Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crazy hair and honest prayer

This would be one of Alivia's crazy hair mornings caught on film.
She had my mp3 player on and was just walking around the house singing praises to God.

She is really full of Jesus and loves her life.
And I just love being around her.

Earlier in the week, Alivia and Gene came home from Florida while our now 15 year old son Aaron stayed longer with Gene's family.
Which is something Alivia cannot grasp.
Everyday since being home, Gene and I have been accused of favoring Aaron since she is in Nebraska and he is not.

Aaron doesn't help the situation when he calls and taunts her with
"I'm still in Florida. Ha ha ha" which sends my drama queen into a tailspin of frustration.

He loves it.
She cries and hangs up on him.
He calls back.
She answers each time only to hang up on him again and again.
I suppose she expects he will eventually apologize to her, but she only receives more teasing from the land of oranges.

He loves it.

After asking Aaron to back off I found out that apparently, the phone calls of torture began after he received a text message from my little princess.
From my phone.
Thankfully Aaron is smart enough to know who sent the message since I spell out my words and would never send him a text like this:

"U r so rude u get 2 stay longer idot"

"Idot" is supposed to say idiot which she did get a talkin' to about calling people names even if it is through a non-verbal text message.

Last night I had to work at 11pm and it was one of those nights that I just wanted to stay home and fall asleep reading a book next to Gene.
I took my book and my bad mood to work and called home to talk to Alivia since she was still awake when I left the house.
She asked me if we could pray together.
"Of course," I answered and started praying over her which made my bad mood melt like an ice cube in a hot cup of coffee.

After I said Amen, I started to tell her goodnight when she interrupted me with this...

"Dear Lord,

Thank you for my Mommy and my Daddy. Thank you for Alyssa, Amiyah, Juliana and Kane (the dog).

Please help Aaron to have a safe trip back home.

Even though he is my worst enemy.

In Jesus' name,

Good night Mommy, I love you."

At least she didn't call him an Idot.

I just can Aaron torture this sweet little godly thing?

~Many Blessings~


Yolanda said...

pure, raw, honesty and so much love just oozes from you each time I come here and that precious Alivia! Send her to me, send her to me, while it is not the land of oranges, it is the land of wheat! :-)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Oh, the love between brother and sister. One day they will certainly begin to appreciate the other and be just the best of friends. My brother is 8 years younger than me and he is just the sweetest friend to me now.

Andrea said...

How honestly refreshing and adorable. I love her prayer...if only we could be that honest in our prayers.

Danielle said...

Oh, my! The Land of Technology... I love and hate it in equal

Alivia sounds like a hoot! How old is she?

Oh, how I remember those crazy hair days of My mom has a picture of my brother and I... I think I was 6 or so, we both have HUGE fros with a camelion on both of our heads.Haha

All of your children are beautiful, btw.

Jennifer said...

Love her honesty! You made me laugh out loud with your post today!


Anonymous said...

yeahhh another Alivia story!!! She always cracks me up!!! Idot is a favorite word at my house too...i hate it!!

thanks for yet again another honest post...a real family with real sibling rivalry...i am not alone!!

love ya~hugs,

Mel said...

Such a great prayer and siblings well they are forever torturing one another but in the end the love is there!!! I watch my two oldest with my two youngest and just cringe at times.

MaryLu said...

My friend,
I can only say that sibling rivalry does end.
My brothers, who regularly stuffed me in the hide-away bed and sat on it, the very ones who sang Brahms lullaby with the new words, "Go to sleep, little creep, before I dro-p yoo-uu!" have indeed come to outwardly tell me that they love me, and that they think I'm cool.
(It's only taken 30 years...)

Susan said...

Oh boy, the joys of having children. Guess what, it never goes away!!! Sorry...

She is just precious. Thank goodness it isn't a sister close in age that is doing this.

My sisters and I were always doing this. My poor mom...

Hope you are doing well. Been thinking of you and missing you♥

Just Be Real said...

What a sweet picture and the transparency in the child. Thank you Lelia for sharing. Blessings.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Lelia she is so beautiful - and not just on the outside though that little face is stunning. Children are such a joy. blessings, marlene

Joyfulsister said...

My daughter Mariah had some of those hair days. she will be 12 this month and started to take care of her own hair, she can even use the hot iron to straighten her hair. I was always the one to do her hair and now she's growing up and no braids for now I guess .

Thank you my sister for stopping by today, I am always blessed by your visits.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Love this post!! And you can tell that brother sister love is strong!! Which is great!


Daiquiri said...

So funny! :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Praying for our enemies! Loved it!

LynnSC said...

Oh Lelia...
How precious. The sweetness of a little girls prayers. LOL!

Hope things are going great for you and your family...

Love ya!

Faith Imagined said...

Funny! Great pic!

HisPrincess said...

My big brother still teases me...and I still take the bait...EVERY TIME!!

It's just what big brothers do.

But I know that whenever I need him my big brother can always be relied on....even though he is my worst enemy!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful post - I love the picture of her walking around the house praising God - what a delight from a young girl. May the love of God always be a strength in her heart and power in her life. How blessed you are.

Stirring the Deep

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Lovin' her and envying you by the moment. You have one gem of jewel on your hands, there Miss Lelia. I'm in awe of her and how mature and sweet for her age...knowing the realness of life.

BTW...I don't have a QWERTY cell phone so in my lazyness, I would have text that message the exact way, except surely I would remember my i in idot. I wonder if I ever get a QWERTY phone if I would have trained my brain to not spell out words. I also do "n" for "and". I'm so bad.

Hope all is well with you. I miss hearing from you. You'll have to check out my post from last night.