Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a Girl wants...

As you may know our teenage daughter is due to give birth in April to our first granddaughter. So needless to say, our family has had our fair share of discussions of childbirth, contractions, babies, diapers and so much more.

Much more than what I thought until the other night. I was with our 13 yr old son, Aaron & Miss Alivia, who is 6. As I pulled into Pizza Hut's parking lot, out of the blue, Alivia informed us that she was NOT going to have a baby. As Aaron was exiting the car to go get our healthy dinner, he non-chalantly said, "Livvy, you don't even know where babies come from."

Alone with her, she confidently responded to her big brother through the glass of her window seat, "Oh yes, I do."

So, I asked her "Really, from where?"

"OH, I am NOT telling you."

Arms folded, she sat in the back seat looking out her window watching Aaron wait for the pizza.

"You can tell me Liv. Where do you think babies come from?"

Giggling, she then starts to point to her private parts.
Then in a serious tone, as if we were talking woman-to-woman she says...

"But I'd much rather purrfer to have a baby that way then have my tummy cut open."

I just nodded as I thought, always good to know these things ahead of time. Way ahead of time.

Okey dokey...guess I better monitor what Alyssa & I talk about a little better than what we
have been doing. Not that we've been talking about anything bad, but some things are better left to learn later. But just in case... I'm never talking to hubby Gene again about nothin' when little girl is awake!

I can only imagine what she's taught her friends at school during recess.
Who knows what the 1st grade girls are "purrfering" now adays.

~Many Blessings~


kmom3 said...

Little ears pick up soooooo much more than we ever realize! :)
How's that haircut? I hope you had a great time on Saturday night!

Amy L Brooke said...

What is that old saying? Little pictures have big ears! At least I think that is how it goes.

I remember when I was just learning how to read and spell. My mom, for some reason, thought it was still safe to spell things in front my sister and I. Little did she know that we actually were getting quite good at the spelling thing!

Too bad spell check has ruined my spelling . . . .

MaryLu said...

We have lots of ears on our cornfield, Bear and I go to our room to de-brief for the day.
Oh that sounded bad. I mean to TALK about our day.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I am being blown away at what Jennifer Kennedy Dean is saying. I have never heard anyone talk of prayer like this but it all makes so much sense.

God just keeps taking me more and more away from what I HAVE TO DO to what HE WILL DO, in me and through me. It just never ceases to amaze me at how simple it is to follow Him. Why in the world to we make it so difficult?

I hope to keep up with you. In fact, I am planning to bookmark you on my site so I can keep up with you and your precious daughters upcoming delivery.

Have a blessed night!

MrsJoeB said...

"Out of the mouth of babes"!! Considering what you are expereincing in your life right now, it is only natural for her to know this. What a great opportunity for you and her to "discuss" this. A few weeks ago I got a call from my 3rd graders teacher (the dreaded call). The teacher is pregnant and my daughters brother (in her dad's family) girlfriend is pregnant (she's 16). My daughter loves babies and plays with dolls continually. However, she was telling everyone at school she was pregnant and it had spread to other classrooms. There was "concern" with this rumor....we had a talk. Bless her heart, she only saw the joy in these situations!
In His Graces~Pamela

kmom3 said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! And I just have one question....when do we get to see your new hairdo? Come on, Lelia. Share with the class. :)

Jenny said...

I have 3 little girls and my little one knows way to much and shares it at the wrong time!

The good thing is I have learned enough to laugh about it now!

Have a great day!

valerie said...

Hi Lelia,
I wrote a comment earlier and something happened??? Hope it doesn't show up twice.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. That's exactly what my sister said about the guacamole. :)
I love it so much and it was so fresh made right there at our table.
I do have a sweet daughter and am blessed!
I've been wondering how things are going with your daughter and your family. I think of you often and say a little prayer when I do.
Thanks again,

valerie said...

I loved "John The Beloved" Bible study. So many sweet and special things happened in my life during that study. I loved how much John loved Jesus. That is truly one of my favorites of "Beth's."
You would definitely like "Stepping Up." Travis Cottrell sings a song in every lesson. That's something new to her studies. We've done a couple of deeper studies the past two times [Daniel & A Woman's Heart....Tabernacle] and loved them, but this one just seems practical. We have at least two ladies in there who are going through a very tough situation and last night's lesson was so on target for them....and probably others I don't even know about.
Thanks for writing on my blog.
Love & Blessings!

Cindy said...

Hey, girl! This cracked me up. Even though I had four births naturally, somehow it STILL sounds better to me to be cut open. I'm weird.

Saw Valerie's comment...Beloved Disciple is one of my two top faves, probably. I'm enjoying Stepping Up now, too.

Love your photo, btw. You are so pretty!