Saturday, March 22, 2008

He is ALIVE~celebrate Him!

Easter...just like at Christmas it is so easy to get wrapped up in the worldly ways of celebration. Brand new outfits, baskets, candy, egg hunts...Jesus.
The last thing Satan wants us to do is make this weekend a celebration of the fact that Jesus Christ is ALIVE! The enemy certainly doesn't want to be reminded of Jesus' presence!
May we rejoice together of the Son's victory over death.
Now we can do both Easter Bunny and Jesus Christ, let's just make sure He's our main reason of celebrating. The enemy triumphs when we wake up Monday morning apologizing to our King as our new outfits are crumpled on the floor and our sore stomachs remind us that jelly beans and chocolate aren't a very good combination.
Let's strive to keep Him first my sweet sisters in Christ, for He is what makes this life worth living!
Take a moment to be led in praising Him with Beth Moore's worship leader, Travis Cottrell. Simply put, without Him, we are just sinking in the sand.
Jesus, we love you!!!
~Many Blessings~


Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Oh, I love that song!!! Your words are so convicting (since I just returned home from buying candy, eggs and new dresses for my girls). We certainly have a different perspective on Easter than we used to but we haven't given up all of the petty things just yet. I hope your daughter and grandbaby are doing well, I am praying for you all! Have a happy and blesssed Easter with your family!

Love, Kelley
PS. I am keeping an eye on airfare. It is back down to $300.00. Let me know when you think we should reserve our tickets!!

Susan said...


That is one of my ALL time favorites songs...

Happy Easter to you and your precious family.

I so enjoyed chatting with you yesterday via email.

You are very special to me!

Blessings and more blessings to you♥

Yolanda said...


I too love this song!

Girlfriend, Blessings upon your Sunday, RESURRECTION SUNDAY!

Love ya

Emily said...

I'm so, so happy to get to read blogs again! I just caught up on all the good stuff you have written lately. I loved the post about your husbands DARING Brooke Shields incident.

I'm impressed.

And thanks for pointing towards the REAL reason that we celebrate something tomorrow.


MaryLu said...

I wish now that I had not spent $80 on two new Easter dresses that are too big and flashy for everyday. What a waste.
We are a bunch of glutenous creatures aren't we?
He is Risen!
The Solid Rock is all that matters.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Happy Easter! He is risen.

valerie said...

I love Travis' version of this song. Every time I go to one of Beth Moore's conferences and we sing this it gives me chills all over. Thank you for sharing it with us today.
He is Alive!
Praise the Lord for the precious reminder of that today.
Love ya Lelia,

MrsJoeB said...

Oh how I love this song. We didn't sing it this morning but now I can sing it to my Jesus. Thank you for putting it on your blog site. I bought a new dress...not too eastery but spring-like browns and whites. It was cold here this morning so I looked pretty silly. Thank God I was in the sound booth! Hope your family is doing well. You are a blessing!
In His Graces~Pamela

Jenny said...

Happy Easter! We did better this year we focused more on family and Jesus, than candy and baskets. Barely Better, but still better...