Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My life is just full of blog material

Thank you for your powerful prayers and words of encouragement you left in my last post for Randy & Shalana. She sat at my kitchen table the other night reading your comments with tears falling.
God is working in mighty ways and He WILL get the glory, however He chooses to write the next chapter of their lives.
Our mighty and faithful!
Please continue to pray for them and I will keep you updated.

We are trying to get ready for the new school year.

So, last week Alivia went to see Miss Betty to get her hair cut and deep conditioned.

She loved it, I loved it, Daddy loved it.
Money well spent.

Patience and Obedience

Patience: For when you hand your Mom a pair of scissors and ask if she will cut out your pony tail holder and she says "don't cut it out, just wait a second and I'll get it out".

Obedience: To not leave your Mom's office with a pair of scissors and proceed to cut out not only the pony tail holder, but your pony tail.

Alivia E'Lise Chealey
Use of scissors against mother's wishes

As you see in the above picture, at least 4 inches of the top of her hair is missing.

Her story:
She came into my office with a strand of hair and said, "Mom! My hair is falling out!"

My story:
Realizing what she had done, I said through clenched teeth,
"Your hair is NOT falling out, you cut it out. Where is the rest of it?".

She came back and placed the evidence on my desk: (1) cut pony tail holder and (1) ball of hair.

Just to make it clear...the 2 pictures above with the cute hair style are the "Before" pictures.
The mug shot is the "After".
So, another trip to see Miss Betty is well needed as you can well see.

What is your kid hair cut mishap story?
Please share.

~Many Blessings~


Danielle said...

Oh, I want to laugh, but only because it's not my child! If all you did was grit your teeth, sweet Mama, you are a jewel.

Bethany had a little mishap when she was two. I turned my back for a moment when the phone rang and she snipped a little bit in the front. PTL, it wasn't bad!

My mom, however, tells a story that when my brother and I were younger... I think I was about 3 or 4, he 5 or 6--she had left us in the watch of one of the ladies that lived in the Rooming house with us. My mom said when she came back from the store, I think it was, she began to see these little black puff balls on the floor... and they lead from the bathroom in the hall to our Room... there my brother and I were, chunks of hair missing because he thought it was a good idea for a little cut.

I don't think we did that ever

Susan said...

Oh Lelia,

I hate to laugh, but I did. What little girl does not cut her hair or her siblings hair????

I did the same thing!

She is just precious, and I love the new hair do!!

You really got me with your title, had to come check this out.


Sita said...

My son cut a lovely chunk of hair right where it was most visible--in front--a big bald spot. We had to shave his whole head to match that part. Thankfully, his hair grows fast!

Rachel said...

Okay - so I don't have a story yet (gimme time, my kiddo is only 3 and the local haircut place does enough of a whack job on his head...)

but OH MY GOSH I couldn't help totally laughing at that picture. She completely looked like it was a mugshot for the crime of scissor criminal trespass.

Good Lord - she is a beautiful little delinquent youngster :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

funny - she is beautiful and I love the new do... My daughter could not get her bangs to lay flat so she cut them to the skull - then they grew back sticking straight up - it was funny cuz there was nothing she could do until they grew out...


lisasmith said...

Was this before or after the new style???

Kid mishaps are regular fare around here ;) the 3-yr-old caught the feather duster on fire last week while dusting the lamps...they were on!

Joyfulsister said...

LOL sorry Sis,
I did not mean to laugh but it sure brings back memories when my daughter did the same, and one worse than that she found a shaver and shaved off her eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. she was about 41/2 I was just glad she did not cut her self, she came walking down the stairs like she was Miss America.


Paula said...

Oh my! Well, the new 'do' does look very fresh and light! Poor you, and poor Alivia! Jasmine's first hair cutting experience was earlier this year just after she first started 'big school'. While I do the tight pony tail every day, as you know, curls (no matter how loose or tight) don't say in. So, during the day while she's at her desk learning how to cut out some hair that was in her face started bothering her, so she just chopped it off. But, she realised what she had done and then whipped it up and took it over and hid it on a nearby shelf. The teacher aide discovered it later, but as I don't pick her up from school, she wasn't able to tell me. I discovered a day later when doing her hair. It's grown a good 4 inches since then (it was left at 2 inches), and was only a small piece (thankfully!), but she's learnt to not cut her hair since. The next scissor experience was with her tongue!!! And yes, she has learnt that scissors are for paper only, or a trained hairdresser! xo

Jennifer said...

I love it!!

On our way home from Maine Emma was chewing gum and decided to save it for later while she napped! She "saved" it in her hair!! Right on the top of her head! Thank God for peanut butter! When we got home I put a big scoop of peanut butter on her head and combed the gum out!


Yolanda said...

With not having had children, I don't have one. BUT I'M CRACKING UP HERE!

I LOVE THAT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina said...

One evening in the midst of much chaos I decided to give Joel a buzz cut ... usually a simple process. I guess I got distracted with the other kids, or maybe it was Paul but I forgot to put the guard on and in one fell swoop as I pulled the clipper up the back of his head I realized my mistake!! YIKES ... I will never forget my sweet boy just patiently standing there waiting for me to be done, (not realizing) I managed to salvage it by giving him what marines call a "high and tight"

His siblings did not help the situation by "GEEZ JOEL WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?? Dear Paul was quick to point out how cool it was that he was just like a Marine .... and my poor baby said in the most pitiful voice "but I'm NOT a marine" Oh I felt so awful!! Of course the school did not allow hats it took a good two weeks for it to grow out

Anonymous said...

Great post. I love the look on her face in the 'mug shot' ;)

My mom did rag curls in my sister's hair one Easter-eve. In the morning, she put on her Easter dress, got the scissors, cut the rags (and some of her hair) out. Then, she cut her hand and proceeded to cut chunks out of my dog's hair, while bleeding everywhere.

Ah....good times.

Liz said...

Oh, Lelia! That is too much. The look on Alivia's face is priceless.
I cannot think of a hair story right off, but I do have something similar. When my second son was born, his older brother was 3 years old. They played together really well, but Adam, the older one, was quite bossy. One afternoon, I picked up my baby (at the time around 8 months old) to nurse him and put him down for a nap. He started to drift off, as usual, but as his eyes started to close, I noticed that he was missing his eyelashes on one of his eyes! His older brother had cut them off! I was horrified!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh my. But at least she's not sportin' a new cute do.

Oh, and I love that your life is full of blog material as I get to poke into your life that way. :-)

Lea said...

Forgive me for giggling but that's hysterical! CHILDREN! LOL
Our hair mishap was when Tony was bout 3 years old. Bigdaddy used the new electric razor thingamabob and buzzed Tonys hair for the summer. He put the thing away and then realized he'd missed a spot. Fired it back up bzzzzzz... *ohoh* He forgot to put the GUARD on the thingamabob and balded him one long stroke before he realized what was happening.
Ohwell, hair grows back. EVENTUALLY. lol

Anonymous said...

Alivia's gorgeous no matter the hairstyle. The 'mugshot' is hilarious! I have cut my boys' hair since they were little, only cos I can't stand the howl and carry-on that has occurred in the barber's chair!!! The poor children haven't always fared well style-wise because I'm am no hair fashionista!!! But the worst thing I did was not to my eldest's hair, but to his ear... poor, sweet boy!!! He's never let me forget it either, and it was 4 + years ago!!! Yet he still insists I have a go... Bless ya! N x

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Ohmylands! This is one kid-experience I never had to deal with. But she looks so cute in her after pic that I bet all is forgiven.

I had to look at pics of Chorkies on line to see what they look like--cute1