Thursday, July 16, 2009

This little light of mine

This year, my oldest daughter Alyssa and I found ourselves home alone on the 4th of July this year. Gene, Aaron and Alivia were still in Florida, my parents were camping and our neighbors and friends Ben, Julie and their girls were celebrating on the 3rd since they were going to be gone on Saturday.

One day at work Alyssa loudly sighed and said, "This is going to be such a boring 4th of July."
"Why," I asked, "what are you doing?"
"I don't know," she said, "I guess I'm stuck with you."

Well, if that doesn't make one determined to make it a holiday worth remembering, I don't know what would. I wasn't sure how Amiyah would react this year as last year she slept through Aaron's explosions. She freaks out over a vacuum so we were uncertain of how she would react to lights and booming sounds.
Grandma just had to find something exciting to do on the 4th.
Something impressive.
Something that would mesmerize my 15 month old gorgeous grandgirl.

Later that day I was talking to Kelley and told her what Alyssa had said and how I was on a mission and that is when she invited us down to stay overnight in KC.
they would be setting off fireworks on the 4th.
An activity that is illegal in their state.

What more excitement could I show my teenage daughter than

*a spontaneous 3 hour road trip with her 2 girls and her Mom
*a free overnight stay in KC
*law breaking entertainment

She was all over it and got busy packing her and the girls' bags.
So up to the KC we drove on Saturday afternoon.
The girls slept the whole 3 hours and so Alyssa and I enjoyed some good bonding time.
Lots of laughter.

We were welcomed by Quin, the cute and cool pirate...
And Kelley's open arms...
We ate a delicious dinner hot off the grill and then Kelley's husband John broke out the works along with Quin, Sophie and Cece...
Little beauty, Juliana, was the one to doze this year wrapped in Kelley's arms while Big Sister Amiyah proved herself to be no Crime Stopper,
but instead an accessory as she told them which one to light next...
She was mesmerized...
She was encouraging....
She was impressed...
as John lit up the sky and as Quin, Cece and Sophie ran around the backyard
with their sparklers that shined through the smokey air...
But she was not as patriotic as Sophie tried to get her to be...
After the show John and the kids went on an ice cream run which is why Amiyah's face is covered in chocolate while being loved on by
The Girls...
Then before bedtime, Amiyah showed how well trained she is and
helped Cece unload the dishwasher...
Until she was removed from the kitchen when she started throwing the clean dishes...

Trying to get back to her job, Little Miss Helper got some lovin' from her Mommy
in hopes of distracting her...

Too sleepy for chores...
Then it was Juliana's turn to receive undivided attention from
The Girls...
Until handsome Jake, the oldest of the Kizer boys and not a pirate, took over...

After an afternoon of shopping with Kelley and Sophie, we met up with the rest of the family for dinner. Feeling full and blessed from our time together, Alyssa and the girls and I headed back to Nebraska.
On the drive home Alyssa and I got to laughing at how gross it was when bugs hit the windshield. Between each mile marker, it was one thumping sound of death after another we heard.
I just can't imagine flying along and all of a sudden you're just gone.
Then your remains are gone with one swipe of a wind shield wiper.

If I had to name a favorite bug I would have to say the lightning bug.
So my laughter ceased moments later one hit us head on.
He was gliding down I-29 probably leading other bugs with his light then suddenly their leader was gone.
Once a leader then a glowing smear on a Toyota's windshield.
As we kept driving at 75mph, the line of glow against the backdrop of the night completely extinguished after only a short minute.

Made me think of how when we are not connected to Christ our light just doesn't shine.
How when we stray and take our own path our light goes out.
When God tells us to go south and we decide to head north we lose our connection to our Father.
Without being connected to Jesus, our light for Jesus dies out because without Him we have and are nothing.
For He is the light that shines within us.
In John 15 we are told that we are the branches and Jesus is the Vine.
And how we must be connected to Him, remain in Him as John put it, in order to produce any fruit in our lives.

Don't let your light go out.
Let's strive to stay in daily connection with our Savior.
Let's not be like the lightning bug that flew south and ended up being nothing more than a smear on a piece of glass heading north.

~Many Blessings~

Thank you Kizer family for such a wonderful, blessed time.
We love you all.


valerie said...


It was so good to hear from you!

Looks like you gals had a wonderful 4th! I'm so glad it worked out for you to go.

I'm so far behind. When did your precious little granddaughter enter the world? I knew she was coming, I just missed out on the birth. Both girls are beautiful.
I know you're proud!

Mel said...

Excellent analogy, it is astounding the things that make you think...

glad you guys had a blessed 4th and your grandkids well they are astoundingly beautiful.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a sweet blessing. You are blessed to be so close, driving distance, to such good friends. My heart sinfully envies that.

I just loved all of the wonderful pictures but it seems I detect a pictures of you!

Amiyah is just such a doll baby but you already know that and you know how I feel about her. She is just so cute all the way around. I even stared at her feet in the pics that showed them. So small compared to giant adult feet. So pure and innocent. Of course, she as always has the bestest of expressions in all her pictures.

Thanks for sharing this.

I love your analogy about straying from the Light of Christ. It is so true. I don't know that I've specifically headed north when He's saying south but I FEEL like I can't feel or see His light right now. Seeking Him to know what I'm doing if not on the right path and what I need to do in certain areas of my life where my heart is yerning.

Lightning bugs are my favorites too. When we were kids, of course we'd do as all kids do and catch them. We'd also (not sure if all kids did this) at times would smear them on our skin so our skin would glow. Not a bunch, just one.
Love and miss you.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

What precious babies! Aren't grandyoungins just the absolute best?

Many blessings,

LynnSC said...

What a sweet time you girls had!! I love the fact that you girls are able to get together so easily! What a blessing!

And. those babies... are too cute. I love that wild curly headed girl asleep on Kelley's shoulder... unloading the dishwasher... and getting some sweet loving from her precious mom. I'd eat her alive if you guys were close to me.

Have a great weekend! Love ya!

Jill said...

What great words and pics too (my kids loved them!!) As we work on the Rise and Shine retreat - His light is constantly on my mind! Good thing! Have a great day, Jill

Faith Imagined said...

You are making wonderful memories!

Leebird said...

I've been kinda out of the loop, Sister! Congratulations on the beautiful new granddaughter! And I mean BEAUTIFUL! So glad you and your girls had such a great trip!

Love you, Lee

Anonymous said...

T'was a wonderful ending to a great post! Glad you girls had such a great 4th together - how precious! Kiss them gorgeous cheeks for me, times two... that lucky Kelley!!! ;)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Lelia, loved the photos!! Looked like y'all had a great 4th!!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a fun time of fellowship and blessing! I'm so glad you have one another. I loved what you said about "what more could a girl want?" Spontaniety (sp?) and breaking the law, all in one day!

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. I'll be missing everyone this year at She Speaks. Maybe next year.


HisPrincess said...

So glad you were able to spend some quality time together.

Loved the photos, thanks so much for sharing!

Keep shining that light!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis..
Wow what a night it turned out to be huh!! Your granbabies are so precious and cute cute cute. I have all grandsons, I don't know how I am going to act when I get a granbaby girl (smiles). Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

hugz Lorie

Rachel said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

And only you could take a bug smashing story and turn it into a lesson. But oh so true! :)