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YES to GOD study: CH. 6: Learning to Trust Again

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I keep telling week Lelia, next week you will have your post up and running on Tuesday, hence the name YES to GOD TUESDAYS! But life and little people keep getting in my way of blogging time and even getting my chapter read on time. This week I blame Kelley though. She is coming for the weekend to help me teach a workshop at my church's Women's Conference Saturday morning, so I have been preparing my house for her stay.

If you have come by here before, then you know how we do things, usually on Tuesday's here. If this is your first visit and you're curious about what YES to GOD studies are, then on the sidebar you will find more info. Currently we are reading and discussing a chapter a week of the first book by author and speaker, Micca Campbell called,
Before we get started I must share.

There are things I tell my family not to do for their own safety.
For my 7 year old Alivia it would be things like:
Wear your helmet on your bike.

Look both ways, twice, before you cross the street.

Don't talk to strangers. Ever.

For Aaron, our son who's 14 and stands 6'1" on his size 14 feet, my safety precautions consist of:
Teenage girls have incurable cooties, so keep your distance.

Don't give me an attitude during the 3rd week of any month.

Don't talk to strangers. Teenage girls are strangers.

Then I have a few I have to tell my husband because I love him and I want to keep him safe.
Don't come home from Blockbuster with an action movie.

Don't give me an attitude during the 3rd week of any month.

AND most importantly

Don't hide flammable, edible items in the oven.
Yes, I typed "hide".

As a wife and mom, my job according to the Superwoman back in the day of Mary and Martha, or the Proverbs 31 Woman as we know her, is to watch over my household. So one of the ways I do this is to supply them with safety tips that when followed will keep them from harms way.

Sometimes they listen and sometimes they make their own potentially harmful choices.

Last night Gene didn't listen to safety tip #3 and this is what I came home to...

I was welcomed into my home by the gross smell of a Pyrex plastic lid melted into the leftover lemon cake that Gene was attempting to hide.
In the oven.
From his family.

A hiding place that escaped his mind when I called and asked him to pre-heat the oven for me.

So what has my sweet, but dessert loving husband taken away from this?

1.) When wife walks in and the house doesn't smell like her Glade plug-ins, pretend like you are asleep.

2.) When wife gives safety precautions...quickly insert your finger into the opposite ear her words entered so that her tips don't go in one ear and out the other.

3.) Never hide greed in an oven!

4.) Praise God this didn't happen during week 3!

I have to tell you, I'm so proud of me. Instead of releasing the pre-Jesus Lelia on my gift from God, I just looked...okay, glared at him as he avoided all eye contact, flipped open my cell phone, took a picture of my once favorite pot luck pan and thanked him for giving me more blog material. I tell ya, you never know what is going to happen in the Chealey household.

Let's get to our discussion of this awesome chapter...
CHAPTER 6: Learning to Trust Again
Anything in blue is a quote from the book.

Micca opens this chapter with the recollection of a sad phone call she received about her nephew. The events of that call would be the invitation for fear into this child's life. How many times in our own lives has someone done something to us that caused us to begin to live in a state of fear?Unknowingly at times fear becomes our roommate and overrides any good that God has for us.
God cares for you greatly.
We are His joy and delight.

But sometimes we can't see or feel that which Micca's response is that it doesn't always appear like it. That's because our perspective is limited by our circumstances.

From her own life experiences that include being a young widow, Micca tells us that I've found that when I'm overcome with fear, I'm not really looking for answers but for the assurance that God is near, that He's in control and that He cares about me and my circumstances. God does care.

The other day I sat in the bedroom talking with my husband about a TV show he had just finished watching. With tears in his eyes he said, "You know Lea, maybe this is why God has me laid up in this bed so I could see this." He had just told me about this Jesus lovin' family and he felt so inspired by the Dad and his stand for Christ.

So when I asked my husband if all the pain he is in while recovering from his back surgery is worth getting closer to Christ, his heart-felt answer was YES....YES!

While death, sickness, and abuse were not part of God's original plan, He may allow me to go through these things. It's not to cause me undue pain or fear, but rather it's to accomplish spiritual growth. Sometimes what God allows shakes us to the core, but He never intends to terrify us. It may not be pleasant for a while, but in the end we'll find it's worth every heartache and every worry if we trust Him.

I believe that if indeed God is trying to get Gene's attention on some things and is using this time of recovery to grab it then so be it. Perhaps Gene is right and God is using his health to make him lie down and focus on only Him. I honestly believe from listening to my husband share his own heart for Christ that all the pain...and it has been some excruciating 24/7 pain....all the physical pain he has endured over the 2 years will be etched into Gene's heart as one of, if not thee best times of his life. Why? Because of Who he is being drawn closer to.

The only way to see worth in our pain is to realize it has purpose. Though we despise suffering, it educates us, transforms us, allows us to share in the inheritance of Christ, and gives us a ministry of compassion for others who suffer. This is God's promise. He is faithful in using every situation for our good.

Toward the end of the chapter, Micca tells the story of Lazarus. Here's a Cliff Notes version of what happened:

Lazarus gets really sick.
His sisters Martha and Mary call on their BFF, Jesus, for help because they've seen with their own eyes how He was a Healer.
Instead of rushing to their side Jesus takes His sweet time to respond.
The sisters are not happy.
Brother Lazarus is dead.
Mary is crying.
Jesus sees Mary and asked to be taken to see the deceased Lazarus.
Jesus wept.
Martha boldly tells Jesus...if You would've come this wouldn't have happened.
Jesus tells Martha...if you would believe then you will see.
Martha believes.
Lazarus walks out of the grave. Alive and well for all who believed to see. me, one of the most precious verses penned in the Bible is
John 11:35
Jesus wept.

As a kid I remember participating in Bible-Quote-Downs where you took turns quoting verses and whoever had the most memorized won. John 11:35 was always the easy verse to remember since it's the shortest verse. Now as an adult, it takes on a whole new meaning. So much tenderness. Such a sign that He truly cares about me. About you. What you are going through. When you and I hurt, Jesus hurts. Our pain moves Him because He cares about us.

So when we are hurting, trust isn't always our first reaction.
What if Martha wouldn't have chosen to trust Jesus that day?
Would her brother had remained a dead man instead of a walking miracle?
God requires us to believe first, and then He moves on our behalf.

John 3:16 is another familiar passage that Micca gave me new meaning to when she pointed something so important out. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life"

She pointed out that God sent His Son to earth as a helpless baby to be cared for by sinful humans.

If God can trust you and me, then we can certainly trust Him.
That was such a "wow" moment for me. God trusted this common little girl to raise Jesus.

The One who would grow up with the power to command Lazarus to come out of his death.

The One who He Himself couldn't be kept down by what was thought to be His last breath.

He trusts us. Us as in you and me and our resume of faithfulness doesn't even compare to His. On His resume when asked for references and job history it says:
See Bible, specifically Genesis through Revelation .

At the end, Micca recognizes that if we are reading a book on how to conquer fear, then we probably have fear in our life and want nothing more than some freedom. She soothes us with the comfort that God wants that for us too, but just like with Martha, we have to choose to believe if we ever want to see. The beauty about God is that sometimes, often times, when we do see, it's so much better than what we had in our visually limited mind.

MC encourages us to
1.) Know that with pain comes gain, but pain that will be worth enduring.
2.) Give God permission to fill our empty places and wash away our doubts with His love.
3.) Remove what is hardening our heart because it is keeping us in a headlock.
4.) Then listen as you hear Jesus sweetly say..."Take off her grave clothes and let her go".
Just like He did with Lazarus so long ago.
And if you listen close'll probably hear His tears hit the floor of heaven.

I don't know about you, but I didn't even know about the Swine Flu until last week. I'm sure the cows are relaxing a little today as its usually Mad Cow Disease that makes the headlines.

Today no swine is safe in Moses' birthplace as officials in Egypt have ordered all pigs to be slaughtered.

Masks are covering the faces of panic.

Death is moving faster than a teenagers texting thumbs.

The kind of freedom Christ longs to provide covers more than the fear of loneliness, betrayal, and rejection. It also includes concerns we have about current world issues. We don't have to speculate about the worse-case scenario of our day and how it may affect our lives.

When Micca wrote out the words God gave her probably well over a year ago she had no idea that it would be so relational to the headlines of each newspaper in the nation.
God gave her over a year ago exactly words we would need to hear today.
He is so amazing as He is using Micca to tell in Me. I got this.
When you and I are secure in God's provision, there's no situation that can destroy us.

I am really loving this study and am blessed by the timing of it. Thank You, sweet Jesus.

If you have more to share on this chapter on your own blog, please sign up under Mr. Linky.

Please keep this sweet thing in your prayers.

This Grandma is having withdraw as little girl has been sick all week.

This is Amiyah in the ER Saturday night waiting on the doctor.

I her.

~Many Blessings~

Next week...chapter 7: What's the Worse That Could Happen?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

On the go...or not.

The sounds of sirens wailing from an ambulance is not a strange sound in our neighborhood as we only live four blocks from the emergency entrance to a hospital. However, at the beginning of April the sounds of the sirens were loud enough to get every canine in the neighborhood to bark as paramedics scrambled out of a firetruck and rushed into our neighbors home.

Gary was being wheeled out of their home on a stretcher as his wife Carol was standing on the porch watching. I asked her what happened and she thought maybe he had a stroke, but wasn't sure. I offered to take her to the hospital, but she declined and thanked me saying she would be okay. The night before Gene and I left for Omaha I asked her how he was doing and she told me the test results revealed that he had spinal meningitis.

That was all before Gene's April 6th surgery and we got back home on Thursday, April 9th. I kept telling Gene that I needed to go over and see if he was home and if not how he was doing. Finally, last Saturday, nine days after being home, I pried myself away from my busyness and walked across the street to check on our neighbors. Carol was sitting outside visiting with her son and met me at the curb. I asked her how Gary was doing and she said, "Oh, Lelia, he died on Wednesday."

She had just returned from his funeral so she was still dressed in black. I listened as she explained that on Tuesday he was doing fine and by Wednesday he was gone. In two weeks time Carol went from doing yard work with her best friend to picking out clothes for him to be buried in. Widowed after 47 years of marriage.

As I stood there listening to her share how she hadn't been sure how she was going to be able to make it through his funeral, I felt like the neighbor with a heart as shallow as a kiddie pool. Before I returned home to tell Gene the sad news, I hugged her and promised I'd pray for her.

On March 1st, we celebrated 10 years in our home. Over the years, we have found out which neighbors share a common love for Jesus as we do. We are very blessed to be surrounded by Christians wherever we look. Tom and Cindy to the west of us and Ben and Julie across the street. I know these couples believe in the One and Only because with each one of these neighbors we have talked about God. At one time or another we have encouraged each other in the Lord and shared about what He is doing or has done in our lives.

But not with Gary and Carol.
We'd wave from afar as they were always out in their perfectly trimmed yard.
If we did cross the street to talk it was about the dogs or I'd apologize for our yard not looking anywhere close to their leaf and weed free dwelling which always made them laugh.
A few years ago I would occasionally send the kids over with a plate of chocolate chip cookies in my feeble attempt to be neighborly.
They are your typical nosy neighbors and always wanted to know what was happening.

As I heard Carol's words that Gary had died, the reality that I didn't know if he was saved or not really sunk in. In the 10 years and 1 month that we have lived across from them, not one time did the name Jesus come out of my mouth. Not only don't I know their beliefs, they don't know mine. Why? Because I chose to talk about our dogs or our lawns, but never Jesus. Never was the One who I claim to be my All my topic of conversation.

I regret not sharing Jesus with Gary.
Did Gary ever have a teacher lead him to Jesus like I did when I was in 2nd grade?
Did Gary ever realize that the cross is more than a gold pendant hanging on a necklace?
Did Gary ever know forgiveness from the Original Forgiver?
Is where Gary will be for eternity worth leaving his wife for?

So now we live across the street from Carol and her dog Penny.
Happily married wife in March, sad grieving widow in April.
When I see her, do I continue to talk dog talk with her or do I strike conversation with purpose?
Has Carol ever had anyone lead her to Jesus?
Does Carol realize that the cross is more than a gold pendant hanging on a necklace?
Does Carol know she has been forgiven?
Is where Carol will spend eternity worth me taking the time to find out the answers to the above questions.
Or not.
Busy will always be in my life, but will someone miss out on Jesus being in their life because of it? Takes time to walk across the street. Time I need to make.

During a political race our neighborhoods are lined with our belief in a candidate, but so often Jesus is our best kept secret. I think when Jesus told the disciples to "Go" He not only meant it for the missionaries spreading the Gospel in a foreign country, He meant it for me and for you to GO...right across our street.

The last time I spoke to Gary a few days before he left for the hospital the names Penny and Kane were mentioned.
Our dogs.
Ten years and one month.
No mention of my Savior.
Lord, have mercy.
~Many Blessings~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

YES to GOD study: CH. 5~Family Matters

Again, thank you for stopping by on THURSDAY for

If this is your first visit here today, I'm so glad you have found us. Each week we gather together, usually on Tuesday and discuss a chapter from a book we are collectively reading.

The book we are currently reading written by Micca Campbell,
Anything in blue is a quote from the book.

It seems like in all the studies we have done here that each chapter I read just fits in so well with whatever is happening in my life. This chapter was no different.

Micca starts us off by letting us peek into her journal as she shares a prayer she penned to God about her children. Bible teacher Adrian Rogers once said that prayers starts in heaven. The Holy Spirit finds the desire of God and put that desire in our hearts.

I never thought of it like that before and have really been thinking on that these last few days. God knows my desire to have a home that is inviting and unkept. In my kitchen I decided a few years back to paint my kitchen cupboards. This project took me forever and when I put the doors back on none of them would close. Eventually, 3 of the doors fell off and were stashed on the side of the fridge. My kitchen could be spotless, but looked messy because of the missing doors.

Now my husband will be the first to tell you that he is no handyman. And he will tell you the desires of his heart do not include becoming one. So the doors stayed off for a few years. Not days or months. Years. husband found Randy. Handy Randy. Our neighbor was having Randy install a fence and thus our relationship with a real handyman began. Yesterday I came home to cabinets with doors.

I am too old to have a BFF, but that is what I call Handy Randy. My point of sharing this with you is that these things God knew were important to me and in His timing he allowed Gene to hire a trustworthy man that can fix anything. If your desire is to build a godly home free from fear and secure in the love of God, then that desire, like mine, started in heaven. And if it started in heaven, God will see it through, because He wants us to have successful families.

I think my favorite line in this chapter was early on when she said: A mom's most precious treasure is her family She talks about how there isn't anyone but her family that she would love more or fight for more. But this is what grabbed my attention...we're not alone. Many influences in this world are also fighting for control of our families.

I remember one time when my Dad shared in church about paying attention to our kids more. He shared a video then he said this, "If you don't pay attention to your children and spend more time with them, there is someone out in the world that is willing to do that for you." I thought that was such a powerful truth he spoke over the congregation that morning because bottom line: Satan wants our families.

On page 87 Micca calls us to fight for who God has entrusted us with as she proclaimed the battle is on!
Our battle plan? Psalm 127 where we are taught that Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. We must give God complete control of our homes, families and life. That is why the psalmist didn't write Unless Lelia builds the house. No, Unless the LORD. I love that phrase: Unless the LORD.

With the Master Builder's help, you can build a healthy, happy family.

At the beginning of April, ABC’s “Good Morning America” featured Nebraska as the “Happiest Place in the Nation,” according to’s first ever Happiness Index ranking.
I laughed as I read that because while that covered the front page of our newspaper, so did titles such as:

2 arrested in Omaha post office robbery
Omaha gang intervention specialist arrested
OSHA proposes $150,000 fine for Omaha roofer
Panhandle ranch turning over horses to rescue groups
Body found along river east of downtown Omaha
Autopsy: Infant died of head injuries from father
16 year old pulls knife on Mom and sister over a cigarette
Couple shot to death in their Omaha home
Long time restaurant owners in court; family suing family
Man in Bennet arrested for assault for choking his 65 five year old Mom
4 year old loses battle with cancer
Doesn't really live up to what our state sign claims: Welcome to Nebraska, The Good Life! I doubt many people would move here if all of those headlines were listed on our state sign.
Life in Nebraska is like any other state...murder, robbery, greed, corruption, c'mon down and join me here in the land of the Cornhuskers, the land of the "happy".
We will never find happiness without Jesus as the center of our life, our family and our home. Never.
And I don't care what any poll says, there isn't a state on the map that can claim that unless Jesus is the head of their Governor, Mayor and every citizen.
Happiest place in the nation?
In the arms of Jesus Christ.
The next sections were awesome and here are the sub-titles:
To Guard or Not to Guard
When to Guard
When Not to Protect
When to Trade Fear for Faith
I really wish I would've read this book and especially this chapter before I brought my oldest Alyssa into the world. I think if I keep reading and applying what I learn to my parenting by the time my 2nd grader Alivia graduates, I will have it down.
Based on God's Word, Micca helps us out and tell us how it is supposed to be:
Build our homes
Guard and guide us in all wisdom
Teach us through His Word
Counsel us 24/7
Keep our home
Monitor what comes into our home
Lean on God
Teach our children from God's Word
Keep out of God's way & let our kids grow
Trust God and follow His plan for our home

Fear-driven parenting is never a good thing. Our children will make mistakes just as we do. The key is letting our children know we have faith in them even after they've made a mistake. That's the way the Master Builder works.

It doesn't matter how many times we hire Handy Randy to come over and fix stuff in this house. There will still be things that don't work right and much brokenness in this home if I don't call on Jesus Christ. He is my Master Builder and He needs to be the One I call on everyday and every night.

With Alyssa I really parented out of fear. I did not want her to make the mistakes I did and by the age of 17 during her senior year she was pregnant. Suddenly my fears, the things I was trying to keep her from became my life. The only difference between mother and daughter was that I was pregnant at 19 a year after graduating. Looking back I admit that I really smothered her and now I can see how I did not trust God at all. I just did what I thought was best which turned out to be the worst by keeping God out of the picture. I was so over protective it was crazy but when you are filling your gas tank with fear instead of faith you will find yourself on roads that aren't even on the map. I am now learning to trust God with my kids and my grand girl. Which for this controller, is very hard. I have to believe that my God is bigger than any circumstance before me. Doesn't mean I kick back and become uninvolved, but I seek Him with all my heart and let Him lead me because parenting without Him is co-parenting with Satan. And Satan knows if he can get to our kids he can get our whole family because we live in defeat based on fear.

I hope if you don't have any children that you didn't tune yourself out on this chapter. Whether you are single or a Mom of 7 (yes, seven) like Kelley is, you are building a home. A home that God needs to be the landlord over. Let's lean on the Father for guidance in our every day life and trust that Father Knows Best because to Him...His family matters.

You are such a blessing to me. If you have something to share on your blog regarding this chapter, please sign up below so we can come visit you.

Next week: chapter 6: Learning to Trust Again. And don't forget to do the Bible study at the end of each chapter called Know It----Stow It----Show It. Micca really took the time to point us to God's Word throughout each chapter and study. We will get this as we learn and then apply.

ONE MORE THING~~Becky has a really cool thing going on at her blog right now and you get a chance to win some Starbucks if you participate. I'll be posting what I'm going to WOW this Saturday on my blog. Visit Becky by clicking here and join in on the fun!

~Many Blessings~

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YES to GOD study: CH. 4~The Pressure's On

So glad you have come by ON THURSDAY for So sorry I'm late. Yesterday I returned to work at my day job since before Gene's surgery. He is very fragile right now and will be for quite some time so I try not to leave him home alone for very long.

For years now Gene has challenged me to the TV game of Jeopardy and each time he has beat me down like a pinata. For the first time this week, I've loudly crowned myself the Jeopardy Queen, as I have somehow managed to keep my lead and win!

Granted he is taking large amounts of pain control drugs which may cause his responses to be slower, but a win is a win, people. I am taking advantage of my husband on prescription drugs. I wouldn't feed him last night until he answered this question...

Gene, who is the reigning Jeopardy Champion?

Through laughter, he gave in and finally yelled YOU ARE loud enough for our next door neighbors to hear. I felt satisfied, so then he got fed.

Anyway, I feel the rest of this week looks good for me and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek.

Here's a little glimpse of how the rest of the week will look for Gene...

Alex: Let's read the clue.

She is the smartest and THE most awesome player of Jeopardy.

Gene: Who is...Lelia Chealey?

Hey, it takes more than a 6 hour lying on your face back surgery for me to show mercy in a round of Jeopardy!

Okay...let's get to our discussion about Micca Campbell's book...
Anything in blue is a quote from the book.

Are you just not loving this book? Of all chapters for me to feel pressured to get my post done, I choose the one with that title.

No doubt about it, life today is stressful! And with stress comes fear.

Well, isn't that the truth! When I turned on my computer the other morning, this is the headline that greeted me:

Boy, 5, rides NYC subway alone, unnoticed for 34 stops; has been reunited with mom

Can you imagine what his mom went through as her son ran from her while she was getting coffee, ducked under the turnstile, made his way onto the subway and was out of her sight for an hour? And in the Big Apple of all places? The poor woman, I'm sure she was just a little stressed out and filled with lots of fear.

Micca reminds us of God's promise in Psalm 23 that goodness and mercy will follow us through our lives.

I loved the story she shared of when she was unexpectedly given the Mother of the Year award after forgetting to pick her son up from school twice in one week . The week she would be bogged down by much guilt and feeling like a failure as a Mom, God gave her a pick me-up that said she was so opposite of how she felt. I had the privilege of hearing her tell that story last summer at She Speaks and she had us laughing and in tears. We also realized through her story how close our God pays attention to us. Sometimes God lifts us from discouragement of failure in the most unexpected ways.

I loved the next section titled Finding Balance in Contentment.
Sometimes the most merciful thing God can do is let us fall. For some reason, it's when we're down among the mess we've made that we can truly see our lives clearly.

I can really relate to what she said here: Balance comes when I lay my to-do list before God and allow Him to prioritize my life. My life doesn't belong to me as a Christian. I shouldn't be the one ordering my days. When I do, my life becomes unstable.

Turning the pages we learn that:

God is the only One who can truly satisfy us.
True satisfaction in its purest form is found in the wealth of who God is and the riches He graciously lavishes on us.

That when we become anxious we need to re-focus.
Naturally, anxiety is the result when we focus on anything other than God and His will for our lives.
And she teams up with Paul to reveal the marriage between thankfulness and contentment.
You don't have to like it, but if you will choose to thank God for His provisions regardless of your feelings toward them, you'll experience the same contentment Paul encountered.
Everything in this chapter just spoke to me.
I loved this next section she called God Has Gone Ahead of You.
Whether you are a mom of twin boys like my friend Lisa in Jackson Hole is or a single lady like many of my girlfriends are, our lives are filled with pressures. Our pressures may be very different from one another. Lisa is learning how to juggle not only one addition to her life, but two precious little ones, but I've never heard such happiness in her voice like I do now. Then there is our blogging buddy Paula who has been under the pressures of buying a home and selling one at the same time.
Different pressures, but both women are becoming closer to God and better because of them. Sometimes God allows us to become pressured---not to terrify us or cause us undue pain but to purify our character.
He uses the pressures in our lives to create in us a thing of rare beauty that everybody wants. When we allow the stress of life to purify our nature, we permit God to work for good and His glory.
Jumping over to page 75, Micca reminds us that the Lord..He is our Portion. He is all we need.
Whatever your circumstance, God is aware of your needs and ready and willing to provide.
Gene and I have banked at the same bank for over 10 years now. Recently there was a charge made on our debit bank card that we disputed. Never having done this before, I had to go into the bank and cancel the card I had while the bank fought on my behalf. The charges were reversed and then they ordered me a new card. While waiting in the bank to sign on the dotted line, the bank manager brought me over a piece of paper to sign so that I could transfer all of my points to my new card. I was clueless to what points she was even talking about. She explained to me that every time I use my card as credit that it racks up points and after accumulating 1,500 points, you can begin to redeem them for stuff. I signed it and thought nothing of it until I looked at the brochure they gave me.
Then I found out how many points I had.
Then I found out how many points Gene had on his card.
Then I remembered about another card I had before the one I had recently canceled.
Then I found out that I couldn't use those points because I never signed a paper to transfer over my points.
Points I never even knew existed.
Then I found out that my bank could override the Visa people and give me my lost points.
Then I found out that we could combine Gene's points and mine onto one card.
Then we got to choose a gift.
Then we received our redemption gift.
We ended up having over 25,000 points on our cards.
We cashed them in for a $400.00 gift card to Best Buy.
Points we never knew we had, but God did and He provided the knowledge of these points only a few weeks after our 10 year old fridge started making noises and leaking. Gene and I had discussed how we needed to get a new refrigerator and weeks later God provides most of the money for it.
I just have to let Micca repeat herself here...Whatever your circumstance, (broken fridge) God is aware of your needs and willing to provide (waiting to reveal the points on His timing). I can harldy wait to get our well needed, provided by God fridge.
I really felt in this chapter that I am not alone in feeling stressed and like I'm being torn apart by the needs my family has. I often feel the responsibility of caring for so many, and it drains me. I get worn out.
Then she talks about rest. The rest God wants us to get.
God's Goodness and Mercy lead us to "lie down in green pastures" in order to revive emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I am horrible at getting proper rest. I always been such a night person that going to bed at a decent time is incredibly hard for me, but I know when I do provide my body the rest it needs it is such a benefit for me and my loved ones. I'm just so much nicer.
I have a choice to make right now in my life. I can choose to allow myself to get completely overwhelmed with Gene's health and our teenage daughter being pregnant again. I can lose sleep from being fearful of the future OR I can choose to allow God to lead me in His direction.
I want to choose to be led. Led to rest. Led to trust. Led to believe. All I do is make messes when I try to do the job God never intended for me to do and that is be my own Shepherd.
There are going to be hardships that come our way and some are harder than others. Pressures are going to weigh us down, but if we allow the weight of them to take us to our knees then when God helps us up we are only better because of it.
The Pressure is On.
Poor health.
Rebellious Teens.
Not being content.
Know that whatever is going on in your life that God literally has your back.
Goodness and Mercy will follow us into every stressful situation.
Loved this chapter so much. Thank you Micca!
If you have something more to share on your blog about this chapter, please sign up under Mr. Linky below.
Also, if you have minute, go by and introduce yourself to Heather. She just started up her blog and I really loved her 1st post on her desire to surrender to God. So take some time to welcome her into the wonderful world of blogging.
See you next Tuesday (I promise) for chapter 5: Family Matters.
~Many Blessings~

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't just believe...Be.

This is a current ad for the cell phone company US Cellular and it's always stuck in my mind since I first saw it.

Yesterday Jesus Christ being alive was celebrated all across the world.

Many dollars spent on the perfect outfits. Little girls in white dress shoes, gloves and hats and young men with ties around their necks.

Sunday best taken up a notch.

Lillies adorning the front of the churches.

Family members that don't go to church weekly made their holiday appearance.
Pastors trying to convince those family members to believe in something better.

Gatherings in many homes after service, breaking bread together out of tradition. Some hostesses serving spirits to celebrate, all the while missing the real meaning of the season.

So what was all the hype about yesterday?

If I wasn't a follower of outsider looking in, I'd ask these questions...

*Why was this Sunday's celebration any different than any other Sunday?

*Why do "believers of Christ" spend a ton of money, some swiping over maxed credit cards, to make sure their family looks perfect on this day?

*Is there a verse in the Bible that says if you hunt for eggs and get an Easter basket you don't go to heaven? And if I celebrate both...Jesus being alive and I have fun with a pretend Easter bunny...will you judge me?

*You talk about the empty tomb and in the same breath you seem empty and shallow when you gossip...I don't get it.

*I come to church at Christmas and Easter and it's the same thing. Perfection sitting in the pews. At the end of the sermon the pastor asks us to bow our heads, close our eyes and raise our hands if what he just preached swayed me to be like you.
My hand stays down.
I'm not convinced that I want to be like this. I mean, I believe in Jesus, I believe He was a baby in a manger that came to save the world by dying on the cross, but I'm just not sure I want to you.

Don't get me wrong, but I just don't see that the differences between us are huge.

I just don't see the way you live your life and the way I live mine as being worlds' apart.

The differences aren't enough to make me want this Jesus to be the Lord of my life or turn in my Sinner's Club card.


If I decide to raise my hand next time I come to church with you, do I get all those Jesus bumper stickers and t-shirts you display on your car and wear every time we go out?

You go to church every week...I go twice a year because you ask me to. Do you get a special award or something if you bring a visitor when your pastor is going to preach about Jesus' birth and His death?

I talk about my co-worker and how she acted last do the same, but why do you call it a prayer request?

I steal office supplies from our place of work and you tell me I shouldn't do that, but you steal time from our boss when you blog, get on Facebook or check your e-mail at work...stealing is stealing isn't it?

Let's just be real....why should I join your Christian club?

Why should I become one of you?

I just don't see anything so different that would make me want to join you.

Not now and certainly not for eternity, because honestly I can't see myself pretending to be better than others every Sunday and especially forever. That's a long time.

Let me tell you, as a non-believer what may help your church family expand...

1.) mean what you say...just don't throw a bunch of verses at me.

2.) live out what you say....just don't throw a bunch of verses at me.

3.) don't judge me.

4.) you talk about grace, but you judge me...stop it.

5.) listen to me but then don't get on the phone and share what I told you via the prayer chain.

6.) just love me. Do you know how to do that? Love me no matter what mess I'm in. Just love me right where I'm at. Look at your bracelet....WWJD and just do it.

7.) invite me to come to church with you every week...not just twice a year so your pews or chairs are filled.

8.) sometimes keep your mouth shut and just let your life speak to me.

9.) notice me. Like faith is your shield, false confidence is mine. Do you know how hard it was for me to come into your church today? Notice me. Whether I'm a man struggling to stay drug free or a teenager lost in the shuffle of the world...just notice ME.

10.)you want me to "believe in something better"? Than be something better.

Everyday not just once a week.

Inside the walls of your church and outside those the same.

Behind the pulpit and in the something better.

Don't tell me one thing then live out another.

Don't shun someone because you don't agree with how they're living their life, be better than that.

Be like your Jesus because I want Him to be my Jesus too.

But if it means being like you then forget it because you know what?

I'm watching how you're living when you think I'm just hearing what you're saying.


Let's just not believe in something better, let's be something...someone better.

Love you.

~Many Blessings~

Tomorrow, April 14th...chapter 4 of the current YES to GOD study of Micca Campbell's book

An Untroubled Heart.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thankful for the Cross

I hope you have a blessed weekend of celebrating Jesus Christ.

The Cross means so much to so many.

Two pieces of wood held our Saviour in His place for hours.
The place He chose to be.

He was mocked, spit on and yelled at as he hung for me. For you. For us.

Why did He do it? Why did He endure such beatings when He knew who He was doing it for?

What made Him stay?

We don't think of The Cross when we say yes to having an affair or an abortion.

We don't think of The Cross when we sneak around and spend money we know shouldn't be spent.

We don't think of The Cross when we are single and just wanting to be loved so we give ourselves away.

But when we do come to our senses and think not only of The Cross, but Who hung on it, that is when we become so overwhelmed that He would want anything to do with someone like us. That is the moment that we then find ourselves at a state of wanting something different than what we have and we say yes to His invitation to come. That is the moment we kneel and find ourselves at the foot of the very cross we read about in the Gospels. His blood dripping down upon us and covering every sin we ever committed when we ask Him for His forgiveness.

At the foot of The Cross is where we find forgiveness, grace, love, acceptance, brokenness made whole, healing and new life. The only place we'll find it. For He is the only One who has ever even offered to save us from eternal death. He is the only One who not only offered us the gift of salvation, but He followed through with His Father's plan that included The Cross. The place He would meet death, but where we would meet life.

He died with purpose.



Purpose worth every beating, every hateful word yelled at Him, the crown of thorns and each nail that pierced His flesh.

The Cross. The beginning of what was thought to be the end of this King of Kings.

But then...3 days later Mary Magdalene would find an empty tomb.

Rock rolled away. Empty grave clothes.

A tomb that did not hold a trace that a King's body was ever laid to rest in it.

A King once dead, but One that even death could not keep from taking His seat at the right hand of God.
He loves us so much He gave His life for us. His life. I wouldn't do that for you or you for me.
I'll pray for ya, I'll make you a meal if you're sick, but willingly take a beating for you? Wouldn't happen.
Get bloodied beyond recognition? Never.
Willingly lay down on 2 beams of wood knowing the nails were coming? I would have never stuck that part out.
But He did. And I'm so thankful for His life that He gave.
Thank You Jesus to think that we were worth all that you endured on our behalf.
He is Risen!

If you have something on your blog about Easter and what it means to you...please share under Mr. Linky, we'd love to come visit you. here to read Rachel Olson's devotional, Satisfaction of the Cross on Proverbs 31 Ministries this week.

~Many Blessings~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love April 9th...


Amiyah Elizabeth....
It's hard to believe that 365 days have passed since you were born...

Your name means Beloved and little girl you fit your name so well.

You are JOY

Grandma loves you more than you can know and I thank God for you!

I pray that you learn to fall in love with Jesus.
That you grow to be a girl of God.
That you are curious about Jesus like you are with everything else in life.

Jesus has big plans for you Chunky Monkey!

Grandpa is getting out of the hospital today and so I will be home soon to kiss on your soft cheeks. I can't wait to see you...4 days is way too long!

I love you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

YES to GOD study: CH. 3~Fashioned for Faith---Not Fear


So glad you have stopped by to discuss the current book we are discussing here on YES to GOD Tuesdays. We will get to that in a second.

I want to thank you all for your prayers over my husband Gene and our family yesterday as he was on the operating table for 6 long hours for his 2nd back surgery in a year. I had mentioned that both the doctor and nurses told me he was singing in the recovery room to his nurse. I found out what he was singing and the surgeon told Gene yesterday on a post-op visit "don't be embarrassed, you sounded good."

When I posted an update yesterday I wrote that I had hoped it was worship music my husband was belting out. Apparently, intravenous drugs brings out the Danny Zuko tucked away inside of him instead of gospel singer Marvin Sapp. Not sure who Danny Z is? Let me help ya.

Danny was a character played by John Travolta in the movie Grease over 20 years ago. Danny loved wholesome school girl Aussie, Sandy Olsson who was played by Olivia Newton-John.
Danny and Sandy both attended Rydell High and soon became the school's hottest couple. When this movie is on TV, Gene forgets about ESPN and goes from being my quiet husband to the ever-so-cool greaser and leader of the T-Birds, Danny Zuko. He not only knows each song in the movie word for word, he has every characters lines memorized.

It's rather annoying to watch it with him.

Recently he confessed, "I always wanted to be Danny Zuko".
I knew I had no room to judge his desires because I wanted to be Sandy during my teen years. I can remember that my Grandma told me that if I stopped biting my nails she would make me the outfit Sandy wore in the movie. Not the nice school girl outfits, but the one she wore after she conformed to a bad girl at the end of the movie. Being a young lady attending a private Christian school, I just wonder where my parents would have let me wear this if I let my nails grow... Knowing my Dad would never let me wear this I kept biting.

Anyway, yesterday in the recovery room instead of filling his nurse's ears with worship and praise of the Almighty One, Gene sang his nurse the song Sandy. This would be the song Danny sang when Sandy broke his heart at the drive-in movies. Oh, take a listen...

So my husband finally got to be Danny Zuko. Granted he made his debut after being sedated for a third of the day and he doesn't remember his performance, but I'm sure it will be one the nurse will never forget.

Okay...let's get to it. Chapter 3 of this incredible book penned by Micca Campbell of Proverbs 31 Ministries.


Anything in blue is a quote from the book.

The subtitles in this chapter were perfectly titled as Micca walks us through pages 41-59:

Under God's Sheltering Wing

Casting Your Cares

Who's In Control?

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Genuine Faith

Live Like You Believe


Living Aware of His Presence

I'm going to share one thing from each section that really hit me.

Under God's Sheltering Wing:
Living in the presence of God doesn't mean we will not encounter storms. It means that whether God provides a job or simply the strength to endure, we have a place to run and find rest in His sanctuary until the storm has passed.

Storms in my life:
Our teenage daughter pregnant twice in one year.
Same teenage daughter getting beat up by the guy who keeps impregnating her.
Gene having two back surgeries twice in one year.
Jobs being let go all around my husband at Pfizer and wondering if his job is next to be cut.

When I choose to try to handle these things my way, I do so under the imperfect sheltering wing of the world and I get drenched in frustration, fear and anger. When I make the choice to run to God and trust Him completely and rest in His perfect sheltering wing then I am kept dry as God wraps me in peace.

Who's In Control?
As my faith grew, it became easier for me to trust God with my fears.
Amen! This year it was easier to trust God as my husband was being wheeled to the operating room.

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
Too often I forget the wonder of God even though all of creation declares His glory. I need to remind myself daily of His greatness. In doing so, all my fears tend to fade in the light of His presence.

I agree with Micca that I need to remind myself daily of His greatness. Where I live in Nebraska I don't wake up to majestic mountains, sandy shores or fields of green. We have flat land, lakes we are banned from swimming in and fields of corn and cows. But I am still surrounded by God's beautiful creation that I take for granted, such as a 14 year old, 6'1" handsome young man named Aaron who tries hard to do his best at everything in his life. I drive to the store listening to the sound of 7 year old beauty, Alivia singing her heart out to worship music she wants played. I work everyday with my gorgeous 19 year old daughter Alyssa who looks her best when she is holding her baby in her arms. And there is nothing more breath taking than gazing at my 1 year old granddaughter Amiyah when she sleeps. When I'm in God's Word then that is when I see the beauty of His creation that He has placed around me and find myself with a grateful heart instead of a heart of an overwhelmed mom and grandma.

Genuine Faith
Faith comes from knowing God. The more I know Him, the more my faith grows and the easier it is to trust the Lord with my cares.

Live Like You Believe
Worrying instead of handling our anxieties over to God says that we believe He is powerless to deliver us from whatever concerns us most.
Yesterday Gene's surgery just flew by for me because I wasn't in the waiting room worried. I felt a great peace because I had chosen to give all my anxiety to God. This book's timing in my life is just incredible. It has been a great source for me to learn how to really give God my fears. Days before Gene's surgery I would just break down in the middle of doing something with the thought of losing him during surgery. Instantly though from what I learned so far in this book I was able to trust God completely.

Living Aware of His Presence
We find support in God's presence when we cast our cares on Him. No worry is too big for our Father to shoulder. Because of His great love for us, He gladly takes away our fears and quiets our hearts with peace.
I loved when Micca wrote I often take for granted the awesome privilege of being God's child.

OH, I bet I grieve God's heart when I act like I'm an orphan forgetting that my Father is just Micca described Him...bigger and more wonderful than my mind can comprehend. The unused portions of power within children of God must be great in numbers. If only we would tap into His greatness on a daily basis instead of when tragedy hits us and allow Him to take all of our fears for us from the small things like finances to the huge things like death of a loved one.

Trusting God everyday can be hard, but everytime we do, He is faithful.

A few weeks ago our youth pastor and his wife decided to accept a ministry position on the West Coast. Moving a family of 4 across the US of A can be very scary and yet they said yes to the job they felt was from God. Still the question if they were doing the right thing and if it was really from God crossed their minds. They kept moving forward in faith though and put their beautiful home on the market...for sale by owner. In Lincoln, ususally the For sale by Owner homes don't sell and the owners get a realtor. Within 10 minutes of putting their homemade sign out in the yard the doorbell rang. Within the hour they had sold their home and got the asking price for it! They took a job miles away that sat under God's sheltering wing. As a couple they cast their cares on God and recognized Who's in control. They trusted that He has the world in His hands, even their little corner of it. They displayed genuine faith by putting their sign in the yard and continue to live lives that say we believe and aware of His presence.

If you have something you'd like to share on your own blog about this chapter then sign up under Mr. Linky below. Have a great week.

Next Tuesday chapter 4~The Pressure's On.

~Many Blessings~

Monday, April 6, 2009


*UPDATE: 4/6/09-1:30PM
Just met with Gene's surgeon. He said that Gene did great and everything went smooth. They removed 2 pins they had placed in last year's surgery and inserted 2 more. They cleaned out an area by removing some bone near a pocket of nerves so it isn't so tight and removed a bone spurr. Thankfully, I know to expect his face to be very swollen. Just imagine having a massage on your back for 6 hours straight. Apparently Gene is singing to his nurse in the recovery room. My guess is he is still pretty sedated then because Gene is very shy when it comes to singing in public. I am just hoping he is singing worship songs and no pre-Jesus stuff. ~smiles~
I won't see him for another hour until he gets up to his room. Thank you again for your sweet prayers. We feel them and I'm sure God's goodness is what he's singing about!

Well, here I am sitting in the waiting room as my husband's surgery has begun. The doctor said it will be 5-6 hours so I have about 7-8 hours before I get to see him again. We came up to Omaha from Lincoln last night and stayed in the hospital hotel since he had a 5:30 am check in. I'm not a morning person, so this worked well for me to not have to get up at 3:30 to get here on time.

Last year I was not the nicest to Gene post-op and have been feeling the remorse of that. I can blame it on stress all I want, but when it comes down to it I know that the difference between last year and this year is my heart. My focus has changed over the last 365 days.

When I notice things rising up that I know are not pleasing to God, I immediately call upon His name. I'm trying to get stuff stopped at a thought because I know if I don't then eventually my thoughts will become my action and if doesn't please God I want nothing to do with it.

As I've been sitting in the waiting room there have been two women I saw checking in with the receptionist. When asked if they have a family member or friend that will be waiting for them while in surgery, both answered "no". As tears stung my eyes for both of them not even knowing their situations, I wanted to raise my hand and volunteer for the job. I wanted them to know someone would be praying over them even though anesthesia would be escorting them into Happy Land. But instead I just watched and listened. Watched them sit alone in their wheel chairs and listened as they were made aware they would be going on their journey as the Lone Ranger without Tonto.

Even though I physically accompanied Gene last year for his surgery, mentally and emotionally I can honestly say that I was not here for him. He was no different than these two ladies I observed this morning. He checked in alone. He went through the pre-op questions alone. He wasn't prayed over faithfully and if I did pray I approached the throne of grace and mercy with selfishness and pride instead of confidence. I'm sure God didn't even cast a glance my way knowing there was no softness or realness to my heart. I was just a stiff-necked, hard hearted woman sitting in the surgery waiting room.

But oh, what the Savior has done over this last year, over these last few months and especially over these last few days. When He encourages us to trust Him and not to fear, those are not just words He meant for David. They are words from God Himself meant for you and for me to take serious. When He tells us in Jeremiah 29:13-14 to seek Him and then tells us that when we do that He'll be found, He means it. This is not a game of hide and go-seek where He will have a hiding spot that is so good that eventually we'll just give up out of frustration. No, He says you seek me with all your heart and you WILL find me.

So, that is what these last few months especially for me has been like. Taking God at His Word. And I have found that through my Eve-like moments where the forbidden fruit won me over versus the chase of my King, He has loved me. Loved me through the ugly moments as well as the moments of trying to be like the one who washed His holy feet with her hair. He sees me as I am and regardless, He wants me. And He is daily changing me. Conforming and correcting, teaching and disciplining, growing and waiting.

Jesus. He is the One. He is with me when I go in for my heart surgery. Not a physical under the knife heart surgery, but a change of heart. A heart for God. He is praying for me. He is waiting no matter how long the surgery takes. He is the One I know will be in the waiting room interceding on my behalf as His Father , our Great Physician, tries to take these ashes and make them into beauty.

I love Him and am thankful that I see a difference in myself from last year to this year. To God be all the glory. I love You so much Lord.

I will post an update later this afternoon. Thank you for your sweet prayers. You bless me so much. Even though I won't be seeing Gene for a long time, the thought of angels in the OR with him just gets me all excited. I smile as I wonder if for the fun of it they put scrubs on. And I feel comfort in the thought that if they won't even let Gene strike his foot against a stone, surely they will protect him during surgery.
These are the words from God that I am standing on over these next hours my husband and I are apart and I have made the choice to dwell.
I just looked up the word dwell in my pocket edition of Webster's and it says that dwell means to reside and keep the attention directed.

Psalm 91:9-11
If you make the Most High your dwelling---even the LORD, who is my refuge---then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For He will command His angels concerning you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

My shelter is not this waiting room, it's under the protection of the Most High.
God...He is good ladies.
He is worth the chase.
And what I love most about Him is that He doesn't care what road you took to find Him.
I imagine that the floor of the throne room is covered with muddy footprints, but the path away from it is as white as snow.
Seek Him.
Right now.
Choose to dwell in Him.
Keep your attention directed on Him, not on your circumstance or your bad choices because ladies...He wants us just the way we are...thank You Jesus!

~Many Blessings~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

To-do list put down

Saturday morning to-do list scrolls its way through my head.
Baby needs a bath.
I need a shower.
Dirty clothes waiting to be laundered.
Clean clothes piled on the basement couch wishing they would have just been hung up and folded instead of thrown.
Dishes in the sink with remnants of biscuits & gravy and scrambled eggs made this morning by a mom and daughter cooking team while dancing to Mandisa's awesome new CD Freedom.
Floors needing to be swept, scrubbed and vacuumed.
Bathroom begging to be cleaned.
Wal-Mart run needing to be made to refresh the fridge and cupboards.
So much to do.
And yet all I can do is watch.
Watch my 1 year old granddaughter Amiyah dance her way through my heart.
With her head full of hair just going in every direction.
Still in her purple one piece pj's.
Wearing a little touch of fancy as a purple tutu hugs her waist.
The purple tutu that once belonged to her Mommy Alyssa.
And I wonder...where has the last 19 years gone?
Where has this last year gone?
It seems like just yesterday Alyssa performed on stage in the same skirt of purple that makes her baby girl gasp in excitement.
It seems like yesterday Amiyah was welcomed into this world.
19 years...1 year...both gone and never able to get back.
So I put my to-do list away for the time and just enjoy Amiyah Elizabeth .
We laugh and give kisses.
I tickle her under her chin just to hear her laugh.
I tell her no when she gets into my pretty-pretties.
I applaud as she walks and wobbles and she joins me when she plops to the ground.
She chatters and I pretend to know what she said.
So full of expression on her face and in her sounds.
I tell her how beautiful Grandma's girl is...messy hair, tutu and all.
And I laugh as I try to get her portion of scrambled eggs out of her curls.
She is joy. She smells good. Life without her cannot even be imagined.
A true gift from God that will turn 1 year old on Thursday, April 9th.
Where has the time gone...

I encourage you to just love on those in your life today and don't let time get away from you.
Got to Chunky Monkey is calling my name. At least I think that's what she said.

~Many Blessings~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Following Instructions

If you left a comment on Tuesday's YES to GOD post, author Micca Campbell left a comment for all of you and I know you will find it encouraging so make sure to take the time to go read it when you have a minute.
Today Gene and I spent all day in Omaha hopping, well I was hopping, he was limping as we went to three different pre-op appointments. Loooooong day, but it was a good day too.

When we were at the last appointment with his surgeon we had to have a little fun with him since it's April Fools Day. After 45 minutes of his Doc telling us what he was going to do, showing us on x-rays and even pulling out a portable spine display so we could see exactly what would be operated on, Gene just had to have a little fun. He said..."Thank you Doctor. I know you just went through all of this with us, but my wife and I have decided to get a 2nd opinion."
When Gene decided he looked shocked enough, he pointed at him and said "Gotcha!"
I wish you all could've seen his face, it was too funny as Gene has been a patient of his for a year and a half now and this doctor is our 2nd opinion after dealing with a doctor we had in Lincoln with no success.
Anyway...we are set to go on Monday for a 5-6 hour surgery! Micca's book we are discussing on Tuesday's, An Untroubled Heart couldn't have come at a better time for me to read and share with my husband since it deals with fear.

OH and I'll let you in on a surprise...
I have decided to have something done while Gene is on the operating table.
While Gene is in La-La land, I'm going to get my lips done just like this...

Angelina Jolie will have nothing on me!
OH my goodness, can you even imagine what Gene would think if he woke up to these!
He'd probably be asked to be put back under. I think I'll just leave my smackers alone.
As we went through all the appointments today we saw many familiar faces from last year's surgery experience. From Sally the lab tech to the doctor and his nurse who gave him his physical. All of them repeating the exact same stuff from last year. What to do and what not to do before surgery and what to expect after the surgery.
The pre-op instructions were very specific, like:
No eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before surgery.
Shower the night before and the morning of with a cleansing soap and brush they gave us.
No Ibuprofen at all for his pain.
He was given an arm band he has to wear and if he forgets it they draw his blood all over again.
It was stressed to us both that he follow these instructions to the tee.
So what happens if he does his own thing?
What if he showers with Dial soap instead of the "Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution" called Scrub Care they gave him?
When they cut him open he risks getting an infection from it not being thoroughly cleansed.
What if he eats a pizza and drinks orange juice at 2 in the morning the day of surgery?
He was told they would cancel surgery to avoid getting sick from anesthesia.
What if he can't take the pain and swallows some Ibuprofen?
Again, the surgery would be canceled and the plans the surgeon had for Gene would have to be delayed.
Don't you ever wonder how many plans God has to cancel or re-schedule with you because of instead of following the instructions He has given you through the Bible or another means, you just do your own thing?
I really got to thinking about this today and I'm at the point in my walk with Him that I truly desire to completely surrender to Him. Whatever He tells me to do, I just want to do it.
I don't want to have to delay His work that He wants to perform on my heart any longer.
Well, the kids are hungry again so I better get some supper on the table. I wish they could just eat enough in the mornings to tide them over until the next morning. I'm all about the self service meals of cereal and waffles.
Thanks for all of your love and prayers. I will close with a quote from Micca's book as we are both not looking forward to next Monday.
God didn't intend for you and me to live defeated. We were created to live by faith, not fear.
~Micca Campbell~