Saturday, February 16, 2008

Grant me patience Lord...NOW pretty please.

Two weeks ago I told you about my couch from God. What I didn't tell you, is that My Man's back went out while moving it. Poor thing has been on the couch ever since. Up for two different doctors appointments, an MRI and back down for rest. I've showed much grace by not reminding him that he's resting on the couch he almost didn't let me have.

I've been asking God to help me with patience as it's been running as thin as melting ice these last 2 weeks. I'm fully aware that regular doses of strong pain meds, heat, ice or an abundance of his favorite foods has not brought My Man even an ounce of relief from the intense pain he's feeling 24/7. The MRI revealed 3 bad discs, so in March he'll have a procedure then possibly surgery unless God does some healin'!

So, why is it that when I'm trying to cook, clean or write, does his request for a glass of water sound worse than the screeching attempts of a horrible violin player? I took Beth Moore's advice and started to pray for what I lack---patience. In no way do I want My Man to feel like My Burden, because Lord knows, through having babies and a severe sprained ankle, he's had his fair share of playing caretaker to me.

So yesterday, while driving, I'm stopped by a school bus. I start to tap on my steering wheel in frustration as there are no kids exiting the bus. Just waiting and wasting my gas and time. "COME ON kids, hurry up and get off the bus for goodness sakes!" Doesn't this bus driver know I'm a busy woman with things to do? It's freezing outside and I want to get back to my warm house! I don't have time to wait for this bus. I can't believe traffic has to stop for this. HURRY UP!!

That's when I saw who traffic was stopped for. Through my instant tears, I watched a young teenage boy with such a look of determination on his face as he wheeled himself off the bus. I wondered if he was cold as I waited in my warm car as he wheeled up a ramp. I wondered if he noticed the rows of stopped vehicles waiting on him. Was anyone inside to greet him as he opened the front door and rolled over the threshold? All I could do was muster a pathetic apology to God as I was now the one holding up traffic as I watched until the front door closed.

Patience. God will give us what we want, it just may not come to us the way we want. He's not going to just hand it over to us, He wants us to learn it and will be patient with us until we cooperate. If we pray for God to give us patience, we'll find ourselves in a situation that requires us to be patient. As we mature, we'll recognize the moment and eventually sieze it with the right response.

A few hours later, minutes before bedtime I hung a calendar on Alivia's wall. I had bought her the cutest Max Lucado's Hermie calendar earlier that evening. I left the room..

"Mom, why does Lincoln have a birthday?" (We live in Lincoln, Nebraska)
"What are you talking about?"
"My calendar says Lincoln's birthday on it."
"Oh, that's the President Lincoln honey, it's his birthday, not our cities."

I come back into her room, we say prayers, I love you's, kisses, hugs, and a tuck. Then I turn and see the cutest Max Lucado's Hermie calendar hanging on her wall with circles. Five of them. Big and sloppy. In green marker.
"Alivia! Why did you do this? Look how messy your new calendar looks now!"
Untuck, sit up and innocently looks at Mom with no patience...
"I wanted to circle all of the important dates."
I wanted to tell her that she doesn't even know what Ash Wednesday is, but then the young determined boy wheeled across my mind and I just couldn't.
"I love it Alivia, it's beautiful."
I love you's, kisses, hugs, a tuck and away No-Patient Mom goes.

Okay, Lord. I get it!. You're just going to keep pitching to me until I hit the ball, right? Ugggh!
And to think once I get patience down He'll probably want to work on love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness. Maybe He'll let me skip self-control...

Oh Lord, did you know when you chose me that I'd be so much work?
Thank Yourself that you have patience!

Well, ladies I had my 1st giveaway and it was soooooo much fun. Thank you all for your wonderful comments-you all are such a blessing and I've enjoyed visiting your blogs. I had my lovely daughter Alyssa draw a name for me and the winner of the Valentine's Day Giveaway is...EMILY!

Enjoy your new book written by Lysa TerKeurst called "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God". If any of you haven't visited Lysa's blog before, please go now, come back, but go visit her. You'll feel like you've known her forever as God has blessed her with the gift of making any sister from any walk of life feel comfortable. You'll laugh, sometimes cry and any desire you have to know Jesus will increase after spending time with her, for she is one contagious woman of God!

So, congratulations Emily on being the winner of my 1st bloggy giveaway! Send me your e-mail so I can get you Lysa's book, the hand lotion and the Lip Appeal sooner than later.
Thanks again for everyone who entered. We'll do this again real soon!
~Many Blessings~


kmom3 said...

I am so sorry about Gene! I will be praying for him....and for you! :)
Patience is not my strong point either. But I know that He who began a good work in us will bring us to completion!
Love you!

Emily said...

I just posted a sob type post about running out of time (we're moving)I'm having a total pity party for myself this morning.

literal tears and all. :)

I then went and read some blogs on my bloglines and I'm SO happy to have clicked on yours. I felt about 2 inches tall reading about the stopped bus. That could have been me. The impatient one.

That's the coolest thing ever that I won your contest! wahoo! (no more pity party for me)

my email is

Thank you so much!

Annette said...

I really try NOT to pray for patience because then I know the Lord will put me in a situation that requires it. And, if I pray for self-control, does that mean I have to restrict myself from chocolate??? Just askin'!

Linda said...

I enjoyed your Valentine's post and this one, too. God bless your poor guy. It's neat that you prayed about patience and then when God was working with you, you had presence of mind (spirit?) to be teachable.

valerie said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's back. Praying he'll be out of pain and well very soon.!

North Carolina Gran'Ma said...

Patience.......something I don't have much of and just like Annette said, I try not to pray for patience because I know what will happen!!
The story about the bus thing sounds so much like myself....I am always 1 minute (usually longer!) later than I should be and any obstacle in my getting to my destination on time is greeted with major frustration! Sometimes the good Lord does that, I think, just to see how we will react....
Thanks for sharing...truly something to remember and consider.
(and hope your hubby's back will be better real soon).

MrsJoeB said...

Lelia-haven't you ever heard that you should never pray for patience as you will be hit with the most trying circumstances?!?!?!?! Bless you--I hope you will find success in this! I will pray for your husband too. I can't beleive how busy I have been this past week. I found Lysa's book "Learning to Say Yes to God" to be transforming. What a great give-away!!
MY daughter is doing better it seems. She's 14--it's up and down daily!! Keep us in your prayers!
God Bless!!
In His Graces~Pamela

Amy L Brooke said...

Yes, we all need patience! I love your insight!

I have a PR. I'm a counselor in IL. They are asking for volunteers to go to NIU (where the shootings happened on Thursday) when NIU reopens the 24th. I'm praying about if I should go and getting off of work and all that. Please pray with me.

MaryLu said...

Why is it, we can have patience with a bagger at the store or a person on the phone, but when it comes to our own families, we have absolutely none left.
2 things:
I don't think we ever come to a point where we are finished learning patience.
And secondly, do remember that it was your couch that put him on it in the first place. (hee hee)

Jenny said...

I'll be praying for your husband. Patience that is a hard one. I'm working on love for unloveable people. I had one in my life and now somehow I have 4, I guess maybe God though the practice would do me good!

Sita Henderson said...

Hi came to mind today. Hope all is well. One of the things that stuck in my mind in the Beth Moore study, A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place, is that the Trinity got together to carefully plan the trials that would produce the fruit of the Spirit in us. He planned all the details 'cause He knows us so well.
It is plain to see this in you as you work out your salvation for all to see online. You bless us with viewing the redemption of trials--His glory in your life. Thank you, dear sister. So glad I found you.
Love, Sita