Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dog Hair, Chicken & Wild Child

Snow Day!

School was closed yesterday, December 11th due to a winter storm. What a blessing to be able to unexpectedly stay home alone with three loving, sweet, obedient gifts from God...
otherwise known as our children.

Okay, this is what really went down..."Is anyone out there? Can you hear me? I'm trapped! Please, send help--- immediately!" That's the plea I would've put out on an emergency radio yesterday if I owned one as I woke up to find myself outnumbered in my small home. As my husband Gene braved the storm and went to work, I was left home alone to brave 2 meanie teenies, a 6 year old wild child and a smelly puppy. Too dangerous outside to drive to the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of Starbucks, I instead escaped to the basement to spend some alone time with God.
Help me Jesus...

All of a sudden my quiet time was interrupted by  Alivia or Wild Child who was giggling, screaming and chasing Kane, our son's 7 month old puppy around the pool table. Even though pure chaos is going on next to me, I decide to ignore the noise and just remain in my peaceful mindset.

That is, until I heard the demand on the puppy from Wild Child to
"Drop the chicken!"

 This immediately caught my attention, so I looked over my shoulder just in time to see our dinner, an already cooked, BBQ-flavored whole chicken drop from Kane's mouth. I jumped up from my peaceful retreat and joined my daughter in yelling at the confused canine who quickly took shelter under the pool table.

As I go upstairs to throw away our dinner, I'm followed by Wild Child, who is apologizing and Kane, who wants to play fetch with his stolen goods. On the way to the garbage can I begin to wonder if the "5 second rule" that my husband lives by, much to my disgust, applies in this case.

Do I blow the dog hair off of the chicken or just throw it away and thaw out some hamburger for burritos? Trying to decide what to do, I look into Kane's innocent eyes that are fixated on the poultry in my hand. I feel sad from the image that pops into my head of Kane covered in icicles after being put outside by my hungry for the chicken in the garbage/unforgiving husband. On the other hand, if I put the chicken back in the fridge, threaten the kids with a gift-less Christmas if they talk, my husband will wonder why I won't share a nice romantic chicken dinner with him.

Decisions, decisions, what's a girl to do? I'll never tell, but let's just say I asked God's forgiveness between every bite of the beef burritos that my secret-sworn kids and I ate as Gene enjoyed his marinated-in-dog-saliva chicken. However, he unknowingly did help lessen my guilt by being a bit cocky when he said,
"Go ahead and eat your sorry burritos... more chicken for me!" Hmmm...okay.

Well, thank you Lord for an exciting morning yesterday. Please help Alivia a.k.a. Wild Child to remember to never show our dinner to our playful puppy and please forgive me for taking Gene's 5 second rule to the extreme. I have a feeling the original Proverbs 31 wife would be very disappointed in me, but if it takes Gene picking dog hair out of his teeth to keep the peace in our home, then that's just a sacrifice I had to make. What hubby doesn't know will never hurt's not like he's going to turn into a dog by sharing Kane's germs, but I'll stay alert to notice any canine-like behavior...

Psalm 59:15
They wander about for food and growl if they are not satisfied.
~Many Blessings~


Chris & Brenda said...

Ummmm . . . Does Gene read your posts? Might want to get him some pepto bismol just in case! BTW, if you lived here in AL you could have thrown the chicken AND the dog outside since it was nearly 80*!

Love ya too much!

c & b

Lelia Chealey said...

Lol...he does read it when I send it to him. Somehow he didn't make it on the e-mail list. I need to come clean as I noticed last night the leftover bird in the freezer. I either need to confess or not let Gene cook for awhile! :)
80 degrees-I'm jealous!!!
Love ya!

Lelia Chealey said...

Dog Hair Chicken UPDATE:
As Gene came home from work & put the frozen chicken in the microwave on defrost for his pre-dinner snack I told him I had a confession to make. He smiled & said, "Girl please, I already know Kane had a hold of the chicken." Wild Child broke our pinky promise & told on me. :( I did clarify with him that he was aware that Kane had the bird in his mouth & dropped it on the basement carpet. He's upstairs eating as I type. Guess his 5 second rule has been extended to 5 seconds on the floor/15 seconds in the dog's mouth. GROSS!!

Robin said...

How funny!! Thanks for starting my day with a smile. Gene sounds like quite the character himself. I will have to meet him sometime. Have a great day girlfriend and keep the posts coming.