Friday, October 15, 2010

Jesus is the Hero

I just read a post by my friend Nicki that is so bold and awesome about how the world views Christians called If You Want to Blame Someone, Blame Yourself. You must read it!
This is what it spurred in my heart just now though.

This week many of us witnessed the miners in Chili being brought up out of a dark pit.

Since the day they were trapped, the desire to rescue them was intense and focused.
It would have been worthless to sit up here and just point fingers at whatever went wrong.
Condemnation was put aside and the rescue efforts were put in place.
And from the 1st to the very last miner, we rejoiced and praised as we watched each of them walk into the arms of a loved one.
Every single miner was waited for.
And every single miner was welcomed with open arms no matter how dirty they were.

There are many in the pit of darkness.
And as Christians, it is easy to sit in our pews and shake our heads at their lifestyle.
Does that mean we sit back and just let them live life out of control?
Of course not, that would be stupid and irresponsible on our part.
But there is a way to confront someone in love instead of pure condemnation.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying to be afraid of stepping on any one's toes, you want to speak truth into some one's life and not skirt around the issues they're facing. But to be truthful in love is so different. My Uncle Chris was just like that with me. He lovingly told me that I needed Jesus. That He was praying for me. And he pointed things out that needed to be addressed.
I knew my uncle didn't agree with my lifestyle, but not once was his finger pointing so hard at me that I couldn't see past his finger to his heart for me and more importantly, His heart for Jesus. 
That love is a tool Jesus used to save my life.

What are you doing..sitting around pointing fingers or are you cooperating with God's rescue effort?
Don't let it be mistaken that Jesus Christ is the Rescuer. 
He is the Hero.
Not us. 
Even though men dug the hole that provided the way out of the entrapment for the miners, the tube is what brought the miners up out of the earth. And just like with those lost, who don't know Jesus or perhaps do know Jesus, but have chosen to live life their way like I did...He will use us to share Him, to share His Word, but HE is the tube that brings them up out of the darkness. The tube brought the miners up and out to freedom while the men who dug stood around clapping and praising. And as Jesus brings those that are in any sin filled lifestyle into freedom, we stand or perhaps kneel...clapping and praising our Hero. 

Thank you Jesus for never giving up on me and thank you Uncle Chris for letting Jesus use your love for Him to love on your once Prodigal niece.
Have a blessed weekend. 
Next Tuesday I''ll post on chapters 3 & 4 from the book study of "It's No Secret".
Sorry I missed this week, but it was a crazy one.