Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pack your bags...we're going to Miracle, Kentucky is my much delayed post about the recent trip I took to Miracle, Kentucky. I had a post about something awesome with my son Aaron the other day and put it in the drafts until later this week to ask for prayer for Carmie. When my Mom called me and asked if I would put up a post to request prayer for her, I told my Mom, "These women...they WILL pray Mom. They are amazing." and pray you did! Thank you for standing in the gap of this sweet precious baby girl. God is bigger than all of this...AMEN? Thank you for being the women of God that you all are. If you haven't read the prayer request just click on the precious baby picture on the top right corner of my blog and it will take you right to the post. Thank you & God bless each one of you. By the Mom was overwhelmed with your responses. Not only is Carmie being lifted up here in the States...some beautiful Aussie women are praying as well as a beautiful sister in Christ in Asia...our God is everywhere and has His eye right on our baby girl. Thank You Jesus.

Okay...recently I went to Miracle, Kentucky to see my friend Meg. Meg had just moved there to live with her Grandma Loretta while she started a new job as a teacher at a nearby school.

While I was there a lot happened.

First I was so grateful that Meg left the situation she was in before moving to Miracle. She was living with her boyfriend Dillon in Chicago who had cheated on her and didn't have a job. So starting fresh in Kentucky was such a great and brave thing for her to do.

Before starting her teaching position though...she met a guy. Well, actually she met his daughter Cammy who she found out was going to be her student. Then she met the dad Vance a few minutes later. If you think country singer Tim McGraw is cute....which I do...when you look at Vance it is like looking at Faith Hill's hubby. So adorable. Anyway, Cammy was in a wheelchair which teaching a child in a wheelchair would be a whole new adventure for Meg.

Did I mention that lots happened during my visit? Lots of drama and many wonderful things went on. Too much that I can't share it all here, so I've decided to send you to Miracle, Kentucky so you can see for yourself how Meg is doing.

Okay, I must be honest...I didn't actually travel anywhere. Omaha which is an hour away is about as far from Lincoln I get these days, but in my mind I took off to Kentucky every night for about a week and a half.

Talented Christian author, Andrea Boeshaar e-mailed me and asked me to review her book, Love Finds You, In Miracle Kentucky. From the day it arrived in my mail box, I am telling you friends...I could not put it down. I am very visual and Andrea gives her readers the best descriptions of each character and place. The way she described Grandma Loretta's house took me to one of my favorite childhood Great Aunt Myla's farm house.

I was reading this book while trying to deal with the fresh news that my teenage daughter is pregnant again and I can't tell you how I looked forward to some "me" time at night. Miracle was quite the escape from Lincoln for me and I found out this town is really on the map.

One night I picked up the book and I was only going to read a little bit of it. Four hours later I closed the book as I had reached the end and wiped my tears. It is such a good read my friends and I just had to share this with you. Let's just say that it is such a good read that even though my bedside lamp is not working, I improvised by putting a flash light on my shoulder pointing right at the book. You know when you go to that trouble you have a great book in your hands.

God is splashed throughout the entire book and I love Andrea's smooth writing style. This book would make a great gift for someone who loves to read or just to add to your own book shelf. It is a must have on every reader's wish list.
So let's have a give away, shall we? To get your own copy of Love Finds You, In Miracle Kentucky by Andrea Boeshaar, then just leave a comment here and on Wednesday night I will have my little assistant Miss Alivia draw a name. I will announce the winner on Thursday. Then it will be mailed to you directly from Andrea herself.

Oh, and guess what? I just visited Andrea's website and you actually have TWO chances to win this by leaving a comment here and another by visiting her website then clicking on the button that says BLOG and leaving a comment for Andrea there before December 15th. Woohoo! Visit Andrea by clicking here and tell her I said hello!
Have a great beginning of your week dear friends!

~Many Blessings~


LynnSC said...

Oh!!! I love a good book. Count me in! Right now my "to-be-read" shelf is empty. I need a new one. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one.

Mel said...

First off I did think I was on the trip with you!!! A book that sucks you in is always a good bet. Thanks for the introduction.

Kelly said...

This sounds like a wonderful book, I would love to win a copy!
When I read Francine Rivers' "Redeeming Love", it was the same way, I could hardly put it down...I couldn't wait for work to be over and dinner done so I could get back into it!
Lelia I love your flashlight story! I used to read under the covers at night after bedtime with a flashlight when I was a kid..I loved reading a good book so much! You will do what it takes to keep light going when reading a great story!

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

Oh that sounds like a great book that I would love to read and share.

godsown said...

I love a good book! Count me in.
It's my 1st visit to your blog and i will pass-by frequently


Tammy said...

Count me in,I love a good book and escaping into a little "me" time. :)


Angela said...

I love a good story! Pick me, Alivia! Praying for Carmie.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I am always up fro a give-away! I too am still praying God will bring Carmie home and keep her safe!!

Love you!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Anonymous said...

Do Aussie's get a chance with the book???!!!:) I'll have to put in another online order... the man of the house keeps ordering "Corner Gas" DVDs, so I'm sure I can manage this!!!... a gift for myself for Christmas, perhaps?!;) Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Mine's now over, so I'm off to wake the crew and get the week started.

Love & blessings. N x

Luanne said...

Enter me in the give-away! Praying for Carmie!

Carol said...

Sounds great, I could use a good read over the holidays.

Carol :)

Yolanda said...

I'm always looking for a great book and a good movie.

Talking about movie...we watched

Believe In Me


Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, we women need a good book to remove us from our realities sometimes!!

Your intro was terrific Lelia--if I don't win-I will definitely be looking for this one!

Love ya,

**did you get my e-mail??

Wanda said...

Ummm that's it! I have to have it now!
You've got my wheels a turning.
Count me in to win PLEASE??

Sounds awesome!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Feeling a little overwhelmed here Lelia and the holidays haven't even started! Nothing major, just lots to do - I could use a good read. blessings, marlene

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sistah!!
Please know I left a comment on the other blog concerning Carmie bless her little heart. As I was reading I really thought you did go to kentucky lol. Sounds like a great read!! How is your precious grandbaby?? she must be getting so big. I just had a new grandson, that makes 3 no grand daughters..maybe one day.
But those boyzzz are enough for now lol.

Hugz Lorie

AnooCre8ion said...

This book has to be really good if you went to the discomfort of putting a flashlight on your shoulder. I would love to read it.

You made it sound really interesting. I honestly thought you went to Kentucky :)


Andrea Boeshaar, Author said...

Lelia, I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed my story "Love Finds You in Miracle, KY." I know your friends and readers will enjoy it also. I'll be sending a special little gift with the FREE BOOK to whoever wins the drawing. So look out! A Happy Surprise is on its way to a very lucky and blessed winner. So sign up now!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I'd love to visit Kentucky; count me in pretty paleeze!
I'm off to visit your friends blog.
Tickles to Amiyah (I hope I spelled that right.)

Sharon said...

Ok even though I am not sitting in Kentucky you sure made me feel as though I am there!.. Great post

Count me toooooo
:) Huggsss

Amy said...

Count me in the contest! That book sounds wonderful!

God Bless,

Connie said...

I would love a new book to take me to Kentucky. Connie

Josie said...

I seem to be like everyone else, I love a good book. I just got Steve Arterburn's Healing Water in the mail and can' wait to read it! Please put me in your drawing and I pray that Carmie is feeling the love of Jesus.
Your sister in Christ,

Amy L Brooke said...

I'm always up for a good book!

Of course, your blog is always a good read. I cannot believe you sent that text to your son. Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

Like I need any more books :D Well you can *never* have too many books IMHO. SOunds like a winner. I do so love a book that won't let me put it down.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

count me in...I'm actually from KY and would love to visit there, if only in my imagination. It will always be home to me.


Lynette Sowell said...

I've heard great things about these books and would love to get a chance to read one.

Enjoyed the blog post, too! :)

Renee Swope said...

Oh, I love a good book to escape into. Sounds dreamy!!! Please put my name in the pot!

Susan said...

Oh my, count me in, is it too late??

PS Will the last be first, and I win????

Mia said...

Oh I hope I'm not too late!! I live in Kentucky so does that cancel my entry??? ; )