Tuesday, February 24, 2009

YES to GOD: Ch. 8: Look Back: Forget Not His Benefits, O My Soul

So glad you are here for our weekly YES to GOD study of
If you were actually walking into my home right now I'd beg you not to look down at the dirty wood floors that I let my precious grand baby Amiyah crawl on.

Even in this picture she looks disturbed that she is sitting on dirt and dog hair.Then I'd warn you that you're gonna have to hold it until our time together is over because my bathroom isn't clean. With the boys being outnumbered by the girls in our home it remains a mystery as to why my bathroom smells like Gene and Aaron pee on the floor.

But isn't that the beauty of a blog Bible study?

We can just come together every Tuesday as we are and fellowship with no worries.
I believe that God has blessed me with letting me play hostess every Tuesday to such a wonderful group of women on line because as one of His problem children He knows me very well.

He knows my desire of wanting to host a Bible study in my home and actually doing it would turn out to be a frustrating disaster for me.

He knows I'd try to make my house look different for you every Tuesday then how it looks the other 6 days of the week to my family. He knows it always confuses the children when Mom acts like an out of control cussing lunatic then an hour later is speaking Christianese to her Bible study friends. So He has graciously spared the Chealey children of that whole crazy scene.

He also knows I'd be trying to make you all an impossible never heard of dessert from Martha Stewart instead of the boxed brownies my husband applauds me for. Especially when I make them fancy and add nuts to the mix.

Isn't it weird how our hearts' desires get trampled on by our efforts of trying to portray ourselves as the perfect woman.
For instance...I have a girlfriend who has a library day with her kids.
They all pack into the mini-van with their book bags and they each get to rent books and videos from our local library. She has done this for years and it's always been a pleasant experience for her kids. So I look at that and think that I too should have a library day for my children.

So I tried it. I had a van too so why not.
Yah, my children's library cards are now used as pretend credit cards in Alivia's purse for when her and her friends play "shopping".

Let's just say what worked for Sheryl didn't work for Lelia.
From the fines I have irresponsibly accrued over the years, the city will be able to build a new library by the time Amiyah is old enough to get one.

No kidding...I just called and the man at Gere library laughed when he read me the amount due on each family member, especially when he got to my son's...

Lelia Chealey...$14.50--overdue charges in 1995 (WHAT??), 1997 and 2008

Alivia Chealey...$10.90 overdue charges in 2005, 2006 and 2008


Aaron Chealey...$51.13 four lost items in 2001

First of all I wondered aloud why they would let me return after my 1st offense in '95. Then I explained to the laughing librarian that Aaron's "lost items" were the result of a birthday party sleep over gone bad. Just so happened the night Gene and four 7 year old boys spent the night in a tent, God sent a flood that washed away Aaron's library books that Gene was reading to them by flashlight.

Sheryl...I hope you aren't reading this because if you are I know you're totally ashamed of me. I know Aaron is 14 years old and 6'1" , but I'm sure he'd still be interested in a library day if you'll take him with you.

So see, sweetheart, if you are THAT type of woman...the type whose house is a mess and you owe more money to the library then you do on your house...then you are in the perfect place.

No pressures...when you post you post.
No worries...we don't compare posts because we are each sharing what God has shown us.
No need for perfection...just come as you are.

Library fines and all.

I feel this atmosphere is grace based which is why I can tell you I worked overnight last night and only got 2 hours of sleep so I will be posting later since I left my book at home and forgot to memorize the chapter. ~smiles~

If interested in reading my thoughts, I will add an editor's note to the top of this post letting you know I posted because instead of doing a separate post I'll just start writing my thoughts HERE...

CHAPTER 8: Look Back: Forget Not His Benefits, O My Soul

I don't know about you, but I found myself thinking alot about what I've learned so far in this wonderful book by Jennifer Rothschild. Paula from Australia...I know God is really working in you girl through this book...keep seeking the Master cuz He's evident in your life even from way over here in the US of A!

In the each other's wonderful insights to this chapter by signing up under
Mr. Linky. I read quite a few of your posts last week from my cell phone but have trouble leaving a comment. Love your hearts though and what God is showing each one of you. Let's just keep after Him.

OH...and I have some very exciting news.
Come back this Friday to see what the book is for the next study.
Just like with all our previous authors and books you will
L. O. V. E. Love this author.
I have shared it with a few of you so if you know already...shhhhhh!
I will give you a hint:
The cover of The P31 Woman magazine never looked so good!

~Many Blessings~


Yolanda said...


Do you have any idea what book and study you will host next? I've had to sit the last two out, but looks like I would perhaps be able to participate in the next one.

Love to you,

Liz said...

Lelia, you are cracking me up! I think you might be working too many hours.
I look forward to hugging your neck on Friday, Library fines and all!
My post is up...I am remarkably, mysteriously, and miraculously on time this week!
Woo Hoo!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Hey sweet one. Dog...I'm not one of the lucky birds to know. If I email ya and pester ya, will ya tell me three days early? I'm just no good with clues. I have the P31 figured out and could scan all the ladies' blogs....but you wouldn't make me do that, huh?

I love, love, love, you!!! I really do. My heart leaps when I read your posts. This one is just so bring a serious message (we are not to be or try to be perfect) in such a light hearted way.

I know that it has to be trying on you to raise your grand girl but oh my word, what blessing you get to kiss on that precious girl every day. I can only imagine she is such a joy (unless looks can be deceiving even at that age). Her expression is priceless... she does look flustered but I doubt it's the hair and dirt. It's probably a matter of "gramma why are you taking my picture AGAIN?" Or maybe more like "why are you pointing that thing that flashes at me?"

You are too funny with your library story...beginning to end.

Love ya, girlfriend.

Runner Mom said...

I miss you!!!! That baby girl is adorable!! And, don't even worry about the floors! You wouldn't want to see mine either! The beauty of the online Bible Study!

I'll be keeping y'all in my prayers--especially for those library fines!! Sorry! THat's a hoot!!

Love you!


Sue said...

I'm still laughing about this post. I think it's because I can so relate to it. I am not good at keeping a clean house. My daughter-in-law has made remarks about her one year old's socks getting dirty when he walks in the kitchen without his shoes on.

I did take my 2 kids to the library a lot, but we did have to pay fines regularly. I have taught Sunday school off and on over the years, and would sometimes check out a stack of books, and then they'd ride around in my car, and I would forget to renew them or take them back, so I have had fines over the years, too. I remember keeping it under $10.00 so I could still check out books.

Once, I don't remember what happened, but I had a huge find, and wrote a letter to the library, asking that since I've "donated" so much money over the years through my fines, could they forgive this one. They did, too! That wasn't the last time I ended up with a fine though.

Well, I better go read some more blogs.

Hugs, Sue

Paula said...

Hey there lovely Lelia, thank you for your loving words. I'm nearly to the end of Chapter 8 and loving it. I will post over the next few days. Your grandgirl is just adorable. Love ya, P xo

grey like snuffie said...

Your granddaughter is adorable. I just got a notice from our library about an overdue book and had to laugh remembering your post. You seem to have such an incredibly full life...don't know how you maintain your sanity.

Jill said...

Good words Lelia! Glad to be back this week. And I think I'm on to the next study - I can't wait. I saw her at Hearts at Home, wow what a story!!

Gail W. said...

Hi Lelia and all you other beautiful ladies! I have missed you desperately the past two weeks as life has taken a temporary detour. I'm so happy to be here today and to see your open hearts and cheerful banter - I love you all!

Carol said...

Hi Lelia,

Well here it is Sunday night, my daughter hasn't had her shower, and I've still not posted my study thoughts. So I fit in perfectly with your post. As I look around my livingroom at the slippers, socks water bottles and the dog sleeping on my pillow from my bed on the couch. Sigh. Looks like it'll be a twofer post for me.

Much love to you.


valerie said...

Wow Lelia....what a fun & exciting time you had in Dallas! I bet Gene was so proud of that picture with
E. Smith.

My great nephew was in about the 5th grade when he started listening to Dr. Tony Evans. He loved his preaching. I always thought that was so cute.

I'm glad you got to get away!

Vern ~ Inspired said...

I cannot believe you were in Texas!
You were 4 hours away from me!!

Love all the pictures...I can just imagine what a great time you gals had!!

I love ya girl!

Renee Swope said...

Your Emmitt Smith story cracked me up!!! Oh girl, you are so funny!

Looks like you, Kelli and Liz had fun. And how cool that Kelli got to meet and get a photo with Tony Evans. He's amazing!

Glad you had such a great time! I'll be in Dallas with Lysa and Holly next month. Any tips we need to know?

Also, so excited you are doing Micca's book as your next study. Love that girl and her book is amazing.

Great to see your smile today!