Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just Breathe

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As I've shared before, I'm trying to lose this extra unwanted weight I have on me. I've finally admitted that I am no longer the thin, strong 21 year old with the athletic body. Apparently she is gone forever and has no intention in coming back no matter how much many miles I rack up on the treadmill. I have come to face the fact that I'm a 37 year old wife, mom and soon to be Grandma that must make exercise a priority to stay sane.

So, last Thursday, before my weight loss class, we had a beautiful spring day with temps in the 60's. I wanted to walk the 2 mile trail that wraps around a lake not too far from our house; so the plan was that Alivia and Gene would be at the park playing while I walked.

I left them on the playground and went and got on the trail. I wasted no time in building up a sweat as I began to power walk. My rhythm was good and my arms were pumping as I took in all the activity around me. Fishing, running, couples strolling hand in hand, bicyclists, kids playing, dogs walking their owners and even a baseball team in practice. In Nebraska, when you get a nice day after a very cold winter, everyone has the same idea...outdoor exercise.

When I was going around a little cove of the lake, I heard a splashing noise and turned my head to watch two ducks bathing. My peripheral vision alerted me to a walker quickly approaching me. A gentleman approximately in his 70's wearing dark blue exercise wind pants who seemed to have a walk of power that wasn't too shabby.

Okay, I thought, can't let him pass me. He was a good distance from me, but it motivated me to pick up my already quick pace. I crossed the bridge and started up the hill. I had decided beforehand that when I made it to the top of the dam, I would run a small distance. Not too far since it was my first time out since last fall, but enough to make me huff and puff.

Top of the hill came and off I went. Determined to make the cellulite disappear before meeting up with Gene and Alivia, I ran as long as my body could take it. Didn't quite make it to the landmark I originally wanted to, but I figured a little run was better than no run at all. I began to walk again, but at a slower stride than I was going before when I heard...IT.

IT was the swishing sound of the dark blue wind pants on the older gentleman. I begin to yell at myself within my head,"No way! He can't be catching up with me. I'm at least 40 years younger than he is!" I could hear and feel him getting closer to me and I knew that at any moment he'd be passing me on my left.

"Would it be weird to start running again? Yes, that would be rude and weird Lelia. Just let him pass you BUT keep up with him.
Okay, I can let him think he's faster than me. I'm okay with sharing the lead."


"Okay, GO!

Keep up with him.
Oh my goodness, he's really fast!

MOVE Lelia!!
I am!!!
Move faster, you're losing him!
Shut up!"

I had just been left behind by a man who was my age when I was born and there was nothing I could do except eat his dust as he got further ahead of me.

My thoughts began to mock me, "Okay, that was painful to watch Lelia, maybe one of your goals should be to not let the elderly pass you...What's he doing now?" I squinted as I tried to see what he pulled out of his pocket and put into his mouth. His walk never slowed down as I recognized what he was doing. All that came to mind was, "Oh no he didn't."

To add insult to injury he was using an inhaler.

I was prepared to walk fast. I was prepared to sweat. I was not prepared to be challenged by someone 40 years my senior who has difficulty breathing.
New goal:
Don't get passed by older walkers who require open airway assistance.

So many times in our walk with Christ, we're not prepared for what will come up behind us. We have to be ready for the unexpected and adjust to what joins us on the trail of life. We can either rely on Jesus for help or pull our own solutions out of our pocket.
Let's choose Jesus to supply the air we need to keep walking with Him. (This is a link to a great post my friend Kimberly just posted on walking with God.)

When we found out our teen daughter is pregnant this last fall, it took our breath away...literally. We could have easily reached into our own pockets and pulled out disgrace, shame and rejection.
Just all sorts of ugliness could have come out of our pockets.

Instead we reached into God's pocket and inhaled His holy breath and relied on Him to give us the air supply we needed to cope and what a walk this has been! Doesn't mean I've handled this like a pro, for I haven't, just means I recognize how horrible I could've made this pregnancy for her if I didn't have a walking guide named Jesus.
He's really all we need, isn't He?

Last night I had my sweet son Aaron draw a name for me out of a basket.
THE WINNER OF MY SPRING GIVEAWAY of Lysa TerKeurst's book, "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God"
Kelley @ Aroma of Joy!
Put visiting her blog on your 'to do list''ll be so blessed.
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~Many Blessings~


MrsJoeB said...
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MrsJoeB said...

Lelia-what a beautiful post of life's reality. Boy, I sure have pulled out the wrong things from my pocket when life got hard or I made a poor choice. Beautiful post!
When will we ever learn to completely rely on Him no matter the circumstances?!?!? Have a blessed day!
In His Graces~Pamela

Tami Boesiger said...

This is so funny, Lelia. This same thing happened to me at the Y once. I made myself feel better by saying I was helping the guy maintain his manliness by letting him leave me in the dust!

And for what it's worth, I'm impressed with how you've handled the crisis with your daughter. One day at a time, breathing fresh breaths of His Spirit seems to be your practice. Praise God.

MaryLu said...

Great analogy today, my friend.
I'm sure I don't always get a puff of the best that God has for me, I often inhale the wrong things when it comes to choosing the best way to deal with my children.
Parenting is hard, excercise is hard, but they both reap good results when done in the right way.

Samantha said...

Oh I feel that pain! I have a neighbor who has to be 65, and she could outwalk an Olympian. It's pretty impressive.
I love the analogy though. You have such a way with words! :)


Jenny said...

That is funny! We use to walk and this little old lady did laps around us! It killed us, but we never did get where we could keep up.

It was fun trying though! Sorta, no it really wasn't fun, but what could we do but laugh?

Have a great day! How is the baby and mom to be doing?

Rachelle said...

Great post! Funny and very insightful. I am a friend of Tami's and have been reading your blog for quite a while. Thanks for the inspiration!

natalie said...

I ran into your blog on accident, actually, I'm sure it was a "God Thing", the book study is exactly what I need in my life at this time!. It's amazing how God knows exactly what we need and when!! I am buying the book this afternoon and plan on gettingcaught up this weekend. I'll be praying for the group and the wonderful things God is about to do with this group of women. Like you, I have really been struggling with my weight. At 41, it doesn't come off like it used to!I am praying for motivation to get my buns up and moving so I can take off 25lbs. by summer!
Your daughter is lucky to have you for a mom, she will be in my prayers. I am sure God has a plan for her and her baby.


kmom3 said...

Okay, yet again I was interrupted just as I was about to leave you a comment! That happened the last time or two I was by here, so today I am leaving a comment! :)
You are such a breath of fresh air in my day, Lelia! You make me laugh and then you bring it all home to Jesus! :)
Thanks, girl! And you can come by for coffee anytime!!!
Thanks for the link,too. You are too sweet.
Lots of love,

Amy said...

"To add insult to injury he was using an inhaler.

That is funny!:)
I feel your 37 year old pains. (I'm 38):(


tiggerdaisy said...

hehehehe But you have to remember that the inhaler was HELPING him keep that pace!!! :) And, he's probably been walking the malls all this winter building up his endurance! Don't beat yourself up though, God may have just put him in your path this morning to give you the motivation to keep going!

From his perspective though, maybe he was thinking "I'm going to lap this cutie pie so she'll notice me!" hehehehehe

Love ya girlie!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I am bawling! Thank you, thank you for this. I was just loving this story when I came to the part about winning the book. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I will send another email with my address. Thanks again, I love being your "sister"!

Love, Kelley

tiggerdaisy said...

Way to go, Kelley!!! :) Congrats on winning the book!

Rhonda said...

Great writing Leila!!!

So much for a 'relaxing' hike. Nothing like a little self-imposed competition.

Maybe you need to get yourself one of those 'inhalers'. I think he had something 'funny' in there to keep him moving. lol!!


Faithful Froggers said...


I am so blessed by your words today. And I am praising God for that healthy baby granddaughter that you will see soon!

Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mother . . . to support her and love her. A child is always a blessing and I am so very excited for you.

Know that I am praying for both momma and baby girl! To think that in 9 short days you will have that sweet baby girl in your arms!
Love & FROG,

Amy said...

Lelia, I am so touched by your writing.
Thank you for sharing your faith.
It encourages me.
God Bless!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

You are so funny! I can just see myself doing the same thing. No old man is going to pass me. Oh now that IS embarassing.

But, I love the spiritual truth you brought out of it.

HisPrincess said...

You had me rolling on the floor!

I feel your pain! Iam 39 this year and its so scary. What happened to that fit and trim young woman? Where did she go? I now live through my teenage daughter. She has way too many clothes, but I just love to buy her stuff because it all looks so good!

As far as becoming a grandma you had me crying for a different reason. I fell pregnant at 16. My parents strongly advised that I have an abortion, a decision I have struggled to reconcile my entire life. I am a murderer. I've often wondered how I would handle it if my daughter (who is 15) came home with news of a pregnancy. She can barely look after herself, what would I do? What would people say? These thoughts have lead me to a better understanding of what I put my parents through, but I can say this without doubt. If my daughter becomes pregnant a termination will NOT be an option. I live in fear of this happening to her, you could even say I'm a wee bit paranoid. But I'm her mum, being overprotective and paranoid is my job.

I pray that all goes well for your family and that the birth goes smoothly. You are a wonderful mother. God bless you.


Sherlyn said...

A year or so ago, I went to the gym with my husband (something I need to do again!). We went at 5am every morning. I would be on the stair climber huffing and puffing and here was this little old lady (probably in her 70's) just a-gitting it beside me. Oh the shame I felt!!! She would see me struggling and would offer words of encouragement - We really struck up a good friendship but it was painful at first to accept because to accept that she beating me meant I also had to accept that I was aging and out of shape..Oh the pain!!!!

Linda said...

Well, Lelia, it is actually a cute, funny story, but not in the moment, I'm sure. Great post and application. You are such a strong woman ... your lungs will catch up!