to remove what doesn't belong inside of her or it will get worse.

I believe God is like this with us. He may not go in all at once and remove the problem areas in our hearts...He may take out 20% here and 20% there until we are changed into the real woman He wants us to be. I just want to encourage you, to let your hearts be open to surgery in this book. Let God get in there and do His thing. Lisa has written a God-led plan for us in learning how to be real women. Women with authenticity. No more pretending.

Okay, in the comments below answer the question above from the Bible study. Then, if you have more to say about this chapter and what God spoke to your heart then sign up under Mr. Linky so we can visit your blog. And remember, if you are not a blogger, leave your thoughts in the comments along with your e-mail address.

This is going to be good ladies. It is because He is.

~Many Blessings~

*Next Tuesday chapter 2 plus the Bible study in the back of the book. Remember if you don't have your book, get it and join in at your convenience and invite a friend...or 10!


Mekia said...

Thank you Leila for hosting this study. When I read the description of this book after seeing it on a friend's blog, I knew I had to be a part of it.
I enjoyed the first chapter and can hardly wait to dig into this book.
I love the idea of being our authentic selves.
Authenticity, to me, means putting it all out there. Being real, no matter what others might think. Not hiding behind our ideas of what other people might think about us. Being authentic allows us a great freedom to be ourselves, the women that God is creating us to be. When we are being authentic, we are not covering up something that might touch someone or make a difference in someone's life. When we are "masking" our authentic selves, we could be getting in the way of what God has so perfectly planned.

I have always held strong to the importance of being honest with people. Doing it without hurting others is something that you have to be aware of at all times. I am also as transparent as I can be. I think that it is important to let people know who I am in hopes that they may relate and realize that they are not alone.
BUT, with that said, I do struggle with masks. I have different strengths and weaknesses and attitudes that I "rotate" according to my situation. It is like changing costumes for a play. I despise this about me, but it is hard to undo something that is already set into motion. I have friends in so many different "groups". I fit into each one's life, but that causes me to not be completely true to myself.I have prayed about this on and off for years. I think about it all the time. I am not being my authentic self.

I am so excited about the surgery that God is about to do in my life. He has been preparing me for it for a long time.

Looking forward to this walk with you....

Anonymous said...

Can I tell if someone is being real or not?

First, authenticity is when someone asks you how you are doing, and you answer honestly, not just "fine." My associate pastor has challenged me to be authentic when I talk to him... when he asks me how I am doing, I have to answer him truthfully, because if he thinks that I haven't, he pulls me aside and double checks.
I don't think that I can tell all the time if someone is being fake or real. I can really tell with people I know better, and they can tell with me too... if I am doing the acting thing for church or not... and I can see it with them.
Authenticity I think means that I can be real, feel comfortable with showing the real me to anyone. I have slowly been challenged to move into authenticity the past couple of years. It has been hard, but worth it.

I will get more up on my blog when I have the chance! :)
God bless,

HIS Daughter said...

I love you, Lelia!! Your heart for Our Father is precious!! You just pour yourself out and bless women from all over the country and even Australia!

You are bearing "authentic" fruit here all the time as you share your ups and downs in life as a daughter of the MOST HIGH!

I will have more on my blog later when I sign in...but I just want you to know you are definitely not a Queen of Plastic are the real deal!!

Love, blessings and many prayers,

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Hey Lelia~
To me, being authentic is being truthful at any cost!

I'm learning to really pray and seek the Lord for having real, authentic people in my life is so key and important.

Not everyone should be allowed access to the hidden places of our hearts; yet, I believe God's desire is for each of us to find those special "someones' to allow that that as "iron sharpens iron", our Faith can be built up as we challenge and speak truth into each other's lives!

Thanks for hosting this Bible Study friend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Being authenic is being real, not fake. It means a lot to me because a few years back I was not authentic myself...I wasn't even authenict to me...How do I determine if someone is authentic? I watch their patterns over a few meetings and if they are consecutive...then they must be authentic...and my dad has always told me to try the fruit they bare...and I pray about it...I have more about my authenticity on my blog...

Lelia Chealey said...

The answer I wrote down for this question was: Being transparent at all times.

I think that when a person's walk matches their talk then they are the real deal.

One thing I have loved about getting to know Lisa through email, phone calls, etc. is that I have seen and heard the level of authenticity within her. Her realness is high because of choice. She has chosen to live a life that knocks herself off of any pedestal that another woman tries to place her upon. I said the same thing about Lysa TerKeurst. You read it in their blogs...just when you think "oh they're so perfect" they share their life with you and let you see...hey, I'm just like you!
I think being real comes down to choosing...God's way or my way.
Uggh. I think I have to bow out of this study girls...I'm not sure I want to go where I know God wants to take me. :) Just playing...the flesh woman in me really is ready to duke this out though. She is not willing to go down without a fight cuz she knows being real is going to have to be about letting go of things God just won't have in her life.
Love you all.

Sandy Toes said...

I do not have my book yet. However, this week I will enjoy reading everyone else's posting! I am excited to get the book!
-Sandy Toes

Anita said...

This will be very challenging for younger years were spent being whatever it took to be be accepted. This was in the home...away from home I avoided getting close to people. I did not want them to know me....I didn't even know me. There are now two women that I can be me with and I am accepted. We are different in many ways but one thing we have in common---we can be who we are and love those differences and each other!! God has greatly blessed me with the gift of these wonderful women.
I felt this passage below hit the spot for me:
Psalm 40 You will take good care of me because I've been honest. You will let me be with you forever.

Jill said...

Being real is something that was a challenge for me growing up and even into adulthood, but in the past couple years something I've been drive to do. I think authenticity is being who you are, not pretending not being the person who others expect. That's how I lived for a long time and it's not a good thing. I have found freedom when I take off the mask and often grow frustrated with myself when I put it back on. But like you said it's a process, God works on us over time. I am grateful for the friends I can be real with and appreciate their willingness to be real with me. What a blessing to be ourselves. I know for me I'm likely to pretend because of fear - that of what others think or afraid I'll mess up, but how can others see the real Jesus in me if they don't see the real me!

I'm not ready to post all of my thoughts but plan to next week. This week I'm devoting some time to do a little promo for Hearts-at-Home so I'd love for you to stop by and learn more about a wondeful ministry. There's a prize at the end of the week for one lucky commentor!

Blessings and I look foward to what I see Behind those eyes in the weeks to come.

HIS Daughter said...

I finally got my thoughts out. I could never put all I feel with how this study is so important to us especially as women in this place so...I poured it out at my blogspot!

Blessings to all of you ladies that want to do the hard work to be the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Lelia, this has been so good to wake up to... I was wondering when the study would fit in with my day with the time difference, and there it was when I woke - perfect! I have read some other blogs as well, as this "11th hour girl" doesn't have her book yet, and it's been... it's been like God talking to me face-to-face...

rusty'swife said...


Thank you so much for hosting this study. It is just what I needed.


Laura said...

I've only met you once, sweet friend, but you have REAL written all over you! From your easy genuine smile, to your contagious excitement...Honey, you are the real thing! I think we all get caught up in playing roles at times, but when it comes down to what really matters, I can tell that you are true from the inside out. That doesn't mean your perfect. That doesn't mean you have it all figured out. But I just want you to know that your heart is transparent and true.
And thanks again for hosting this study!

Karyn said...

There's so much pressure being placed on Christian women in today's world. For a great blog that's assisting Christians to navigate the often bewildering territory of love and relationships in an increasingly secular world, check out

Kelly said...

To me, being authentic means to not pretend to be someone you're not. I love other women who are just themselves, real and messy, and not trying to pretend like they are perfect and have their acts all together. I certainly don't have mind alltogether and it's a relief to be around others who don't either and can admit it!
I will be posting more about chapter 1 on my blog. Thanks Leila for having this study!
PS don't forget to email me your address as I just got the yarn for your scarf! :-)

Julie said...

Lelia, I think you are real...that's why I am drawn to you. I LOVE real women! I am sick of the fluff and the game playing. Let's just be real with each other.... so that we can encourage and speak into each other the truth of who we really are.... His truth!

I was made fun of for my skinny high school. I hated it. For a VERY long time I hated to wear a dress. I was really glad when the maxi skirts came in.

I heard it said once to the depth that you are willing to be vulnerable is the depth you will be healed. I have found that to be true. As we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins.

I don't have the book, but will be following along reading your notes.... Thanks for the overview.


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Lelia,
Being authentic to me is being the unique you- the person God made you to be... ... inspite of what others think.
Love and Blessings,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Hi Lelia,
I answered authenticity as being genuine, real, what you see is what you get. I elaborated on my blog how to tell if someone is real.

In my personal notes of this study when Lisa asked the question about a relationship that you feel is real and authentic and I put your name there. I know we are far away in distance but from our email communications, I feel our friendship is real and authentic.

I have to admit that I struggle with feeling I have a lot of real and authentic friends locally. Those who were with me 15 months ago are no where to be found. One somewhat new gal I thought we could have a real frienship seems to just have a really busy life and is already set with her life, work, church, kids, and whatever current relationships she has going. I guess I kind of gave up on trying to persue and befriend her.

It is a real struggle to find women who aren't already busy with kids, work, husbands, families and whatever else. None seem interested in persuing new friendship.

It's different but something I'm praying about.

Love ya, girlfriend.

Paula said...

Hi Lelia, I wrote down some notes when I first asked myself what authenticity is - "what you see is what you get. No pretences. Someone being who they know they are. In tune with themselves and their ideals. Sometimes I can tell (if someone is being authentic or not), sometimes I can't - depends on how skilled the person is in pretending. Generally I can tell. If they smile from their eyes, you're usually onto a winner. An authentic person is one who follows through, is reliable, trustworthy, has integrity. REAL!"

I can add today, after doing chapter one, that an authentic person is truthful. Being authentic means being truthful and true to yourself (and others). The hurdle is finding out who the true person is, I suppose. Thankfully we have God to help us find that out!

I'm so excited about this study and can't wait to fire up the laptop later tonight after Jasmine goes to bed and read through some blogs and comments. Funny thing, I kept checking your page for a post even before I went to bed around 11pm here last night, and was very excited when I spied it this morning. Crazy Aussie, hehe!

Love Always In Him, Paula :-)

Leebird said...

Hey Lelia, I just noticed my name isn't on the Mr. Linky thingie although I signed up on it before...I'm not very well-schooled in the Mr. Linky phenomenon...can you shoot me an email and tell me about it? Thanks! Lee

Anonymous said...

Why would my name keep coming up with a smiley face next to it? I didn't put anything into my sign in that would have caused it...
anyway, I am so thrilled about this study.

I loved Julie's comment, "I heard it said once to the depth that you are willing to be vulnerable is the depth you will be healed."
I have found that is so very true in my life. When I have held back, when i have tried to keep God from the painful things in my life, and tried to hide things from Him, He doesn't pry in, He just waits like a gentleman, for my invitation to come in. Then the deeper healing starts.

Sorry, I just had to comment twice after reading your other comments!
Love you,

Pat said...

Wow, what insight into this chapter, what a great way to see what God is doing in everyone's life. Thank you Lelia for hosting this and how awesome that God took your desire for a bible study in your basement and turned it in one around the world. What an Awesome God we serve.

I wasn't quite sure how this was going to work but now I understand.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I will post tomorrow Lelia. I am in clinicals with students every Tuesday and then lecture prep in the evening. I can't wait to get started-I might be one big ouch experience!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Liz said...

Good stuff and thank you for hosting this study! I forgot to add in my own post that the only way I seem to be able to tell when someone is being authentic or not is when the Holy Spirit gives me that ability, as in discernment. Well, I might always have it, just choosing not to listen. I can see that this will be a great growing study and already I have had to think about some truth that makes me sigh with how much work God still has to do in me.

I love Julie's comment, "I heard it said once to the depth that you are willing to be vulnerable is the depth you will be healed." It reminds me of another phrase that I have heard, "You are only as sick as your secrets."

Praying for the courage to be real!

Leebird said...

Hi don't know how bad I want to call you Granny (that's what I called my grandmother named Lelia)....

Thanks for the email about Mr. Linky...I get it now! :)

To me, the word authentic means the real deal, not a counterfeit, original, and much more valuable than the reproductions.

Authentic people have true humility in that they are willing to let their faults show. God has blessed me with many authentic people in my life, but my best friend Michelle is not only the real deal, she makes it easy for me to be the real deal right back. She knows I'm a nut job and still adores me. Can't ask for more than that!! :)

HisPrincess said...

Authenticity to me equals transparency...

I'm not sure if I can tell when someone is being real or not. Sometimes I can't even tell if I am being real. I'm so good at hiding...transparency is scary.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say more this morning when I commented, like actually answer the question, but a cute little three year old woke up... I'm taking a chance starting up again, but he's playing with Daddy, so here goes... I would say 'authenticity', in the context of a Christian woman, is being true to God and 'self' - and it doesn't come easy to this little duck!!! But, then I'm 'hearing' that alot... something to do with our sinful nature... For me, I see it as a matter of striving each and every day to be true in everything I do. And I've only "got" this in recent years, because I had lived in untruth even to myself, let alone everyone else, and it only brought me grief, throughout my teens and twenties. Not good... With others, in relation to me, I take them on face value, I accept them, and look for the good in them, truly, because I want them to do that for me... If they are not who they say they are, or who they make themselves out to be, well, I'll find that out in good time, and learn from it in one way or another... Gotta go... Three years olds CAN eat!!! But, it is dinner time, so fair enough!!! In my 'quiet time' tonight, I'm going to 'blog' my thoughts re this study... so do I go to Mr Linky??? Oh, the technology of it all!!! Love ya!

Paula said...

Wow, couldn't wait until later tonight to read your post, so I have just now and if I didn't have to hold it together tonight for the sake of a 4 year old, cutting lunches and preparing dinner, I'd be a blubbering mess on my knees talking to God right about now. I no doubt will be later after the nightly duties are dealt with though.

You got me with how God "may not go in all at once and remove the problem areas in our hearts...He may take out 20% here and 20% there until we are changed into the real woman He wants us to be." I can feel that real women deep down inside and I so want her to come out that it hurts. I know God is talking to me already through this study, and I know that I'm going to have to hear alot of truths and go through alot of hurt and healing to get that woman out.

I can't wait to start chapter 2 tonight and take the next step in Lisa's God-led plan. Thank you Lelia and thank you Lisa (this won't be the last time you hear this from me ladies!). And yes, this IS going to be good! In Him, Paula :-)

HIS Daughter said...

Thank you for your sweet comments of encouragement, Lelia.

You are precious and transparent and that is one of the many reasons Our Father has called you to this ministry for this season.
You give HIM glory through your life!


Yolanda said...

Lelia and group:

I am appreciating your comments in how God is revealing Himself to each one of you. And how HE is the one placing convictions and not man's condemnation.

You all are precious in HIS sight!


Karen said...


This is a great start! I agree with Paula that the "20% here and 20% there" spoke to me too. That is how I feel God works in me, a little bit at a time, and to the level I can bear and/or grasp. That is why I am such a work in progress!

Authenticity means to me much the same thing voiced by others; "the same inside as outside". People see what they get. I agree too with Kim that not everyone needs to be allowed access to all the hidden places. But by being authentic, I think it is apparent to others that there are hidden (or deeper) places which are places in the process of being healed or changed. These places may become accessible when relationships deepen. I think authenticity also requires judgment; fitting our responses to the situations so we can build bridges of relationships that last. Keeping too much "out there" for all to see may be detrimental or intimidating when new relationships are forming.

Thank you for all the discussion!


Anonymous said...

Hi Girlie!

How ya been!?! Haven't got to chat with you in a while. How's lil cutie pie?

XO~ Heather

Carol said...


I have to post later tonight. We have family nights at church on Tuesdays, so I will have to get my self together to make my posts probably on Weds evenings.

But Auenticity to me is letting people see your heart. That we can be open and transparent with who we are.

I spent many many many years as a great pretender, and God is removing it like you said a piece at a time. It hurts, but then comes peace.

I'll post more on my blog, and sign into Mr. Linky later tonight.

Blessings to you all.


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Lelia! Thank you again for leading this Bible study! What a great chapter! I will be leaving a Mr. Linky in the next few weeks. I have a couple of Bible studies on Tuesday, so it is a little difficult to balance all of that! See, I'm being truthful!!! I cannot do it all!!:)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I loved your comment about your Grandma & the removal of 20% of her tumor-comparing to God removing the sin in our lives a bit at a time. So very true--it is a process to be learned.

(how is your Grandma?)

Julie said she is drawn to you and other REAL women. I am so with you Julie!! I am actually "turned off" by women who seem as if they have it all together because I have learned that is just impossible! They are just "playing the game". Leebird mentioned on her blog post that a woman she was mentoring was intimidated by her--thinking she had it all together. We really don't encourage anyone with our "acting", we actually push them away.

I think that 20% is beginning to come off!!

Thanks for leading us through this very thought provoking book!!


Amy L Brooke said...

Thanks for your wisdom and insight. I love it when you share about Alivia. :-)

Quite a crowd, that is exciting.

Carol said...

This is so exciting, the comments alone make me want to stay up all night and read all the blogs.

Just wanted to let you know I posted on Mister Linky.

Thanks ladies,

Kristen said...

I know I am going to LOVE this book! I read chapter one on Tuesday night, but have not had the chance to do my homework in the back. My father in law passed away early Monday morning and this week has been a flurry...

I loved reading everyone's responses and look forward to some time in God's Word tonight to do my work.

God bless you sweet sisters... I am so excited about the journey we are taking!!!

tiggerdaisy said...

Wow! This is going to be SOOOO good! :) :) :)

Authenticity is hard to see in the people you don't see 24/7. Know what I mean? You can see how people act in church, the work place, online, etc., but how they act in the privacy of their own homes or in the privacy of their "secrets" could be something totally different.

Most of us strive for transparency and authenticity, but sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is being real. I'm good at it sometimes, and not so good at it other times.

Oh, the reason for my late post is that I just got my book yesterday! ARGH!

Love you guys!

Darlene said...

Sorry for the late link! I am thrilled to be a part of your study. I just think it is amazing how God is using the blog world to unite Christians in the study of his word! Thank you again, for hosting this study!


Mari said...

I wrote this for authenticity:
Being real about who you are. Not trying to "show yourself" as perfect but just letting others see who you are, in that moment, be it good or bad.

How can you tell if someone is being authentic? Sometimes it is hard but I think Lisa's title holds a clue - look at their eyes. Pain defies the pat "I'm doing fine" answer. The flash you saw mght not be a twinkle but anger being suppressed. Eyes might not be completely dependable, but the more you are around someone, the more you can read what's really in their hearts.

Regina said...

I just got my book Thursday and I hope it's not too late to join in for this week.

Here is my definition of authenticity . . . The good, the bad, AND the ugly! I've posted about this at my site.

I can't begin to tell you the emotions that are involved in stepping up to do this study. They range from fear to excitement. I think God is up to something very big.

Lelia, thank you for being open to God's leadership in this study. I pray that He lavishes you with His blessings.