Monday, August 11, 2008

Just get Wet

Last night we had a rain storm. No thunder. No lightning. Just the water of God pouring down heavy and steady like a shower. So cleansing.

I called Alivia out into the garage and told her to go play in the rain. For the next twenty minutes she twirled. She sang. She danced. She smiled. I just stood in the garage and watched her with a smile on my own face. I took this picture on my cell phone so it's not very big, but it was just neat to watch her getting soaked.

I wonder if this is what we look like to our Heavenly Father when we allow ourselves to just get drenched with His Presence. If it is, I bet He's standing watching us with a smile on His face. Sometimes, we just need to lift our hands to the Heavens and allow God's Holy rain to pour down upon us and leave us feeling cleansed.

This weekend I got a lot done around my house, but I did not take the time to spend alone time with God and today I feel the emptiness of not making Him my #1 priority. Over the last few days, my tongue was sharp, my attitude needed major adjusting and today I don't feel joy like I usually do after experiencing one on One time with Him.

I know God's not up there with a tally sheet keeping track of when I choose to not make time for Him, but I don't even want to think about what I missed out on from Him.

So this afternoon, I will be going home and making time for just me and my Creator. I hope to get soaked like Alivia did last night. I want to be dripping with the love of Jesus and leave a trail of His Holiness around my house like Alivia left a trail of water last night from the garage to her bedroom.

Have yourself a great week and join me and friends tomorrow for the YES to GOD Tuesday discussing the awesome book by Lysa TerKeurst, "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith."

~Many Blessings~


Julie said...

I loved the post. It was a beautiful picture...

Bring on the rain, Lord.


Amy said...

I am such a visual learner, and that is a great visual.:)

It made me picture Him up in Heaven snapping our pictures with His cell phone, saying, "Look at her! Isn't she beautiful?!":)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I know just what you mean. It is awesome that He doesn't keep a tally of our time with Him yet we know it only hurts ourselves. I guess that's one reason He doesn't come down on us with a whip because He knows we know we suffer at our own hand when don't put Him first with our time.

This is a great illustration.

I hope you get absolute drinched...soaked to the bone, girl!
I finally posted part one of Beth Moore whenever you have a chance...AFTER you're soaked!

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I'm with you here...gotta have those extended times just soaking up God. You are in my prayers friend.

In His Graces~Pamela

tiggerdaisy said...

Oh, I love this girlie! I really love this! I love dancing in the rain with my husband. It feels so natural and real. How awesome to realize that we can have a wonderful time being drenched in God's presence??!! Great visual!

Thanks for the email, too! That was a good word, my friend! Thanks so much for thinking of me.

Prayers and blessings,

Anonymous said...

And why were you in the garage, Luv?!?! Get soaked in that beautiful rain too, I say!!! Imagine God's smiling then... He's smiling down on you now, too, I'm sure, because you - even in the small scheme of things - share about Him and your walk with Him and glorify Him. Do you crank up your worship music when you are "keeping house"? It might not be so quiet, but it is time with Him and in worship to Him. That's when I'm sure he'd be smiling (I'm sure He wouldn't be laughing!!!) down at me...

Wendy said...

What a great picture of a moment of sheer delight and release!! I want to know why you didn't run around and twirl in the rain deserve to play too!!

I often think about how much pleasure my children give me and how I smile as I watch them enjoy and discover life and how I can't imagine how much joy God takes in watching us do the same thing!

Thanks for sharing!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a blessing rain is! We've had nearly 4 inches here after weeks of nothing. I was out in it today running errands but I should have stopped long enough to do a little dancing - what fun that would be. I had to miss church yesterday so I know what you mean by missing time with Him. Blessings, marlene

Runner Mom said...

Spiritual rain is about all we're getting down south!! Big prayer request for the wet stuff!

Lelia, loved this! How I need to be reimded of His downpouring of love! Thanks for sharing the darling picture--I'll keep that in my head today as a reminder!!
Love ya,

Alyce said...

Hi Leila, I needed to read your blog this morning..
I've had that sharp tongue and bad attitude for several days myself. I can't remember the last time I had GOOD QUALITY time w/ the Lord. Seems I am never alone.., its time to get back on the early morning schedule. I want God's presence, love, encouragement, hope, etc to pour down on me like rain too!

Susan said...

Oh what a neat picture, what a great idea!

If that is what God sees, I know He is totally PLEASED.

Sheer joy, pure surrender!!

Yes, we all need a good drenching.

Praying for you girlfriend♥

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Seeing your daughter makes me want to find some rain today. True joy and freedom. Love it.


Kelly said...

Hi Leila!
Great post, I could definitely use a good rain shower of the Lord's presence right now!
Thinking of rain makes me think of that verse in 2 Corinthians 2 about us spreading everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of the raindrops coming down, we too can be raindrops spreading His love!