Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No Leaps of Joy

Awhile ago my little girl Alivia was sick and missed a week of school. The doctor wanted to do a follow-up so I picked her up early the first day she had returned. When she got into the van I asked her if her friends were happy to see her.

With a hint of disgust in her voice she said, "No they didn't clap or cheer or nothing." I started laughing at the visual of her friends actually doing that. "Do they normally do that when you walk into the class room?" I asked her.

"No, what I mean is that they didn't leap for joy."

I probed no more, for clearly she was disappointed at her fellow classmates lack of enthusiasm at the sight of her.

One thing I adore about God is what it says about Him in Psalm 118. Verse 1 says, his love endures forever and then again at the end of the chapter the last line of verse 29 reminds us of how his love endures forever.

To me that's so sweet to know that if we wander away from underneath God's shelter & try to live life on our own that when we finally can't stand the pit of misery and come back to our senses, the angels join our Savior in clapping, cheering & I would assume He even leaps for joy at the sight of us.

In Luke 15 when the prodigal son returned home, his father threw a party; no a huge celebration. He provided the best of the best to rejoice that his son was back home. I heard a speaker ask "why did the psalmist start & finish Psalm 118 with his love endures forever?" Her answer: because he knew if anyone could exhaust the love of God it was him, and he couldn't because of the King's enduring love.

When I look back at my walk, I'm sad at the many times I've turned my back on God, but I am more thankful that I have a Father who celebrates me when I collapse into His awaiting arms exhausted from the ways of the world. A Father who claps, cheers & leaps for joy when I call on His name. I am thankful, yet undeserving of His enduring love, but I can't imagine not having it.

Thank You Jesus for welcoming us with everlasting, unconditional love when we walk into your arms full of grace & mercy. Thank You for celebrating us.

Maybe Mrs. Anderson's 1st grade welcoming comittee needs a lesson on showin' some lastin' love! Lol...

~Many Blessings~


Amy L Brooke said...

How cute! I am glad that Jesus does leap for jow over us!

I looked at the top blog thing. I think you did it right. I think it only registers a number if you "are somebody" (wink). Mine only ever registered a number the day of and a couple days after I won Lysa's contest. Otherwise, it just sits their empty.

Today is my short day at work. But over Christmas I worked a local bookstore. They said they would keep me on on a call in basis but had people counting on it for insurance so couldn't promise me many hours until later in the spring. They called on Saturday and I jumped at the chance. They just called again! Yahoo! I'm thinking She Speaks money -- God does provide.

I'm praying that we get to meet each other this summer.

Linda said...

That is precious. And I love the application, Lelia.

Given Grace said...

What a good Word for us be reminded of who waits for us and cheers for us when we return! What a Love He has for us!

MaryLu said...

I look forward to the Huge celebration too.

Lisa said...


This is a great the application. :)

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog. I always love to see your name pop up!

You bless me, girlfriend.
Lisa :)

kmom3 said...

tee hee!
How precious! I just love how God uses our children to speak truth to our hearts!
Love you!
K :)

Julie said...

I love this post. It's awesome to think about God and the angels jumping for joy over us.

Another of my favorite scriptures (which I don't know the location right now) is the one that talks about God dancing over us.

Can you just picture Papa dancing over us???

I LOVE that!