Monday, August 17, 2009

You know you're married to the coolest guy ever when...

You can't find a photo without him flashing you the peace sign.


He claims its his "signature pose".
I claim it to be annoying because he does it every time I take a picture.

I'm so glad Alivia doesn't copy him in this area.

For years now he has done this.

This is a re-take picture after me threatening Gene I was going to break his fingers if he did it again.
She is such a traitor.
Anyway, signature pose alone did not convince me I was married to the coolest guy ever until this morning when we had this conversation...

Me: Okay, so you and Alivia have dentist appointments tomorrow.

Gene: Wait a minute, we both have appointments?

Me: Yes, remember you scheduled them originally for Wednesday evening, but because of church I switched them to Tuesday?

Gene: Oh, okay. I'm picking up what you're laying down.

Me: What?
Gene: You heard me.

Don't covet's not godly.

Please don't be jealous if your husband or boyfriend is over 44 and he doesn't have a signature pose or just says "ok" when he understands something.

After almost 20 years together, ten of them being his wife, I just found out last week that he was a wrestler at one time in his life.

Who is this guy?

I have no idea, but what I do know is he is smoother than any baby's bottom.
If you are in doubt of my husband's coolness, read this.
It will definitely convince you that he is as cool as a cucumber.


I am in no way making fun of the human love of my life.
Without his consent.
When asked if I could blog about this, he gave me a thumb's up.
I just pray that doesn't become his new signature pose.


alethea said...

this is great! me knowing how cool geneo is!!

HisPrincess said...

Thanks so much for the smile Lelia...I really needed it today!


Danielle said...

LOL I think I would rather have that then... 'Spec-tac-u-lar.' said to me ALL that time. It doesn't matter what it is! It drives me insane. And when I ask for him to stop, I get, 'Awesome' in some surfer-dude voice. Eck!LOL Gotta love our men.

Paula said...

Haha, now you know I'm laughing over here as my "sweet thang"" is also over 44, has a signature pose (which is very much like Gene's, haha!) and says "kool and the gang" instead of OK. We are both blessed with "smoother than baby's bottom" men it seems ;-) Love ya! xoxo

Yolanda said...

If I could make the peace sign back to ya, I would. So let's pretend, ok, Girlfriend? V

Way cool, as this was the beginning of my walk with God/Christ. PEACE!

Jennifer said...

What a fun post... he is cool! ;) And your daughter is *adorable*!! I am so glad you found me through the (in)courage site... and you are right here in good ol' Nebraska!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I need a signature pose?

I read the other post that you linked, and your hubby is much more handsome than that other dude. Maybe Brooke saw that? :)

I love that you have such a wonderful family!

Kim said...

thanks for the suggestions on my blog...I am really wrestling with a lot of things.. the post you read was from back in Oct08... but I will peruse the library for your book suggestions.. Many thank you's to you for stopping by and suggesting...

personally I think the signature pose is cute ;o)

Samantha said...


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Fun-E. I'm surprised he didn't give you the peace up...instead of thumbs up.

I've never heard "I'm picking up what you are laying down." It makes sense and is kind of neat in a way. I'll try that on my friends although I'm sure I'll get the same look you gave Gene.

Cool as a cumcumber, huh????

Love ya and all your peeps!