Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hope and Freedom

Tuesday night my little girl Alivia was tucked in bed and was supposed to be asleep, but was trying her hardest to hear the results of the election coming from the television. She would occasionally yell out, "what's the score?" referring to the number of electoral votes each candidate had.

My friend Lisa Whittle wrote the most touching post I've read about the election night and I wish I would've read it before Tuesday night as I sat on my couch biting off my nails. Click here to read it. Please read it, for it will really touch your heart.

As many of you know I am a white woman married to a man of color. A black man as he calls himself or as many call him an African American.
To me, I am simply married to my Gene.

One thing we kept hearing on television the night of and the morning after the election from many people that have the same skin color as my family does was how history has changed. I watched Sherry Shepard on The View, which I never watch but did yesterday morning cry as she said how her son now "has no limitations".

This is MY opinion as a mother of 3 children that are bi-racial but in the worlds eyes are African American or as their Daddy says, his black babies.

Unlike Sherry's child, my son never had limitations before Tuesday, November 4th.
Because God said Aaron doesn't.
According to Philippians 4:13 Aaron can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens him.

Obama as President does not open the doors of Aaron's future that ONLY God can open. Having a man with the same skin color as my son has in the highest office in the US of A does not mean that NOW Aaron can be whatever he wants to be. No, the job Obama holds does not make God's plans that he has for my children any different than they were before the 4th of November. The only limitation that will be put on my children and will hold them back from being all that God wants them to be will be their choice to not cooperate with their Heavenly Father in living out His plans for their lives.

If my son, daughters or granddaughter looks to anyone for hope for their future I want it to be Jesus Christ. Yes, history books have a new chapter. We have lived the day to see the first African American President, but Oprah is wrong in the statement she wore on her t-shirt yesterday of HOPE WON. Oprah honey, Hope didn't win on November 4th because of the vote you publicly cast. HOPE won on Calvary. HOPE won 3 days later when the tomb was empty. HOPE wins each time someone kneels and invites Jesus into their lives. HOPE is not our new President...the real and only HOPE every person in this world has is Jesus Christ. Period.

My kids that tan easier than I do, my kids who have hair I don't know how to manage, my kids who embrace both their black and white kids have hope for their future and have no limitations because they are children of God.

I want my kids to look to God as their door-opener, hope-giver and according to His will no limitations-giver. One who believes that all life is important while still in the womb. The Only One who knows what truly is best for my children and the land they live in.

We've also heard a lot of people say that November 4th is the "first day they felt freedom".
How sad to base one's freedom of who moves into the White House in January.
Anyone who has ever invited Christ to take over their life knows real freedom is granted the day the Holy Spirit takes up residence within you. The day that Jesus Christ moves into the Oval office of your heart.
That my friend is real freedom.

Christ...the real Hope and the real Freedom-giver.

May God bless America,


Angela said...

This post made me cry! It articulates everything I have been feeling in ways I didn't realize. Great insight and so moving!

nothingcanseparateme said...

Lelia hunny--You are such a blessing to me!! This is so much of how I have been feeling but not being a person of tan skin I thought may be I just "don't get it"

I watched Sherri Shepherd cry for her son having no limitations and I thought "Lady, you claim Christ--tell your son he has no limitations because of Jesus Christ!!" not because of an african american president.


Love ya sister!

Jill said...

Great words Lelia!! I always enjoy your perspective - thank you for sharing and yes may God bless America!

Kelly said...

Right on, Lelia! You are telling it straight and true. The ONLY hope any of us have is Jesus and God is the door-opener for everyone.
It's a historic election for our country for sure and I am glad about that. But President-elect Obama is not our savior, only Jesus is. Oprah had it wrong with her tee-shirt.

Rhonda said...

I like your perspective Lelia!

Tammy R said...

I have never know someone like you and the way you share your heart.

You are the real thing.

Your children a very blessed to call you "mom." need to hold on to this woman!!!

Cricket said...

Oh my Goodness!!! Lelia, How completly true and honest and from your heart. I love this honesty from you. But it is TRUE.

Many Thoughts

Joy said...

AMEN! bless you and your family.

Laura said...

It cannot get any truer. Thank you for these words, friend.

I must admit, I was deeply moved as I watched our President Elect's speech Tuesday night. He is not our Savior (Praise the Lord there is only ONE!), but I was moved that he was a symbol of hope for so many. I cannot understand the heritage that they carry, yet I know how it is to long for a different future.

I was deeply moved by his opponent's concession speech as well.

Mostly, I'm just glad it is over. We rest in His hands, and He can work all things for the good of those who love Him!


wow cuz this was sooo good. luv you

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I posted yesterday and want you to come over when you can. Otherwise, I'm just about out of least as it pertains to blog land.

You have unearthed some wonderful truth here, and I love your perspective. Pray for me, please; my heart is heavy for so many reasons.


Darlene said...

This is the ROCKINGEST POST EVER! Do you mind if I post a reference to it on my blog?

OH, YES. HE is Hope. Bless you, and your family, who can do ALL things through Christ.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Lelia, honestly, this is one of THE best blog posts I've ever read. Not just about this election--but just the best in general. I wish I could get the whole world to read this post. Thank you for letting us, for letting me, be a part of your life through blogging. I'm so very honored to call you friend.

Susan said...

Hey Sweet Lelia,

I've been missing you girlfriend,(hint/hint)...

Anyhow, this was just GREAT. I love what God showed you and how you have put everything in it's truest perspective.

I'm so blessed we A-L-L have a hope and a freedom this world can never give us.

Blessings and hugs to you and your precious family.

Been thinking about you a lot these days♥

Chris & Brenda said...

Wow, what a great post! You are an awesome writer. We are so proud of the mom and wife you have become!

Shannon said...

Such a wonderful post! Thank you!

Runner Mom said...

You have put it perfectly into words, sweet girl! God has blessed your writing--so glad you are using it to glorify Him. It's all about Him.
Love you!

Cindy said...



Julie said...

Amen & Amen!

No one molds my future but my Creator!

Thanks for responding to my post.
We are all doing well. My Hannah got a job at a salon here in town as the receptionist. She is meeting with high school girls every Sunday night doing, "Every Young Woman's Battle". I think there are 5-6 girls. She is also
working with the youth group.

I am recovering from losing my laptop. All of my writing was on it. Thankfully I had saved some of it and we are backing it up now in case the laptop can be saved. We are not in a position to buy another one, so I will see what Papa God wants to do to give me creative ways to write without my laptop. It was a great gift given to a friend who believed God had a ministry for me... I loved drawing away to quiet places to write my heart...

Thankfully I know that God's about things in my life so I rest in Him.


Naomi said...

You hit the nail on the head here, gorgeous girl! You are a Glory-Giver!

Brenda said...

Good Morning Lelia, I understand that the things yoou said are very true only God can open doors and close doors that no man can open or close but God also work through people, and because you are married to a Black man does not mean you understand the heart cry of all Black people or the struggle of all black people. Lelia I am a 57 year old Black female and I have seen with my eyes signs that said colored only and white only, I have seen black men and women have water hoses turned on them because they wanted to be counted as a human being. Hope Won I can understand someone feeling that way. but as you and I also know hope was won at calvery. I'm glad your children have no worries, but that is not the future for all black chidren, no matter who is in the White House. and until they know the Lord they will only know in the eyes of man that Obama shows them hope of what can be. I love your spirit, but you have made the mistake that all people make when married to a black man or women, that they know how or what Blacks should feel.but your heart will never fully understand and I know it feel good that people agree with what you had to say but has I read the comments I realize we still have a long way to go.

Sandra said...

Hi Lelia,

Hope all is well. I love the reminder that God is our hope but my sentiments are with Brenda. As a Hispanic-American, I too have felt the sting of racism, discrimination. Certainly not to the extent like my fellow African-Americans, but nonetheless, it's happened. So I couldn't help but rejoice for what our new Presiden-elect can bring to those who aren't as fortunate as we are to know our Lord as Savior, Hope. Hope that no matter the color of our skin, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. The day after he was elected, I also felt a strong sense of redemption as well. Redemption for a people that faced unimaginable struggles and for once I feel unity and healing within our nation. I find comfort knowing that President-elect Obama has been a Christian for the past twenty years and I pray that he will glorify God in everything he does.

Letters From Midlife said...
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Letters From Midlife said...

This was well said and I appreciate your perspective. I wrote about the election at my blog as well. It's an emotional time for everyone for all kinds of reasons.

Luanne said...

Thank you for sharing--you summed it up very nicely. Hope is not just a vague concept out there--it is a person--Jesus.

Anita said...

Racism and discrimination is for any race. I am American Indian. Perons who feel that bad events that have occured throughout history are being made up for in this election only are deceiving themselves. This constant cry of injustice is not just for the blacks. If one truly believes in Jesus and God, you will also remember we do not have to like each other but we are commanded to love each other. Harsh things happen when you are human and fall into Satan's trap. As long as a torch is carried with Satan's handprints all over it, healing never begins. God is our redeemer not Obama.

Susie said...

YOU are a blessing, dear one. I love to read your blog, the transparency in your writings and your heart for Jesus. Not to mention how well you write (did Mr Rex have anything to do with that?) Thank you for your great testimony and how much you share your heart with us.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Lelia, you have expressed most of what I've been feeling since Tuesday. Hope didn't occur on the 4th. I was so bothered by the comments I briefly saw of Sherry Sheppard...saying her son no longer has limitations.

Everything you've said, was expressed so beautifully.
Love you,

Carol said...


This was so good, I had to read it outloud to my husband. We were both saying amen.

Yes it's historical, but hope and true freedom is in our savior Jesus Christ.

Love you girl.


HisPrincess said...

I just love visiting this blog.

I love your honesty and your perspective.

Sarah said...

Your sweet comment brought tears to my eyes as I think of my daughter forming in my belly. Thank you so much for your words.

Christy, Jessica and I are having a wonderful time!

Jess said...


This post is amazing. You have a perspective that we need to hear - and the authority to speak it boldly.

I almost cried when I saw your comments on my blog tonight. I have read your blog and followed your story for many months - never commenting (I am NOT good at commenting...I worry my words won't say what I really want to convey...and I say nothing.)..

So, YOUR words to me meant a lot.

I hope you have a wonderful evening -


Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

AMEN Lelia!! you nailed it here!! no matter what are color of skin, God is our only hope for freedom, peace, hope.

In His Graces~Pamela

Rachelle said...

That was the BEST post election comment, I have read!! "HOPE won on Calvary." Amen sister, AMEN!

Liz said...

I love this of the best one's that I have read since the presidential election. You are so right, Jesus gives us REAL freedom!
My family is full of color and your post says it just like it is!
Have a blessed day ~Liz
ps-I tagged you on a Kreativ Blogger thing...just fun stuff. Play if you want but don't worry if you don't.

Samantha said...

Lelia -

"How sad to base one's freedom of who moves into the White House in January."

Amen to that! What an absolutely wonderful post and perspective :) Clearly, I've been missing out on some fantastic posts!

I hope everything is going well for you and your family.


Yolanda said...



Should be sent to your local paper! Placed in your church bulletin....honey, outstanding!


Anonymous said...

i loved this using your mixed family it shows that no matter the color of your skin there is only one way to true and ever lasting HOPE through our Lord Jesus.
I am also the mother two mixed (african american children)a son and a baby girl, a mixed (mexican) son and 3 white daughters. My african son was abused by his mothers boy friends..he has seen and lived through more than anyone should have to endure..where is his HOPE? My mexican son was abused by his mom's boy friend locked in a room..came to us with a broken damaged at the age of two...where is JoJo HOPE? One of my white daughter was also abused by her mother's boyfriend..tied up with duck tape..where is her HOPE?
You may want to know about the other two white girls..well we raised they ourselves and I am sure they have some horror stories to tell about us..just ask Lelia is our lost daughter...but I just want to say this has nothing to do with the past or what we have seen or felt. We have to pray for people that live with the hurt from the past are looking to the future for hope in an earthly man. It is not the color of any one persons skin..hurt and pain comes in many colors and sizes. Blessing Lelia's mom

nothingcanseparateme said...

Lelias Mom,

You are a treasure to so many children by showing them the hope in Christ Jesus. Praying that their hurt and pain will be relieved by the love that only our Father in Heaven can give!

blessings to you!

HIS Daughter said...

I loved this post! It was annointed to say the least! Thank you!

In my heart I understand what they are saying humanly. I lived in the "south" during a time of ugliness.

I didn't see skin color or know why I it was considered "bad" to be bestfriends with Kim, the only black girl in our school when I was in first grade.

"Christian" preachers actually taught that GOD wanted us to always be mixing races because ...the Hebrews didn't mix with other cultures??!!

Ok..really bad theology, but it was taught.

But you are right at the heart of it all - GOD will be the hope for all of matter of skin color.

I love you and your spirit. Would you believe as white and fair as I am that my grandfather "passed" as white because he could. No one knew until we could do geneology on the computer. His father, my great grandfather was bi-racial, but was able to "pass".

My great, great grandmother was a African American slave and the white man that was the father of her children wasn't about to be known - I'm sure he owned her.

Bless you and your sweet obedience...and bless your beautiful family!

Carol said...

Girl, I am building you a stand cause baby you can preach! Umm. That was so good. Amen. And Double Amen!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Wherever I've been
Wherever I've turned
The lesson is learned

Where did it come from,
And how did it start?
So many,... so blinded,
With HATE in their heart.

You can't judge a book,
By the cover it bares,
EXCEPT for the BIBLE...
That black and white shares.

We must reach beyond this,
Open eyes and then SEE....
LOOKS are only as deep as skin..
There's NO color inside of me.

~Lea Star...
Just wanted to share a poem I wrote looooong ago with you Lelia... SMOOCHY HOLY KISSES,
You are RIGHT in your thinking.
GOD BLESS YOU ..... all over!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I put in my comment, I was trying to type as fast as my mind was going and typed that Lelia is our "lost" daughter...oh my. She's our OLDEST.
OH well, gave Lelia the Lost and I a good laugh last night. :)
(Lelia's Mom)

Liz said...

Lelia's Mom,
I am so glad you cleared that up! I was a little I know she has had her share of wanderings, but not lost! I am laughing with you guys!
My family was a foster family (I was the foster sister) while I was growing up. Many of those children, now adults, are still in my family. I know the story you write about (above) and hope comes only from God! We'll just keep sharing Him!
Blessings to you and your lovely Lelia. (sorry Lelia...I had to type a little note to your mom!)

Paula said...

Wow Lelia, this IS a great post! We are truly blessed to be children of God, regardless of skin colour, when we can sit back and realise that we have all the hope and freedom we need, right here, and right now, through Jesus. Belief in Him IS our only hope and way to freedom. We, when we accepted Jesus into our hearts, made the right and only choice towards hope and freedom. No man can ever give us what the Lord provides us. Again, a great post! Paula xo

Kimberly said...

Have mercy, Lelia! If my husband wasn't asleep beside me and I wouldn't scare him to death, I'd be jumpin' up and down shoutin' hallelujah! Your passion for Jesus is positively contagious! Your children are so blessed to have a momma who knows where their hope comes from!

You keep preachin' it, girl! :)
Love you!!!!!!!!