Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...

Okay, so far so good. This morning, I have not found anything floating in my bathroom sink like I shared in yesterday's post. I think the Titus 2 Woman in me made Jesus smile yesterday as I calmly reprogrammed my 7 year olds way of "being busy at home" as verse 5 suggests.
If you come to my house though, I strongly suggest unless it comes from a can, just pass on any fruit offered to you.


Have you ever looked at someone in your life and thought, she really has it all together. Then you start spending time with her and realize that she too has issues she struggles with? Then for awhile you are happy since misery loves company. Oh, but then you spot this lady over here and she drives the perfect car, physically is a 10, is volunteer of the year and gave birth at home with no drugs. So the pressure is back on you because your crazy life makes the drama in soap operas look weak.

Oh, doesn't that cycle just wear you out? I can remember sitting next to my friends at a Women of Faith conference thinking "if only these women knew me". At that time in my life I was spinning desperately out of control and so every attempt I made to get closer to God, like attending one of the largest women's conferences, the enemy would put on his work clothes and go to work on me. Attacking my self esteem, my self worth and taunting me with my past. So I'd give up and soon my past would become my present again. And again.

I've been blogging since winter of '07 and I tell you I have learned to be myself here. I am real here. I would never want you to think I have my act together because quite simply, I don't. I know the days I try to walk out of my house looking perfect, my imperfections are just waiting to hear my key turn in the door and put me back in my place.

Now please don't get being real confused with telling all. There are parts of my past that God hasn't asked me to share here or anywhere and I hope He never does. So to be real, does not require you to stand in front of your church handing out a detailed rap sheet of your past. It's about learning to be real with our Creator, ourselves and each other.

When I started writing on this blog, I decided that there is no way I'm going to pretend here with you. That's why in the last month alone I've had posts titled, "What you see is not what my family gets" , "Complete Chaos" and "Desperate Housewife". By being real with you, I can not begin to tell you how different and better things have been for me and my family.

When I asked for help with my house you responded with love, not judgement. There are no dirty clothes except what we wore today. I sweep everyday and clean the bathroom once a week. I make my bed when I get out of it and I try my hardest to meal plan. My point is, if I had not been real with you all, I couldn't have received your help through the comments you left!

I want to be a woman that is real. Real to you and real with you. Real to myself and most importantly, I want Christ to be so real in my life that He's all you can see. For years Satan and I played "Satan Says" which is similar to "Simon Says". What he commanded I do, I did until one day I was done. Done with all the pretending and putting other woman on pedestals they themselves didn't even want to be up on.

Ladies, let's learn to be real with one another. So many of us have a past that is dark and so full of the wrong choices and yet Christ's death on the cross covered them all. He didn't just die for the minor sinners. He died for the married woman who cheated on her husband. The woman who had an abortion. The woman who is addicted to drugs. The woman who watches porn. The woman who lies. The woman who thinks she is real, but has no idea of who she really is.

The next book God has hand picked for us to do for our Yes to God Tuesday study is another awesome one and like the one we're doing now, it is accompanied by a Bible study. I will be honest with you and tell you that I have only read portions of it. I started to read it this summer, but decided to wait. It was hard to put down, but I like to read along with you. The title alone got me and I knew this is the book God had in mind for us.

I have to tell you ladies, this author is the real deal. Real as only God can make her. We have been "blogging and e-mail buddies" for awhile now and after meeting this summer have become friends. Last night on the phone she suggested we pray over the study and we so we did. 1500 miles apart we lifted each other, our families and you up to God. WOW!

Here is what my friend Amy said in a blog post after reading this book:

Thank you for unmasking, as you put it, the "great charade of womanhood." Your honesty helped me look at the places where I pretend rather than risk being real.

I'm so excited about what God is going to do!
Following the end of our current study we will begin the new one on

Tuesday, September 23, 2008.

On this date we will be discussing the Chapter 1 and also the study.

Okay, wait no longer. You may already know her or this may be your first visit, but please meet her by clicking here to go to her blog.

She's expecting you, so make sure to leave an encouraging word for her. Also, if you decide to join us on Tuesday, September 23rd, let us know! All are welcome to join this study so buy the book and get ready to be changed for the better!

(check with your local Christian book store for a copy)

~Many Blessings~


Mercy said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog now for months. You have made me smile and have made me cry (sometimes at the same time). I have a 14 year old daughter and I feel so bless to read your testimony. I must tell you I was so deep in sin (but my mother prayed, and prayed and let me be and never, never judge) and now I love Jesus, I know that I will love him even more after this study. My question is, how do I join and where do I get the book. I am so excited.

Love you,


Tammy R said...

Your desire not to hide from God and to stand firm again the enemy...inspires me.
Even though I don't know you personally,I have come to KNOW you through your willingness to be honest with your struggles and your love for Jesus.

I hope to join in this next bible study.

God's blessings to you,

Yolanda said...



I too, have found much freedom by sharing my past, present and future. God is glorious and more than we could hope for or dream of!

This past weekend our Pastor taught on being a Contender. Here are just a few points that go so well with your posting.

I am sure you know it, but there is a huge difference between contenders and pretenders.

• Pretenders are concerned about Image and Impressions.
• Contenders are concerned about Authenticity and Integrity
• Pretenders settle for Mediocrity, but Contenders strive for Excellence
• Pretenders quit when things get Difficult, but a Contender grows through difficulties.

I love ya, may each one of us reading this be a contender!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Good morning Lelia, From the wisdom of my advanced age (ok, not terribly advanced, not ancient, but old enough!) I can safely say that the Paragons of Virtue don't exist. Well they do exist but only in our minds. Get them out of there! They are you...and you are they. God doesn't expect paragons because He knows us and knows what we do and what we are capable of. He just expects us to courageously try each day to live in faith. And to get up and do it again the next day. Blessings, marlene

Carol said...

Come on by. I left you a little something. Word up!

tiggerdaisy said...

I was SOOOOO hoping we would do this study! I've heard so many things about it in blog land and I've wanted to get a copy of it. Now I have a reason to get it ASAP! :)

Love you girl! Thanks for doing what you do!

Prayers and blessings,

Amy said...

Lelia, I came to visit from Julie's blog. I appreciate your genuine spirit. I have enjoyed reading your posts. We do need to be real with each other in our relationships. Blessings.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

WOOHOO! I am really excited about this. Thanks for your willingness to be truly is a blessing and encouragement.

P.S. I sent you an email

Connie said...

Lelia, I have been stopping by your blog and tried to find the book you were doing your study on but my booksstore didn't have it. They did have What Happens When Women Say Yes to God so I bought that one. I have enjoyed it so much that I asked a friend to go through it together. We are starting soon. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your new study. I am going to get the book to follow along. Thanks for being real....Connie

Runner Mom said...

Hey, girlfriend! I am so excited that we are doing Lisa W's book this fall!! I just got it in the mail, and I have started it, but like you, I will put it down! Just don't make me wait too long!!

Love ya,

PS Loved the strawberry in the bathroom sink story!! :)

Liz said...

I am going to do this Bible Study and am so excited! My heart yearns for deeper authenticity. Thank you for your ministry and I look forward to starting up. I will order my book right now!
Oh, and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, prettier? LOL, I thought I looked nerdier! Thank you!
Love you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I knew this was the study. I didn't say anything b/c I didn't want to ruin your surprise. However, I remember months ago when Lisa announced her book coming out and I asked you if we were going to do this...or rather if you were going to lead this after our current book. Yay!

I'm behind on our current book by a chapter so I better get my tooshie in order. I'll get online and buy her book somewhere.

YOU ROCK. Seriously, Lelia, you just rock. I love you so much. You are just the most beautiful and genuine person! You bless me and you make me want to strive deeper and drawer near to God. I've been so reserved in trying to keep myself off of my blog and keep the focus and attention on God and helping other women draw toward God. I just don't know if I could do what you do and how you do it. I mean there was not one scripture quoted in this post yet, scripture was everywhere by what you said. You just bless me, girl. I thank Jesus for knowing you.
Much love, sweet one.
I finally posted another piece again. :-)

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

As always, count me in! You are very real and you have a wonderful story and testimony friend...keep sharing!

In His Graces~Pamela

Laura said...

Awesome! I can't wait to get started!! That book has been begging me to read it since I brought it back from SheSpeaks! You have me all excited!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I just might join in on this one since I have the book and absolutely love Lisa and you! I've admired your on-line studies from a distance and hope to have the time to join in. I'm getting geared up to lead a large group of women at church in study and will need my own source of study time set aside.

Thanks for being obedient, Lelia. You're a treasure!


HisPrincess said...

I just love your blog. I feel like I really know you so you must be real!

Anonymous said...

I, too, admire you for your genuine and honest accounts. Revealing personal thoughts or details is a very 'freeing' experience. I think you are such an incredible vessel for the Lord, because not only would it perhaps help you, as the writer, to reveal things, but you are also giving Him the glory. You aim everything at Him, and it's one of the things that brings me back to visit you. I've learnt alot through you, and you've challenged me incredibly in many areas... Have a wonderful day, and hug your Angel Grand Baby for me...

Amy L Brooke said...

I'm in. It will be fun to read it with people!

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment over on Lisa's blog as well. I am going to try to scrape together enough to get the book to join in. I just finished the on line study with Beth Moore (she included hundreds of us in one she did from Kelly Minter) and I know I need something else.
There is a study that I really want to get involved in at our church, but because of other conflicts and the time commitment I just can't manage it this go around.

So, I really want to get in, if I can get my hands on a book. I am going to check out the church library and see if they have it, or even our local library... that might be my option..hmm just thought of that one!

Anyway... after the stuff I have been struggling through the past couple of weeks, this woudl be a good thing to get real with a group of people. I have been pretty real and raw on my blog lately, there was just no other way to write. I couldn't gloss over what I have been feeling.

Thank you so much for offering this! I am excited and hope to join in... otherwise I will be reading all your comments and discussions anyway! :)
Love you,

Leebird said...

I'm in.

It's funny...Earlier today, I noticed "Behind Those Eyes" on someone's "Books I'm Reading" list. I went to amazon to see about it and placed it in my shopping cart. I got distracted with screaming kids doing wrestling moves on each other in the other room and didn't get it ordered. Now that all the WWF wannabees are in bed, I have returned to the computer only to discover that a study is in the plans for the very same book I had placed in my cart earlier today.

So...I just went back to amazon and completed my order. I'm really looking forward to the truths we will learn through the book and from each other. I need to be free to be real.

Looking forward to getting to know you and others better, Lee

Karen said...

I would love to join you ladie on this study. I have the book, so I will wait to read any more until we read it together. I'm looking forward to it!

- Karen

june said...

I am so looking forward to this Bible study. I am the new syster
on the blog.

When you check me out you will see
I need instructions.

I ordered the book today. What do
I need to know to be apart of this


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Lelia!
I'm so ... SOOOoooOoooOO ANXIOUS to begin another JOURNEY "with" you.
Lelia, going through the Yes to God study, has deepened my faith and strengthened my walk like you couldn't possibly imagine. I NEEDED this... and If you'll have me... I'd love to participate in thee next.
I learn alot from the bible through these studies, through thee author, THROUGH YOU... and the encouragement of our group! Thank YOU! ...

Paula said...

I have just ordered my copy of the book online and await delivery in a couple of days, and then will wait with baited breath for the study to begin! Yah! I can't wait. This will be so great! Paula :-)

june said...


This book is great. I am joining
the Bible study...for my comments
jump on over to my site.

A Day In The Word.