Friday, December 21, 2007

Could never walk in Mary's sandals


If you're visiting from Lysa's blog I'm so happy you're here!

Last night during our six year old daughter's Christmas program at church I held a 9 day old baby who is just so tiny and precious. As we sang "Away in the Manger" together I began thinking about Jesus' mom Mary. Okay, there's a reason why God picked sweet, innocent Mary to be the chosen mother of Jesus instead of me.

Here's how the Bible would read if I had been the one in Mary's sandals...

And the angel finished telling Lelia that she had been chosen to carry baby Jesus.
Lelia stopped washing her clothes in the river & said, "Wait a minute want me to do WHAT? I can't do that, no way. You've got the wrong girl."

Angel: "Look , I'm just as surprised as you are that God picked you so don't complain...just do it!"

Then the angel gladly left her.
Later, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream telling Joseph to not be afraid to take Lelia home as his wife and when Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord commanded him and took Lelia home as his wife.

He then decided to move to another town, so after packing his beautiful bride on the back of the donkey, they headed out.
A few miles down the road Lelia began to whine, "Joeeeeeeeeeeeey!! Are we there yet? You know what?
Just stop the donkey!
Stop the donkey!
I want off of this thing!"

"Lelia, honey, were making good time, and if we stop now we'll be way behind schedule."

"Joseph if you don't stop this donkey now & let me off to rest, so help me..."

Wanting to keep his girl happy, Joseph stopped the donkey & gently helped Lelia get down carefully from the animal. Lelia then found a big rock and sat down on it.

As Joseph began to eat the snacks he had packed in his back pack, he could feel the cold stares coming from Lelia. He stopped eating and looked at her and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me?" Lelia snarled. "Let's see Joseph. First you make me go through my possessions and pack what I can fit into this tiny bag and make me choose 1 pair of sandals out of the 15 that I love. Then you make your 65 pounds heavier very pregnant wife ride on the back of this donkey you call The Blessing while you take me on the not-so-scenic route of the desert while only going 2 miles an hour. So what's wrong with me Joey is that I have one pair of tight sandals for my swollen feet that I can't even see, I'm fat, and my back & butt are sore. Let's not forget that you just informed me how you "forgot" to make a hotel reservation in Bethlehem. Oh, AND to top it all off, when I politely asked you to stop so I can rest, you give me attitude by yanking me off this pet of yours and before my feet touch the ground you're feeding your face. Any more questions?"

Looking around for the angel that told him not to be afraid of taking Lelia as his wife, Joseph hid on the other side of the donkey while quietly eating his granola mix until his wife calmed down.
Twenty minutes had passed when a refreshed Lelia sweetly informed the love of her life that she was ready to get going. After struggling to help his 65 pound heavier barefoot very pregnant wife back onto The Blessing, Joseph began to lead the way again...


Okay, need I say more? I have trouble saying "yes" when I'm asked to help out in the nursery at church, so God definitely knew what He was doing when He chose Miss Mary instead of Miss Lelia to carry His precious Son!

Don't you just adore Mary though? She had to have been scared out of her mind. Our daughter, Alyssa, who will turn 18 next week is 6 months pregnant right now & is scared of what lies ahead for her. I can't imagine how it would be right before her due date in April if some man pulled up to our house on a donkey & said, "Let's go baby."

Forget the uncomfortable ride Joseph offered Mary, he took her away from her support group~her family. I know as a Grandma-to-be I'd be crushed if my 1st born moved away. I wonder how Mary's mom felt as she watched her pregnant teen ride off into the sunset with Joseph? I wonder if this is the thing that brought Mary's mom closer to God? I know my daughter's unexpected pregnancy has done that for me . I'm sure there was a lot of crying, but seems to me that faith outweighed the fallen tears.

Lord, You are beyond awesome. I thank You for choosing such a willing hearted servant such as Mary to give birth to your Son. Thank You for knowing just when to create me. You know how I can't stand getting dirt in my flip flops in the summer time. You know how much I loved being pampered by the nurses in the hospital after giving birth to my 3 kids. You know I'm a "take 2 showers a day" type of gal, so Lord thank you for making me now & not then.

Dirty sandals, a donkey, river water and wrapping my baby up in swaddling clothes after giving birth instead of the nurses doing it for me...just not my cup of tea.
Somehow, I guess you knew that.
~Many Blessings~


Becky said...

I'm here! Posting in both places- Lysa's and your blog. : ) Thank you so much for your generous giveaway. I'm so excited about this one and will be anxious to see who the winner is. : )

I hope you also have a blessed and non-stressed Christmas.

Becky A.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hi Lelia,
Okay, I think you are all set. I put your blog into my post and linked here from it.
Your post today is great. I will be praying for your daughter and will you please tell her how proud I am of her for choosing life! What a beautful thing. Does she know what she's having yet?
Sweet blessings,
Lysa TerKeurst

Cindy said...

Hey, Leila! SO glad to have found you via Lysa! I LOVE the music you have playing.

I pray your daughter will feel God's pleasure in her for choosing to carry this precious baby. I can't imagine all she must be feeling, but she has so much beauty and fun and hope ahead of her!! I've recently heard so many stories of unexpected pregnancies that years later have changed lives and blessed SO many people.

Blessings to you.

Alyce said...

Hi there..
Found you through Lysa's blog..and sure glad I did. Looking forward to reading more from you! Hope your daughter is doing well w/ the pregnancy! Christmas blessings to you and your family. Alyce

tiggerdaisy said...

You are too funny! I really enjoyed reading your take on if it were you instead of Mary. I'm also very tired right now. I just had surgery (carpal tunnel release) on both hands....check out Lysa's blog for more information. I took some medicine a few minutes ago and am feeling the effects, so I must go for now. You really are funny...and not just because I'm medicated! hahaha :)

tiggerdaisy said...

Oops, I forgot to comment on your daughter before I posted my comment. I was 33 when I had my first child...just a few months ago. I wasn't supposed to have children, but we prayed for them and God gave us a beautiful girl. I was 33 and my husband was 35...and we, too, were scared about what was ahead. But we are leaning on our heavenly Father who knows our paths and have knitted us all together. I will say a prayer for your daughter as well as your soon-to-be grandchild. Be blessed!

Jesstwins01 said...

Wow, you are really funny and congratulations on your soon to arrive 1st grandchild. I LOVE the song you played here on this blog, Thank you for that. !!! Very inspirational!! And thanks for making my holiday so much brighter. God Bless ! Jessica in Fl.

NannaBee said...

congrats to the grandbaby! This is one of the most treasured times on this earth we can experiance!My grandsons take away 1,000 tears from my heart and leave me with a smile...
God bless you and you's and merry christmas....

MrsJoeB said...

I can only imagine wearing Mary's shoes-to honor God so much. That is my heart..."for it to be to me as He desires". Great song!
In His Graces~Pamela