Thursday, May 22, 2008

The God who gives & takes away...we praise You!

This morning after watching my parents officially adopt my 4 year old brother Joe who has been in their home since he was 2, I read an e-mail requesting prayer for a family from my friend Kelley at Aroma of Joy.

Steven Curtis Chapman, well known Christian artist lost his little 5 year old adopted daughter, Maria yesterday. We need to lift this family up to our God who knows our days on this earth. As one family in Nebraska is celebrating the addition in their family of an adopted child, another family in Tennessee is mourning the loss in their family of an adopted child. Both gifts from God, one given and one taken.

I would guess that Maria was a believer in the Jesus that she heard spoken of and heard her Daddy sing of often in their home. Now she is face to face with the Savior we blog about, read about, worship and love. Can you even begin to imagine what this little girl is experiencing as you read this? Brought home from China to the parents God had picked out for her back in the days when Moses' roamed the earth and now brought to her eternal home. If she thinks the homecoming was fantastic when the Chapman's brought her home I can only imagine what welcome she received yesterday.

Thanks Kelley for the call to pray for this hurting family as we only hope their walk with God deepens to a depth they didn't even know existed. May this tragedy strengthen their walk and make their love for you even stronger. Please also pray for their teenage son that accidentally ran her over in the driveway as the family witnessed it. May he find strength in You on his knees as the enemy tries to defeat him with guilt. So hard to comprehend this kind of thing Lord, but may the Chapman family only draw closer to You. As Steven has blessed us with his music over the many years, may we bless You and him and his family by lifting their needs up to You today. And though our understanding of tragedy in the midst of the Chapman's celebrating an engagement and a graduation may we trust in You.

Click here to leave a message for the Chapman family on a blog specifically set up in memory of Maria Sue Chapman.

Now meet heaven's sweet addition...

Make today count for Christ,


Yolanda said...

Absolutely....make TODAY not yesterday, not tomorrow, but TODAY count for CHRIST!


PS: Lord, let Your precence be known to the Chapmans. Reveal Yourself in a mighty and powerful way.

HisPrincess said...

Thats so heartbreaking.

Lord, I pray that the Chapmans can rise above the guilt and grief that has them in it's grip at the moment. Comfort them in the knowledge of where their little girl has gone, and that they will see her again in paradise. Help them comfort and counsel each other and lean on your for support.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Strikes a strong chord. I've been pondering it all day with heaviness of heart. I blogged my thoughts earlier and welcome yours alongside.

I am thankful to have all my children under my wings this night. Even more, I'm thankful that we all rest under our Father's!


Laura said...

I have been praying fervently for this precious family. I cannot imagine what they are going through. Yet, you are so right, she is Home. Sorrow will last for a night, but rejoicing will come in the morning.

valerie said...

I heard about little Maria yesteday morning and haven't been able to quit thinking about the Chapman family.
Maria is in heaven dancing with Jesus. I pray for peace & comfort for the family left here to grieve.
May they feel His love, Presence & Peace like they've never felt it before.
Prayers all over the world are going out in their behalf.
Thanks for sharing this video. How precious!
Love ya & pray you have a great weekend.

Kelley said...

My heart has been so heavy in aching for this family. I cannnot even begin to imagine their pain and grief (especially the brother who was driving). Thank you for sharing your parent's good news, it is a much needed reminder of joy today. Take care and I look forward to talking with you soon. Meanwhile I know we are both on our knees in prayer!