Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Saturday I went to KC to pick up our son Aaron. He has been in Orlando with Gene's family for an entire month. 32 days without seeing, touching, kissing or wanting to slap his handsome face. He's a teenager so you know I have those days when I want to smack the attitude out of him. But not on Saturday. I just wanted to touch him, hug him and kiss on him.
His plane arrived early so he had just walked outside after getting his luggage when we pulled up to the Southwest gate. So tall and handsome, I couldn't get out of the car fast enough to give him a hug and kiss.

My friend Kelley was with me so he played it cool. He gave me a half smile and nod of the head when we pulled up as if 32 days and nights had never passed between us. The fact that he wasn't jumping up and down at the sight of me didn't matter when he didn't reject my kisses and even gave me a hug followed with an I love you too.

It was so good to have him so close to me again. I just love this kid. He has such a special heart beating inside of him.
He is so caring about his friends.
Cares about where they will spend eternity.
This spring he attended a conference put on by our family friend, Pastor John Harris called Manhood 101. Aaron invited so many of his friends to the conference.
Had some spend the night to make sure they would be there and gave rides to those who had no other way to get there. This is a picture of Aaron receiving a service award from Mr. Harris for his efforts of inviting so many guys.

While Aaron was in Florida, his friend Deondre lost his Mother.
Already fatherless, he was broken hearted when he tried waking her up last Monday morning to find that she had passed in her sleep. Fifteen years old and forced to deal with this major life loss of his 50 year old mother and he turned to my son.
He asked him if he would ask John Harris if he would do his Mom's funeral.
Aaron is best friends with John Jr. and so he called the house to ask John Sr. if he would do it and of course he said yes.
Then Aaron called my Mom and asked if she could print off a few pictures she took when they recently played in a basketball tournament together so that Dre could put some pictures of himself in the casket with his Mom. I went to my Mom's house Friday night and picked up the 111 pictures she had printed of him shooting, dribbling and passing.
Dre tucked 10 pictures of himself next to his Mom.
Then Aaron called and asked his Dad to go to the funeral and represent him.
Saturday morning Aaron called me to make sure Gene was going and said,
"Mom, don't forget to tell Dad to wear black."

His 6 foot 2 frame is so full of compassion.

When Aaron got into the car at the airport, Amiyah had been asleep and didn't wake up until we got to Kelley's house. She absolutely adores her Uncle Aaron as he does her and yet, she would not look at him for anything in this picture.
No matter how hard he tried, she would only look around him, but never at him which gave him a good laugh.
I think she was a little upset that he left her for 32 days...

I must tell you, I am not in anyway bragging on the parenting job Gene and I have done with this kid because Lord knows, we fall so short.
Instead I brag about what God has done and is doing in his life and praise the parenting job Aaron's heavenly Father is doing.

I look at Aaron and I see so much potential.
He earns great grades, is an excellent athlete, is handsome...just the whole package and yet if he doesn't let God have his way with him, none of that matters.

That's the same with all of us.
Whatever gifts God has blessed us and entrusted us with, if we are not using them for His glory, if we are not living our life completely sold out for Him, if we are not concerned about where others are going to spend eternity...
what are we doing?
None of what we do matters if we don't do it God's way.

Our life is meant to be used by Jesus for His purposes.
We were created for Him.
We are to glorify Him with our words, actions and life.
We are to help the lost be found.
Love the hard to like.
Embrace the untouchable.
Show compassion to those hurting.

Sometimes Satan can make us feel like we are so small and he's right, we are.
we serve a God that can take out a giant with a small stone
part a sea
rise up after 3 days of death
use a cool teenager to help his friend through a tough time.

Our God is HUGE.

Thank you Lord Jesus for using my son to make me see that You will use anyone willing.

I am willing Sweet Jesus...use me.


~Many Blessings~


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...


I was so touched by the compassion your son had for his friend....that speaks VOLUMES in this day and age!! Think you got yourself a special young man!!!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

This is just a beautiful sentiment of love for not only your son, but for your heavenly Father.

I am thankful for you, that the Lord is using him in a mighty way at his young age. What a testimony to God's amazing love.

Danielle said...

Your son sound so precious, and he is VERY handsome! It says alot about a young man when he'll go to such great lengths for a friend.

I laughed at the picture with him and his darling little neice! So cute!

Susan said...

Oh Leila,

You made me want to jump into this computer and give Aaron a GREAT BIG HUG myself!!

What a special Godly young man, with a heart of gold.

I was so sorry to read about his friend's mom. I will pray for that family now.

Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands.

His children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.

Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures forever. (PS 112: 1,2)

What a precious promise God is fullfilling in your family.

Love and miss you girlfriend♥

Kelly said...

I love the way you write. Pulling the God out of your everyday experiences and showing them to well as telling us how we can see God in our lives, too.

Thank you.

You have a beautiful family.

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Lelia! So glad your precious "big" one is home!! I know how you feel!! It amazes me as to how fast they grow up! He is so handsome, and the qualities that he's been blessed with will be a blessing to others...sounds like they already have! I am so sorry for his friend's loss.

Enjoy the rest of your day, sweet friend!!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Love that our God used your son to help a hurting friend. Thank you, Lord.

And I love that you have your son home again. Nothing like a mom's love. I love to love my kids.

Father God, use Lelia. Every day show her the way. Give her courage and strength to finish strong. To be bold like you. To be gentle like you. To love passionately like you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

An Imperfect Perfection said...

It's not often that I experience or witness men being there for their friends in such a tremendous way. Wow.... what a great son you have. I'm glad he's home with you now. I'll pray for his friend - that God will keep him wrapped in love.

Shanda said...

So glad you shared this. I often feel that I am "falling short" on the parenting end. Try as I might, it is so obvious to me that "it will be by the grace of God" that they blossom and grow in the knowledge of Him. I pray with every ounce of this mother's heart that God has given me that they will grow to love and serve Him.

I too am willing sweet Jesus...

Kelly said...

What a sweetheart of a son you have! Lelia, don't ever let Satan lie to you that you and Gene haven't been good parents raising your boy!! God truly has his hand on all of you...I feel for Aaron's friend...fatherless, and now, motherless...I hope he has other close family members he can live with, and that he reaches out for Jesus to be his Lord and hard to be 15 and an orphan! My heart goes out to him!
On a brighter note, I have something to send you soon, when the weather cools a bit!! :-)

HisPrincess said... where do I find one of these wonderful compassionate, GOD FILLED young men for my daughter to date? :)

As you well know we mum's of teen girls spend a whole lot of time worrying about what kind of boy they will bring home....

Aaron sounds wonderful, I pray that he continues to walk in faith and become an even more wonderful man.

Just for the record...I know that the Lord is the MASTER parent...but I think you can give yourself just a teensy bit of credit!

Paula said...

Just beautiful Lelia ... all of it! And you are right, it speaks volume for how God is working in Aaron's life. This is so important to remember - "if we are not concerned about where others are going to spend eternity...then what are we doing?" So very true. I need to remember that, oh how I need to remember that! Tonight as I was playing Bible trivia with Jasmine the thought came into my head that "yes, it's OK to spend extra time doing YOUR Bible study, but what about hers?" Man, that hit me hard. I need to do so much more - all I can actually - to get my girl closer to God. Loved your post, loved the message (as usual) and love you! xoxo

StitchinByTheLake said...

A heart-touching post Leila - he reminds me of my own son (who is now 33 years old but who is tender hearted like that). blessings, marlene

LisaShaw said...

Dear one it's been a while since my last visit. Glad I was able to get over here today. I was so blessed in reading about all the ways GOD is using your sons life already.

Beautiful and very touching. I'm so sorry for the loss of his friends Mother.

Blessings to you and your family.

Kelly's Ideas said...

What a beautiful post... completely honest and loving....


Jennifer said...

What an amazing testimony your son is. God is so good!! Thank you for this post.



Paula (SweetPea) said...

Falling in love with you precious still...

What a truly amazing, sweet, special young man. I'm in awe of how he made all the calls and arrangements while he was away doing his own thing. Yet, he stopped to help his friend. What a precious, precious thing and person. You should be proud (the good pride) of who he is and how he's responded to God in his life.

He is too funny telling his dad to wear black.

And that Amiyah...not looking at her uncle. Wonder what she was thinking. I always wonder what the young babies/toddlers/kids think.

Thanks for the pic of her...I always love to see her sweet cheeks.