Sunday, September 21, 2008

Desires given...God-style!

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Last winter a pool table took up most of the space in our basement. I was frustrated because it had gone from being used to play pool to where we put our unfolded clean laundry. One Saturday night last January, I told my husband, "We should get rid of this pool table and get a sectional couch. Then we could have Bible studies here". I imagined all these women gathered in my basement sharing about God and growing closer to Him together. Knowing finances were tough, my husband just said, "yah right" which I responded with "God can do it Gene".
The next day we got home from church and there was a message on our answering machine from one of Gene's buddy's wondering if we wanted a free sectional couch from a friend of his. This friend never knew of my hearts' desire, but God did.
You know I was going crazy for my King!

Well a few weeks later on Super Bowl Sunday, while moving the couch to the basement, my husband's back went out. This time for good. April 3rd he had his 6 hour back surgery, then on April 9th we welcomed our grand baby, Amiyah into our lives. A Grandpa recovering from surgery while a new teen mom was trying to figure out how to breastfeed and text her friends simultaneously did not seem like the right time for this Grandma "Nonnie" to announce to the family that I'd be hosting a Bible study. Plus Gene would have had to find a new spot since the recliner in the sectional couch had become his new place of rest.

So, needless to say the timing of having a Bible study in my home was out of the question. That's when God gave me the idea of having an on-line Bible study. I had just read Lysa TerKeurst's book, "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God" and was so taken by it that it became our first YES to GOD Tuesday study on March 25, 2008.

Toward the end of the study I started getting asked by study participants what the next book would be. That's when we began another one of Lysa's books. Her book "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" too was an incredible journey that we just finished last Tuesday.

Once again toward the end of this study I began to get questioned of the next study to be done on Tuesday's. This summer I had the privilege of meeting author and lover of Jesus, Lisa Whittle at She Speaks. I bought her new book, "Behind Those Eyes" and after meeting her, just felt certain this was to be our next book for YES to GOD Tuesdays. I never mentioned this to other bloggers, but God confirmed it when I received about 3 email/comments from different bloggers suggesting this same book. So this coming Tuesday, September 23rd we begin our journey together of "Behind Those Eyes" by Lisa Whittle. We'll be discussing chapter one and the Bible study in the back of the book together right here.

This weekend I took some time to look at every one's blog. Based on each blogger's profile, I wrote down where everyone is from and sat back in my chair in awe of our great God.

Having a Bible study in my home was my heart's desire. God knew this. I had prayed this to Him and trusted Him with this information. When life got crazy in the Chealey household, that dream was let go of for the time being. I let go of that dream, but God didn't.

God took my desire and turned it into something only He is capable of doing. There is no way I could have gathered all of you together under my roof, but God could. God did. Each study seems to get a little bigger and every Tuesday, women from all over the place gather together in one spot under their own roof, to praise Him and share what He is doing in their lives.

God has brought together lives that may have never had the opportunity to reach one another. Praise Him with me as I show you the places represented that will meet every Tuesday in one spot with one desire...
to say YES to GOD.

New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia



Does that not just amaze you? I tell you what, our God is so much bigger than we know ladies. He can take something and make it into the unimaginable.

I am so looking forward to this study. If you aren't signed up and want to be, don't let the start date discourage you from ordering your book now and joining at your convenience. You will find me to be a very laid back hostess. Bloggers, non-bloggers, commenter's, silent-type...everyone is welcome! What I love about this too is women that would never join a Bible study in person out of fear of socializing, etc. can join this and even do it in their pj's! So, please come as you are welcome here.

Expect life to happen between the start and the finish of this book so if you don't get some read on time or get the chance to post about it, come back in when you can. This is a no pressure study.

Click here to sign up if you have not done so already.

Also, I think it's important to pray for each other throughout and please pray for Lisa Whittle, the author. I think the enemy attacks us anytime we try to get closer to God. I assume he'll go after the writer of this book even harder; especially since she wants to be involved in this study and has been praying for you all.
If you want to get to know Lisa better, click on her book cover in the upper right corner of my blog.
So meet here Tuesday the 23rd and be ready to discuss chapter 1 along with the study!
If I missed your location, please let me know so I can add it in~if you don't want people knowing where you are from since we're on the internet, you can comment under "Anonymous".
Just this morning I added Jean from Oklahoma...welcome and Sharon from Australia...welcome matie! Is that what you say? I blame Crocodile Dundee if that's not right!
So, we have another state represented and Sharon joins Paula from Australia. WHAT is God up to??? How exciting to be a part of this. Being used by God is awesome and reminds me of something I once heard,
"I am only the straw to a great drink"!
I humbly keep in mind that God is using this blog as His platform to draw us near to Him.
Let's sip away dear friends and taste what is good!
Psalm 34:8a
Taste and see that the LORD is good;

~Many Blessings~


Paula said...

That is amazing Lelia and I'm so happy to be a part of this study, even if from about 7,000 miles away! What is also amazing is that this little Australian has been to 9 out of the 20 states you've listed, and that was just on 2 trips there in the last 20 years!

What is more amazing about this whole online Bible study thing, and in keeping with God doing it in His style, is that I've been praying to Him for a way for me to get involved in a study being that it's difficult for me with not having any family living nearby to look after Jasmine at night. He certainly has answered my prayer there, and also helped me to meet so many wonderful Sisters in Christ via Blogger, which was another prayer request!

I am in complete "Yes to God" study mode here at present (it's a pity I have to go to work!) and can't wait to get my thoughts and what I'm learning written down and shared!

Love Alway In Him,

Paula :-)

Julie said...

I love it when Papa God reads our hearts and gives us our desires before we ever really get to talk to Him about them. How cool that He gave you that wonderful couch.

PS. How are things with your girl?

Mari said...

I for one am glad that we got to so this blog study. I really wish Gene's back had not been involved though.

Lysa's study was a blessing and I can already see that Lisa Whittle's study will be equally as challenging and fabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing all God will do in everyone's lives. I'll use the Mr. Linky signup list to know who to be praying for. And thank you for being such a gracious host!

Finally, stop by my blog. I have a present for you :)

Amy L Brooke said...

I've read my chapter. Now I have to write my blog.

FYI I'm having a contest on my site now through the end of September to win a book. Just thought I'd let you know.

HIS Daughter said...

Our Father is so Awesome, yet so tender with HIS "Daughters".

HE knew your desires, HE knew my need to connect with other women who truly want to DO this walk with HIM with an undivided heart...HE knew everyone's needs and HE brought us together.

I praise GOD for your dream. I am in prayer for Gene and your family!

We will love HIM and praise HIM through this study and every circumstance!!

Love, Prayers & Blessings,

HisPrincess said...

I've been keeping track of your studies and now I'm really looking forward to joining in "for real"!

Make room for me on the couch!

tiggerdaisy said...

God is SOOOOO good! :) Oh, how I love Him!

Can't wait for this study girl! Just think, we are in a Bible Study that really meet in each one of our homes...and we don't have to clean or cook or anything! :) hehehe. All kidding aside, this is truly an amazing thing God has laid on your heart to do. Thanks for listening to Him!

Love you,

LynnSC said...

I am so with you Lelia... only God could bring all of us women together to study. Although we are not all under one roof... we are all under one God.

I can't wait for this to begin. I have cheated just a little, I already read part of the second chapter too. Couldn't help myself.


Tammy R said...

Hi Lelia,
It is amazing how God brings our heart's desire to life...but why are we always amazed:)

I 'm really looking forward to joining in this study. See you on tomrrow!

Susan said...

Hey Lelia,

Oh, I'm soooooooooooooo happy for you girlfriend.

You are such a gracious hostess, and you passion for the Lord reaches out in all directions.

I know this is going to be a great study.

I love reading how God uses these teachings in your life.

Blessings to you and your women!!

rusty'swife said...

I am fixin to curl up in my chair with BC (Black Cat), God, Beth and Lisa. I can not wait to see where this is going to take my walk.

Love and hug,

Laura said...

I'm so excited, Lelia! I've already read my chapter, but haven't started my post yet. Tomorrow is a long day in the Boggess household,, so I may be a little late. But I'm getting on this train! Wow! I can't believe all of the women from all over that you have brought together through this study. You are a true blessing to us all. Poor Gene; he had no idea how God would use his pain for good!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know a way to pray. I feel like i am fighting off a cold and my kids won't sleep. Please pray that they settle down, and that if this is a cold and not allergies (i think i am dealing with a stomach bug too)

another way to be distracted from what God wants to teach me.

thanks for your prayers...
Love you and can't wait for tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Love you Lelia. I'm honored.

So good to pray with you tonight!

Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lelia! It's Tuesday here already, and I'm looking forward to beginning the study tomorrow. This is such a wonderful blessings and I'm so grateful to you for being the stewardess that you are... Blessings... Naomi