Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No shoes. No shirt. No number? NO SERVICE

The beginning of January I had to go downtown to the government building to pick up the tax forms I needed for the company taxes from the IRS office. I first went through the 3 man security check at the front door and once cleared, I found the office I needed.

I picked a good time of the morning to go as the IRS office was completely empty. Metal shelves against the walls held every form possible and so the search began for the green form I have used once a year for the past 8 years. where to be found.

So, I turn around and go up to the only person sitting at his desk. He doesn't acknowledge me so finally I say, "Excuse me, I was wondering if you knew where the FUTA tax form is?"

Without looking up, he says, "You need to take a number."

I looked around at the empty office and said, "Really? I'm the only one here."

Still not looking up he said "Ma'am, please get a number so I can help you."

I started laughing and mumbled something under my breath about wasting tax dollars as I ripped a number off and went and stood in line.
Again. By myself.

Finally, he stood up, reached his hand for the number and so I gave it to him. He crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage can as he asked, "How can I help you?"

I just laughed as I said, "That was pointless."

Arguing, he said, "No ma'am that is how the government keeps track. How may I help you?"

Keep track of what????

I just smiled. Asked my question. Found my form.

Then pushed my way through the crowd to the exit door.

Aren't you so happy that when we have a question for God, we aren't asked to "take a number"? And if anyone had the right to ask us to stand in line and wait, it would be Him.

Glad it's G-O-D and not I-R-S we have to turn to on a daily basis!

Jeremiah 29:12

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

~Many Blessings~



Heather said...

What absolutely kills me about your story here, is that my husband's mom is the "friendly face" of the IRS in our town. It cracks me up that you had to take a number in an empty office. Her office does have a number thing, but I don't think I have ever seen her use it!
That was crazy!
I am glad to hear (read) that things are going well for you. Keep up on the weight loss thing! I am trying as well. I found for me that lower carbs has worked the best, limiting sweets and portion sizes of anything with carbs in it, and eat tons of meat/salad/cheese/eggs. I have already taken off some, and hope to keep it off till it gets warm enough out to go walking with the kids, and rollerblading behind the stroller. That was my main form of exercise last year.
Anyway, God bless and hope to chat with you again soon!
God bless,

Jenny said...

That is funny! Where I work at they have some craziness too, but maybe not that bad. Looks like your sweetness is still going strong after the phone gal and IRS man.

Have a great day!

MrsJoeB said...

Great post and spiritual application!
In His Graces~Pamela

Amy L Brooke said...

Too funny!!! Isn't beuracracy mind numbing? So glad God NEVER tells us to take a number.

In fact, I think he always lets me "cut in line" -- but He does that for everyone!

Sita Henderson said...

Lelia, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful note. I'm looking forward to doing the Living Beyond study even more now. Right now my hubby and I are doing Marriage Alpha. SO good. be blessed, dear sister.
Love, thoughts and prayers,

Emily said...


Yolanda said...

THANK YOU LORD, there are NO numbers with YOU!



kmom3 said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
I am laughing out loud! :)
Thanks for sharing this! God is just so good! Oh, how I love Him!!!
I am so thankful I don't have to take a number. What an excellent post, Lelia!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Girl, you crack me up! I am still laughing! I also love what you wrote about the new workout clothes. I do that too, buy new clothes and think it will motivate me to move. I am guilty of doing that in my spiritual life by buying books & bibles for the same reason, the thing is...I have to READ them!!! Excellent analogy.

OK, about going to the She Speaks conference. How close are you to deciding what to do? I would love to work out a way to go together if you would like. I have asked God to work out the details and if I had someone to go with, that is a huge detail! I am in Kansas City and that is about 3 hours from you. No pressure though, I put enough on myself!

I look forward to hearing back from you or at least reading about more of your adventures.


MaryLu said...

That is absolutley rediculous! (Man, I can't spell tonight!) Oh well.
Anyway, I'm still shaking my head over that one. So glad we don't have to take a number with God.
Great analogy!

Debbie said...

Oh YES, I am glad we never have to take a number with God -- we get immediate attention from Him no matter what we need.

Thank you for coming by my blog. I have been so busy this past week that I haven't gotten back on to browse other blogs again. I did figure out how to subscribe to you -- thanks.

Pressing in to God!