Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YES to GOD study Chpts. 14 & 15


We are discussing our dear friend Lysa TerKeurst's great work "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" and it has been so wonderful. I really look forward to Tuesday's together! I learn so much from you all, or if you live in Susan/Runner Mom's neck of the woods, I learn so much from y'all!

I wish I could talk like my friend Susan. I tried to sound like her, but I just sound like a southern belle that had too much spiked punch to drink. I met Susan this summer at She Speaks and she should see if she could have a talking blog because her voice is happy, joyful and so sincere and just as southern as could be. Lisa Whittle and Lysa TerKeurst whom I met too both have that cute southern drawl thing going for them also. My voice has no ring of remembrance to it so I hope when I get to heaven and I praise Jesus it comes out sounding like a mixture of all 3 of these women. I'd make Him and the angels so happy!

Alrighty...let's begin. Remember, anything written in blue is a quote from the book.

Chapter 14: Pressing Through the Pain

The story Lysa shared of her neighbor's lives was so neat. Even though prayers for Mary to be healed weren't answered, Ken still chose to praise God in the aftermath of Mary's death. Her life spoke loudly even after her passing. Through Mary's death Ken learned to depend on God, pray and look for His answers. He desired more of God and found Him in a flower in Lysa's lawn of all things.

My greatest desire must always be for more of God in my life. This is the only desire that's certain to never disappoint and can never be taken from me.

Lysa also reminds us that when we experience death, whether it's a loved one or a dream, pain is what we experience. What has gotten her through the death phase of things is God. Knowing God is with her through the tough stuff is what keeps her going and she looks at what the death phase. How encouraging.

CHAPTER 15: God Isn't Surprised by Death

I loved the subtitle in this chapter:

Being Broken is Not Being Sidelined.

I remember about 5 years ago I decided to do the Body for Life weight loss program. For eight weeks I would work out at 5:30 in the morning, record what I ate and what I did for exercise. For eight weeks I was faithful and my body showed the results of my labor. Let's just say my husband liked what he saw. Then something life changing happened to me personally. My world came to a complete stop and instead of pressing forward and continuing my plan I stopped everything. Instead of turning to God, I turned to food and the pounds began to find their way to my thighs again.

I felt broken and I sidelined myself by taking myself out of the game and becoming a bench warmer. I wish I would've have read this chapter, perhaps I could still fit in my skinny clothes smashed to the end of my closet by my plus size clothes.

Brokenness is what must happen before God can put pieces back together in the way He can shine the best.

What faces you today or what comes your way tomorrow, I beg you to remember what Lysa shared with us in this chapter. Only having a dozen people show up at her speaking engagement when she expected five thousand was perhaps for us, so Lysa could teach us to seek God's perspective in every area of our lives. Through the tough times, continue to praise and seek Him. Don't do what I did when I found myself broken and turn away from God. Seek Him sisters...He's worth this chase.

God is good. He is more interested in developing our characters to match our calling than in manipulating our circumstances to make us happy.

AMEN! I love that we don't serve a God that bends our way. Last August I didn't want to hear the words "she's pregnant" said about my teenager. Just because I didn't want it to be true didn't make God change the circumstance. I had to bow down before Him, not Him before me and allow Him to change me, not change what was before us. I'm so thankful He's in charge.

Share what touched you in these chapters and also the amazing study.

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God bless you and next week we'll meet back here for chapters 16 & 17!

Oh, and check back this THURSDAY for the exciting announcement of our next study. Oh my goodness, you are going to not only love this book/study but you will fall in love with the author. She is so full of Jesus and her love for Him is contagious! So check back this Thursday and let me introduce you to her. Trust me when I say you'll love this next study and the author just as much as you love Lysa and her writings.

Both are women of God that just make you want more of Him!

~Many Blessings~


Luanne said...

This was another great study week for me. We only have two weeks left-I hate to see this end.

Got my Big Red catalog the other day. Sounds like everyone in Huskerville is expecting big things under Bo this year.
Go Big Red.


Yolanda said...

Chapter 14

The secret of pressing through the pain: Depend on God, Ask for His provision & TO LOOK for His ready answers. LOOK FOR HIM! How have you and I seen His presence today?

I loved that, and so agree....look for Him in the big as well as the small.

Chapter 15

for me...God allowed a dream to die about two or three weeks ago. But from that dream/vision, opened many other opportunities for use of my time in a much wiser fashion, all to point others towards Christ.

Lelia, thank you for working with us through this each week!


Runner Mom said...

I am SO cracking up at you, girlfriend!! Yeah, that flat southern drawl does recieve interesting glances until one does admit, " Yayuh, I aaaam from thu Sowwwthhh" It covers a multitude of dumb answers! We actually do have many fine colleges and universities down here! And, SEC football is just around the corner!!!Woohoo! Go Gamecocks!

OK, enough said! These were wonderful chapters! In Chapter 14, Lysa talks about letting God take captive every thought. This morning while child # 1 was at the orthodontist's office, I sat in the car with my flippy thingie that Beth Moore encouraged us to have-a flipchart of scripture to memorize. I started with Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." I read it over and over and over. Then I went to my Bible (can you tell where my quiet time wound up being this morning??) to read my devotional for the day. Guess what the scripture was? Hebrews 11:1! God took that thought captive to make me rethink about my faith. Am I being faithful to Him the way He so desires? I am a work in progress!
Love ya!

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I postd my comments and started reading phase four chapters today waiting on the girls at school. I hate to see this come to and end but I am so ready for this sections!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Jill said...

Yes, God has a purpose even in the pain! What a wonderful reminder. That is a thought I need to hold onto and thanks for the encouragement to stay on the floor even when my body wants to quit!! Sometimes it's hard, but He is worth it. My own life proves that, but what a blessing to read about the same thing in other's lives as well.

Laura said...

hello, my precious friend! I just read your last post and just want to give you a big hug right now! I wish we lived closer so I could watch this amazing change He is working in you! Your life is already a tremendous blessing to me, and I just know that God has special plans for you!
luv to you, lady,

Susan said...

Hey Lelia,

I always enjoy your study.

You do make me want to read this book. For now I'm spoiled, I get to come here for a nice steak dinner, no sweat on my part.

Now, please don't think I'm lazy, (which I can BE!!) but I'm in the midst of two studies right now.

So, what's with the big surprise? You got me, I'll be back to find out about your next study!

Loved the picture, put a big smile on my face, wish I could pinch those fat cheeks.

OH, and wait until you hear my accent! Yes, I have one alright!!


Amy said...

"Brokenness is what must happen before God can put pieces back together in the way He can shine the best."

I love this statement. I have not read this book (it's on the list though), so I don't know if what I am going to say is in the book or not. But I have heard this same type of brokenness compared to a stain glass window. It starts out separate pieces that separately look like your basic mess. But once put all together in the right places, the pieces form an unbelievably beautiful piece of art.

Much like ourselves when He shines through our brokenness.

God Bless,

P.S. Your granddaughter is so adorable.:)

lisalyn said...

I really liked the seed illustration Lysa used. Also I had never thought of the Beatitudes the way she shared them. Such good stuff!

Love your granddaughters smile!!


Mari said...

Short chapters but packed with power. I can hardly beleive we are almost done! BOOHOO!

Anyway, I've posted my comments on my blog. I'll check out everyone else's blogs later this week. I've got to go give hubby some of my time :)

tiggerdaisy said...

Hey there! I'm back! Whoo-Hoo! :)

I'll try to get on later today to post my thoughts!

Love you!


On Purpose said...

You just keep bringing women to the heart of God!!