Tuesday, May 27, 2008

YES to God during PMS?

I want to continue the Tuesday's YES to GOD because I enjoyed studying and discussing Lysa TerKeurst's book so much with you all. So much that on Tuesday, July 1st I will be hosting a discussion on her book/Bible study...
"What Happens When Women Walk in Faith?"

So...plenty of time to purchase the book and you can do that by clicking here and buy it directly from Proverbs 31 Ministries or wherever you can find it. Don't forget to mark your calendar to meet here on Tuesday, July 1st to grow with God, learn from each other and walk in faith! I can hardly wait to see what God teaches us! Don't forget to invite a friend with or without a blog. Also, I e-mailed Lysa last week letting her know we finished her book and how incredible it was. Here is part of her response and just wanted to share it with you..."I am working fast and furious on my next book. I'd love for you and the gals from your study to pray for me." Let's not forget to lift our fellow sister in Christ up to the Lord as she's working on her next assignment from Him!

I do want to continue meeting here on Tuesdays for YES to GOD discussions up until July 1st. I was originally going to discuss a characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit each week, but with all the stuff I have going on in June I thought better of it. Too detailed for my calendar right now, but wanted to do something fun anyway. Back in 2005 I wrote a series of poems on issues or things that women primarily deal with. Starting today, I will be posting one of those poems and feel free to give your story, advice, what God has taught you in this area....just whatever you want to share. Hope you enjoy it and I hope it's a fun way to kick off the summer. I believe God has a great sense of humor and loves it when we laugh together.

So here we go...

Dear Jesus,
The first thing I should do today
Is take the time to kneel and pray
I know that I am not always nice
I’m definitely not made of sugar and spice
Just yesterday I had a bad PMS attack
I showed no mercy and I cut no slack
My husband couldn’t do anything right
The kids laid low and kept out of my sight
Everyone tries to stay out of my path
So not to become a victim of my wrath
It’s the smallest things that set me off
My poor family is afraid to move or cough
But the good news is that it’s a new day
My goal is to be kinder in all I do and say
Please help my children and my mate
To forgive me and give me a clean slate
Today I feel my attitude has changed
I don’t feel the slightest bit deranged
But just in case my PMS demon wins
Please pre-forgive me for all of my sins
©2005 Lelia Chealey
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Live today for Christ,


MrsJoeB said...

You know, I feel like PMS has taken over for about a week now. Reality is I'm afraid it is really this "flesh women" that I battle with daily and it seems to be lasting longer..winning on a daily basis. Not sure why but I am so tired of it. No matter how I pray she is there. I can only hope God is trying to refine some kind of a character trait I am desperatly needing....looking forward to this next study!!

In His Graces~Pamela

tiggerdaisy said...

Hi there! As you know, I've been wanting/anticipating/trying to figure out how to continue this Bible Study with you gals. So I'm super glad that we will be going through "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" soon! I bought this book about the same time I bought the "Yes" book, but haven't started it yet. I'm excited about this second book, and can barely wait for July 1st!!!

As for your poem, I'm really glad you are sharing some of your work! Although I can laugh along with you (it was kinda funny!), I can't sympathize...I've never really had any PMS symptoms. For that, I know that my husband is forever grateful!

Talk to you soon!
Prayers and Blessings!

Kelley said...

Your talents never cease to amaze me Lelia! What a great poem!! The only thing you left out was the salt and chocolate cravings. Yesterday I was wolfing down Pringles and chocolate pudding (that might explain my pork post, LOL) while my family tried to avoid me. It ain't easy being a woman!!


HisPrincess said...

That is so me! And PMS really is a demon! I swing from tears, to anger, to totally unreasonably deranged. And this all happens the day before I get my period so I never figure out what's wrong with me til the next day. You'd think I'd have it worked out after all these years!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Recently in a Beth Moore study (can't remember which one...I think Living Beyond Yourself), she reminded us that not only can God change your life...

He can change your day. In fact, he can change your mood.

I thought of that after reading your poem. Funny, I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, but still suffer from PMS (albeit not so severe).

I just warn everyone when I feel it coming on, and they duck. I feel it only appropriate to give fair warning.

Change my mood, God. You alone can do it!


Tori Shelton said...

boy, did i need this tonight. thank you for being so real. it helps others more than you could know.

Laura said...

Oh, my goodness. Maybe I can time this one right. If not, I'll be a hanger on again, gleaning from all your wisdom! Thanks for being so diligent with this, Lelia! You are a treasure.

Sandra said...

I'm excited about the new study since I didn't get to participate in the last one.

Love your poem because it hit so close to home. Just the other morning I was reading about how I need to be aware of my emotions and I shouldn't let little things steal my joy. I was intent on following through and then one of the kids spilled their juice at the table - it went everywhere - and I lost it. I ranted and raved as I cleaned up the mess while my kids sat quietly watching not wanting to do anything else that might set me off even more. Of course I felt awful after I cooled down and apologized to them. They take everything in like sponges and will imitate what they see. I sure don't want them acting like I do over something so small so I am trying diligently to be a better role model but sometimes it's just so darn hard.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Lelia, I've just got to tell you this. I read your blog last night...way too late...I should know better being on the 'puter too late I ended up with no sleep..tossing and turning. Anyway, I tried to click on your "here" to check out the book and order from Prov. 31. It didn't work. I found my way around. Just out of curiosity, and being cheapy, I checked They had it but I was not going to purchase it. I have so many books on my to read list and I'm already in two Bible studies. I clicked on the "one click order" icon as I had never seen it before and wondered what it is. Surely, it means one click after I click on the icon. NOPE! It means one click. The next page said "thank you for your order." I hurriedly tried to cancel as I didn't even know which of the almost new books I chose and the price. Well, even with shipping it was less than $10. After my short panic, I thought, that's it. God didn't want me to procrastinate on deciding to do or not do this study. So, regardless of my other studies, I'm in this one. It's being shipped tomorrow.

Forgive me for not supporting Prov. 31 by purchasing the book there. Check you click "here" and see if it's working now for others.

I think I'm also going to buy Beth's "Get out of that Pit" as highly recommended by others. After that, maybe Believing God by Beth.

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day is really good. Can't remember the guy's name. Based on
2 Samuel. It was the basis of a six-week sermon series.

Now onto your lovely poem....
I LOVE it. You have so much truth and value spoken in it while being funny. I tell ya, that last line got me though...(smiling, that is)...pre-forgive me! THAT IS HILARIOUS! HILARIOUS I TELL YA!

Yolanda said...


I think I have just lost my ever lovin' mind! I ordered your next study, and am officially committed.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

That PMS thing is a crazy one isn't it?? Love the poem Lelia--I can relate to it so well. When I am in full PMS mode I feel as if my head is going to spin off and EVERYONE better just stay out of my way!!!

I hope Gene is watching the results of your poll!!! I think it coincides with the PMS thing perfectly!!! LOL
Have a great day!

Yolanda said...

My study book came today on the UPS truck!

I will be ready come July!