Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy as a squirrel

This is the tree right outside of my office window. Every summer afternoon when done taunting the dog and chasing other squirrels, this squirrel would plop down in exhaustion for her nap. I loved looking out my window and seeing this view.

She hasn't been relaxing as of late though. Instead, she's been preparing. Getting her home ready for the upcoming changes in weather that God has given her the instinct to know. Watching her makes me tired. She runs up and down the tree and always coming back with her mouth stuffed with something she found on the ground.

Her winter home is in the corner of the garage roof. There is a hole there and to get home she has to jump off the top of her resting place branch onto the top of the garage, then she rolls herself off of the edge of the shingles into the hole. It's very entertaining to watch.

Watching her getting ready for the upcoming winter has really made me think of the Proverbs 31 woman. Everyday she scurries around gathering leaves and branches in her mouth and making her home warm and protected. During the fall season she stays very busy and is never lazy like she is in the summer time. She does take time to rest, but only after she gathers what she needs for her home.

As women, whether we are married or single our home says alot about who we are. I can tell you over the computer what an organized person I am, but if you were in my home right now you would see that I would be lying. I could tell you how I keep my home spotless, yet if you were in my house looking around you'd know that housecleaning is one of my weakness'. My home speaks louder than my voice does because it truly represents me.

Are we prepared for the changes that come our way? Like the seasons change we also experience changes in our lives. Are we prepared, is our hearts prepared for anything that may be approved by God to hit us? Take a look around your home and I bet you'll have your answer.

I need to be more like how the squirrel is in the fall versus how the squirrel is in the summer. I need to prepare by consistently staying in fellowship with Jesus. I don't want to return from time with Him with emptiness, instead I need to have a mouth full of His Word, just like the squirrel returns with leaves hanging out of her mouth.

~Many Blessings~


Kelly said...

Hi Lelia,
I can totally relate to you regarding the housekeeping matters. It's not one of my strong attributes either. I certainly need to take the advice of the squirrel and the Proverbs 31 woman in preparing and organizing. In my home, and with my time with Jesus.
Pop over to my blog for today's post on chocolate, for a freebie of some gourmet chocolates. I have a feeling if you and I lived near to each other, we would have a fine time eating chocolate, drinking coffee and generally accepting each other in the housekeeping ability department!
Many blessings,

Laura said...

I love the lessons Papa God gives us in nature! He really spoke through that little squirrel today! Funny, this time of year always makes me want to put on my winter fat! I just carbo load like crazy! Maybe I should take the squirrel's example instead!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This squirrel is sooo cute. I've never seen a squirrel sprawed out like that. I can imagine this is an amazing thing to watch. Entertaining for sure. God did good, huh? Creating such smart creatures and then giving them to us to eat...I mean watch. I'm JUST joking I promise. I just wanted to make you laugh. hehe

I love your analogy. We need to be prepared and ready...ready for life...ready for storms...ready for the enemy's attacks.

I think of you often.

I heart you lots.

Sharon said...

Oh my, My Mom is having the same situation going on, She made her a hole on the awning of the carport and we don't know if she is trying to get into the house or what she's doing but its loud and distructful sounding.
They are fun to watch though.
Have a terrific weekend

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

What delightful creatures they are!
And a little Prov 31 squirrel at that... carrying her food from afar. I've never seen one just crash on a limb like that... relaxing after all that hard work.

Just wanted to say Hi Lelia and read more on the Yes to God!
ps Has the new laptop come your way yet?

valerie said...

I used to think squirrels were cute little creatures. We even used to feed them.....until the day they got in our attic. Oh my goodness! They are very destructive. We got new siding on the house and right after the guy finished a squirrel chewed through it. He said he'd never seen anything like that. My husband nearly killed himself trying to get rid of them. It truly was not a pleasant time. It's a long story of how we finally got rid of them, but let's just say I don't think they're so cute anymore.

You did a good job on the analogy though. Very true....they are definitely little workers & preparers & they don't forget from year to year where they have visited & made their homes. :)

Have a great weekend. Oklahoma plays Nebraska tomorrow. I'll be thinking of ya!

Carol said...

Hi Lelia,

Love the squirrel analogy. We have tons of them at the apartment complex I work at, and I watch them all year. They are fascinating. I love your analogy.

Join the club of not such great house keepers, the only reason my living room and kitchen are clean is be cause my hubby cleans them. Yes my life is a reflection of the rooms in my charge at home, organized chaos, nobody else can find anything, but I always seem to know where or what I'm attempting to do.

Have a great day. Love ya