Friday, February 8, 2008

Change is SO good!

November '86 my high school volleyball team won the state championship in our class. Was such an exciting time for our close knit team. Our victory was so inpirational that our boys basketball team won state the following year. Tomorrow night the school is going to honor the 1986 volleyball champs and also the 1987 boys basketball champs during half time.

So, Saturday night you will find me along with my fellow teammates from 20+ years ago in the gym at Lincoln Christian School getting applauded by current LCS parents and students for our accomplishment. It's so nice, but at the same time if they knew what was put into earning that trophy, they'd throw us a full blown weekend of festivities...parade and all!

Oh we were so determined with our young selves to win the title of "State Champs". Funny thing is that 20 years later, it just doesn't seem so important. As a matter of fact, until I recently saw a picture of that night with the year printed on it, I always thought we won in '87, not '86! All seems so irrelevant, but at the time it was everything.

Immediately after school, we'd head to the locker room to change into our practice clothes. We'd stretch, run, jump, spike, serve, pass and do it all over again. We worked hard as a team to encourage each other and work toward a common goal and together we did it. Today I break out in a sweat just thinking about going to the gym. I wish I still had the energy to do what I did when I wore single digit clothing sizes. Things have changed.

Even though we had put many hours in the gym together, my teammates & I have gone our separate ways. I still correspond with a few of them, but I'm close to just one teammate out of ten. Even 20 years later, the relationship I have with Sheryl has changed. When we talk now our conversation is still about boys, but it's about her 4 sons and my one. We still talk about other girls, but it's about my 2 daughters and one granddaughter on the way. Things have changed between us for the better. I am so thankful that God never keeps us where we are in relationship with Him too.

August of '07 we found out our teenage daughter is pregnant. Rocked my world, but didn't shake my faith. I'm definitely not the same person I was in August. My faith has gone deeper and my love for Him is stronger. Goals have changed and even the things I talk about are different. My relationship with my Heavenly Father is no where near being in the same place that it was in last fall. Just like my relationship with Sheryl, my one-on-One with God is better. When things come into our lives whether expected or not, we have to continue to draw near to Him and like He tells us in His Word, He will draw near to us.

I'm posting 2 pictures below. The first is the team and unfortunately, I'm #9...the 2nd player from the left in the top row. The one with the bad haircut and unibrow. Funny how one big bushy eyebrow makes a girl celebrating a victory look so angry! My friend Sheryl is the 1st one on the left next to the coach and she still has the same haircut...kidding!!! Same body, but different haircut. Yes, after 4 boys she can still wear her acid washed jeans from the 80's~like gag me with a spoon! She'll probably be wearing them tomorrow night! Anyway, the 2nd picture is a recent picture taken of me by my 6 year old. She wanted me to pose, so I obliged. I'm showing this recent picture to let you know I have since learned how to wax & pluck the brow and thank God I grew the hair out. Wouldn't it be scary if I showed up tomorrow night and I still had the big brows, hideous haircut and the shiny medal hanging from my neck? Would be bordeline creepy if you ask me.

As I'm not the same physically, I'm not the same spiritually I was 20 years ago and to God I'm so thankful He keeps moving me. Keep moving with Him friends and you'll find yourself in a place you never dreamt you'd be. Did I ever imagine I'd be a Grandma before I turn 40? Nope, but I wouldn't trade where I am with God right now for anything. In April, I'll be the oh so young Grandma with good hair & thin shaped brows holding, kissing and praising Him for His beautiful little creation of my granddaughter!

~Many Blessings~



Chris & Brenda said...

Love the pictures - you have only changed for the better! Beautiful inside and out!
Love ya!

Amy L Brooke said...

I hope you have a blast! Enjoy the remembering.

Tami Boesiger said...

WOW! Boy do I feel old now!!

I recognize Mr. Lockyer and Mr. Rexilius and KC is #3. Is #5 Cynthia Jensen? Is #4 a Bennett girl? And #2 and #8 look familiar, but no names are coming to me. This would have been taken a year before I got there, so maybe some had graduated. Whew. Thanks for taxing my brain and the trip down memory lane.

And I gotta say, you're looking FINE, g-ma! Mwah!

Tami Boesiger said...

Hey, thanks for the answers! I did have KC, Cynthia, Joy and I think Amy (I know I had her little brother Troy) in class. I never had Kelley, but I think she was a senior my first year there which is maybe why she looks familiar.

Wow, that was a long, long time ago, like a lifetime ago for me. I know you've said you've changed. Me too. Big time. Praise God, huh?

Tami Boesiger said...

Oh yeah, stupid me. . .have fun tomorrow night and tell everybody hi. Congratulations.

kmom3 said...

Those are some good lookin' eyebrows you are sportin' now! :)
Hope you have a wonderful time, beautiful lady!
And I think your precious granddaughter will be so blessed to have you as her oh so young grandmother!
Lots of love,

MaryLu said...

Much better brows. As for the spiritual part, I'm so glad God doesn't leave us in our milk-drinking state.
I can just imagaine Him saying, "Come like a little child, but don't stay that way!"

Lysa TerKeurst said...

What a precious gift Sheryl is. I'm still thinking of and praying for your precious daughter and grandbaby!

Sweet Blessings friend!

Heather said...

Wow, Lelia, that is so cool that you & the team were recognized and thanked this past Saturday night! Yeah, that pic brings back some memories, i remember most of their faces but only a few names. I'd post a pic of our cross country team with Mr. Johnson, but our shorts were much shorter than the volleyball team - much to my utter dismay - and nobody should have to see my white legs! ... although the height of my bangs in my 80's hairstyle more than made up for the brevity of the shorts! hehe....

Susan said...

Hey Leila,

Had guest for the last few days, sorry I've missed your updates! did it go Saturday night?

Can't wait to hear ALL about it!