Monday, January 7, 2008

Good Cooker

I haven't been feeling good at all this weekend & felt worse today. I have that respiratory thing going on. So, last night before bed after doing my breathing treatments, I decided to take a long, hot, relaxing shower. Got out, dried off and put on my comfy pj's. After walking around the house for a few minutes, I took the towel off my head, took off my comfy pj's and got back in the shower. Our teenage daughter heard the water running again and came into the bathroom to ask me if I had just taken a shower. "Yes, but I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair." She just laughed as she left me alone in my hot, relaxing shower...again. I blame it on the NyQuil I had taken.

Tonight as I was cooking dinner, our very tall, handsome 13 year old son Aaron followed the smell of food into the kitchen and asked the question he asks every night... "what's for dinner?" I told him on the menu was chicken, brown rice & salad. Chicken? He said with a disappointed tone as he reached into the fridge and grabbed the package of hot dogs. After his hot dog appetizers, he ended up eating some chicken with us but he is definitely the pickiest eater in our family.

It wasn't always like that though. When he was not even 2 years old, we stayed in this apartment that had a tiny kitchen. It didn't matter what I would be making, he'd come into my small cooking space and wrap his arms around my leg. He would then look up at me with his big, dark brown eyes and in the cutest little voice, he'd say "you're a good cooker mom".

It didn't matter if I was making Hamburger Helper or a gourmet meal, to my little guy, I was a "good cooker." It always made me feel so good. Now he's taller than I am, would worry me if he wrapped himself around my leg and usually complains about what I have on the stove. Unless of course it's Mexican, then I'm a good cooker!

Over the years, my son has changed. Green beans used to be his all time favorite veggie, and now the only green food he'll eat is salad. He used to love pork chops, especially when I cut them up for him in little pieces. Now he hates pork chops and would die if I cut his food up for him. He used to eat whatever I would put on his plate and now he'll go to bed hungry if he doesn't like what he sees on his plate. Time has changed him.

The one thing about God is that He has never changed and never will.
Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Doesn't matter how bad I mess up in my life, His love for me is unconditional. It doesn't matter what we have cooking on the stove of life, He will always love us. When we create our own recipes instead of following His Holy Cook Book, the Bible, we create such a mess in the kitchen, but He still loves us. Fortunately, He doesn't base His love for us on our actions.
We may have an affair baking, or gossip frying, or even pride simmering in the crock pot. Whatever it is that we have cooking on the stove of life, our God loves us. He may not like it, but He still loves us. And when we reach that point of wanting to follow the recipe of life the way He created it to be, then our Head Chef wraps His arms around us and with love says,
"You're a good cooker."
How I long for those days of hearing that little toddler's voice call me a "good cooker", but I also love hearing my little man-child say "thanks mom" followed by a kiss on my cheek when I make something special for him.
Maybe I can bribe him with some enchiladas if he'll call me a "good cooker" again...
worth a try!
~Many Blessings!


North Carolina Gran'Ma said...

Saw you on Beth Moore's blog.....I can relate to the daughter thing. The difference is that my daughter had left home (joined the navy) at 18 and was living with a guy that today is our son-in-law. Very difficult situation for us to "accept" since Sean, being from the Caribbean was "very dark" and we're caucasian...but only by the grace of God did we get through this and learned to LOVE our son-in-law! And I learned alot through this situation about "race". We could not ask for a more hard-working, loving son-in-law. And we have 3 grandchildren that have come from their marriage (the oldest will be 13 next month and our only granddaughter!)...and I might add they are all beautiful!! God will get you through any trial and you will be made better for it because from it comes strength that only God can give.
Enjoyed your blog.....I'd like to add you to mine.
Blessings on you!

MrsJoeB said...

I hate it when I get out of the shower and leave the condictioner in!! Not so funny when your not feeling well though. I hope you get over this quickly!
For the most part, besides my burnt rolls (my blog entry for today), I like to think I'm a good cooker also. My husband and I have gained weight and he always blames it on my cooking. Hence the gym membership we got each other for Christmas this year.
But what a wondeful spiritual thought about the baking of our life and our head chef Christ! I hope I never stop baking for Him!!
Again, you are blessing and yes, I visit Beth Moore's blog regularly!
I am really working on being more devoted to prayer this year. If I could pray anything for you or your family, let me know!
In His Graces~Pamela

Lisa said...

Hey Lelia!

I just wanted to say -- saw your cute poem on Lysa's blog yesterday and had to come and tell you how much I enjoyed it. Girl, you made me smile with that fun post!

When I came by to see what you were up to, I was met by the neatest song -- "When I think About the Lord" by Hillsong. I have been here for a few minutes, praising Him to this awesome song!!! I am going to add it to my list of songs I want downloaded on my new MP3 player!

Thanks for both blessings...

Lisa :)

Rachel Olsen said...

Hi Lelia. Well, no matter what's cookin' on your stove, or whether the kids compliment your meals, at least you'll have fabulous, smooth, shiny, well-conditioned hair after this!

Hop over to my blog this week and enter to win a free pedicure kit so you'll have silky smooth feet to go with those well-conditioned locks.

Blessings ~ Rachel

Rachel Olsen said...

By the way, remembering your comment last month on my blog about winning something, only to be "woman-bullied" out of it, I think you derserve to win this pedicure set. I know its Mary Kay and not Beauticontrol (so using it might be against your ethics!)but I wanted you to have a shot at winning it. You deserve to win something and get to keep it! :)