Friday, August 14, 2009

Can't cope without Him

I haven't participated in Then Sings My Soul Saturdays with Amy for quite some time.
Visit her blog to hear other songs that have meaning.
Or join in if you have a song you want to share.

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with just His Name.

Have you ever just said the Name Jesus over and over again?

Just something about it.

So much power and yet gentleness in one breath.

What was it like for the angel Gabriel who told Mary what she would name her baby?

Were his eyes filled with tears when he said "you shall call his name Jesus"?

When I gave birth to my firstborn, I remember the doctor asking me her name.

Alyssa, I proudly answered with lots of tears.
And you never forget when the nurse hands you your little one and you hold her for the first time.
And then the incoming pour of company wanting to take a look at her.

But Mary was holding Jesus.

Our Savior.

Did Joseph understand Who his young bride was holding in her arms?
Was he overwhelmed when Mary said His name is Jesus.

No doctors or nurses making a big deal about His entrance.
No anxious family and friends in the waiting room.

Just them.
And Him.

How was it for Mary to hold Him in her arms?
Against her chest?
Counting His toes and fingers?

Did she know as she held Him that He was the One sent to hold her?
To hold her against His Holy chest and hear her heart beat.
Did she know He was sent to save her?
She held the Savior.
The One they would give back to His Father after only 33 years and yet never let go of Him.


Your Name not only brings me to tears, it has the power to bring me to my knees.

I am nothing without You.

You are the only perfect in Me.

I need You.

This song brought me to tears in my driveway the other day.

Watching Shalana walk this journey in complete faith is mind blowing to me and to know that if she didn't have Jesus, there is no way she would be coping.
He is what this life is about.
When life is good.
When life is tough.
When there is health and when there is sickness.
Our sweet Savior who knows we need Him, but sits back and waits for us to ask Him.
If you don't know Him...oh sister, you have no idea Who you are missing out on.
He is amazing and like no other.

Have a blessed weekend.

~Many Blessings~


Runner Mom said...

Lelia, this is just beautiful! You have a way with words, girlfriend!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

Hop over to my blog when you get a a fun taste test going on!!

Love ya!

LisaShaw said...

Praise the LORD!

I can't cope without JESUS either. I need HIM every moment...

My love and prayers are with you and yours and Shalana and Randy.

Blessings and peace!

Lisa notes... said...

I know just what you mean. I've thought a lot this week, too, about the name of JESUS. He's all we need.

What a beautiful song! Had never heard of it.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

A contemplative prayer group I belong to repeats Jesus over and over as a way of entering into contemplative prayer, and one of the people in my regular prayer group repeats Jesus's name all day long -- says it helps him stay on track. Personally, I seem to readily enter into contemplative prayer with no "mantra", just quiet. But each of us is different; that is the beauty of the world.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

PS. I really should share the following story although it is not mine. A friend was attacked on the beach by a gang of out-of-control guys with knives. She ran to her car, but they followed. She screamed beseechingly, "Jesus! Jesus!" and all the attackers disappeared. She has 15 small knife scars on her arm, barely noticeable now, to prove her experience.

Cathy said...

Thank God we can call on the name of Jesus. Thanks for sharing that pretty song.

Suzanne - Daughter of the King said...

Lelia - beautiful song. But thank you for showing me Then Sings My Soul Saturday. Perfectly fitting for me expressing my heart today about circumstances. Thank you so much! God bless you.

I praise JESUS for life and for death - for His salvation that it is really all about HIM!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Wonderful word my friend. Oh, the Name of Jesus - it is the Name above all Names.

You are a blessing,

Pat said...

Good Choice Lelia! Beautiful words!

Andrea said...

I can't cope without HIM, either...heck...I can't breath without HIM.
Blessings, andrea

Danielle said...

Man, there is something about that name. Gives me chills! With the song playing through my mind right now... J-e-s-u-s! So powerful! So moving! So healing!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.... I needed this today!!

Leslie said...

I love that song. Good post... thank you :)

Ang baylis said...

What a beautiful post, Lelia! You made me remember the first time I met my children. There is nothing like it... There is nothing like Jesus either. By the way, your comment on my blog gave me the chills. Just wanted you to know. Thank you SO much. I'm hoping the person I wrote it for will read it and realize how much she needs Him!
Much love,
Angie xoxo