Saturday, December 22, 2007

For all my Stressed out Sisters...

By Lelia Chealey

Well, once again the Christmas season has arrived
Another Black Friday that I have survived

Hundreds of dollars spent on things my kids don't need
From the latest video games to books they'll never read

My New Year's resolution is always to focus on Jesus' birth
But each year I get caught up in nothing of much worth

Eleven months out of the year I make cookies called Break' N Bake
But in December its cookies from scratch I try to make

I bake more cookies than Betty Crocker has ever seen
At first the kids and I have fun but by the dozen I get real mean

So as I'm up past midnight making cookies all by myself
I begin to feel the stress and wonder if Santa could spare an elf

I still need to write and mail out our Christmas letters
For our family photo I need to buy everyone matching sweaters

I have to take the kids to the mall to sit on Santa's knee
I still need to find, unpack, set up and decorate the tree

I need to get the gifts out of hiding that I so lovingly picked out
I promise after wrapping for two hours to not scream and shout

I need to go buy my gift that will be from my husband to me
Even though throughout the year I complain about his lack of creativity

Like Martha Stewart I must create a wreath from scraps to hang on my front door
Smile when hubby asks me to make something for his work party the night before

As my "To Do" list dances through my stressed out mind
The tears start to flow as my emotions begin to unwind

For I realize once again it is that I have done
Again I have broken my promise to God to just focus on His Son

I really don't want my kids to have memories of my bad behavior
I want to teach them how to stay focused on the birth of our Savior

So I humbly ask God to forgive me as I clean up my kitchen mess
I ask Him to help me re-focus so my family I can bless

Tomorrow when my family wakes up on this day in December
We'll read the story of baby Jesus so we'll always remember

That the Christmas season is a time of joy, peace and love
As we thank God and celebrate His gift to us from above

Copyright 2007 Lelia Chealey

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The poem I wrote above I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to pass it on to other stressed out sisters trying to pull off the Perfect Christmas. I just ask that you please include my name, copyright & blog address.
~Many Blessings~


kmom3 said...

Hey! I LOVED your poem. It SO reflected my day today. After snapping off my precious children's heads, I had to ask God to forgive me. I don't want my girls to grow up remembering that mommy gets super mean at Christmas time! Thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone and for helping me to laugh about it all. It is so good to know that none of us have it all together. We all need His grace!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Lelia!
Oh, and I love the verse you have at the top of your page. As I have issues with controlling my tongue, it has been a verse I have been praying a lot lately!
I'll be back to read more of your poems!
:) Kimberly

Anonymous said...

How are you? I am visiting you from Lysa's and it is nice to be here. I love the poem and the story about how you could never walk in Mary's sandals, made me giggle in how you were wording it. I could never do it either. The Lord is so amazing in how he does things. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.


Tammy R said...

I loved your poem. Yesterday my husband and daughter went out to get the christmas tree. When they returned the look on their face was "it's beauitful" and all I could say "it's so small." God please forgive me for my attiude and Lelia,thank you reminding me of what Christmas is all about.
Merry Christmas,

Josie said...

I am visiting from Lysa's and I loved your poem. Why do we stress ourselves out so much? At times like this I would much prefer to be a Mary than a Martha! Most of the time I am, to the detriment of my house.
You are so funny about how it would be if you were Mary and chosen to birth Jesus. I do believe that even though Mary was as young as she was, she knew God intimately and trusted Him to take care of her. She probably wasn't as afraid as you or I would have been. Oh if only I could place all my trust in Him and not worry about a thing! Have a Merry and stress free Christmas. Josie

NannaBee said...

I as well really enjoyed your poem,your site as well..I have never been here before so i am pleased with the oppurtunity to get to know you.I will be visiting again!
i hope for you and yours a very merry christmas!

tiggerdaisy said...

What a gentle, humble reminder of how we oh so often let the world in on our celebration of Jesus' birth. And oh so often we let the world overtake our much so, in fact, that if we are not careful, we may not celebrate our Savior's birth at all. Forgive me Jesus for letting the hustle and bustle get ahead of you. I sit now and watch my husband playing with our 4 month old daughter and I am very thankful, for God gave me a family this year for Christmas. What a wonderful gift! But somehow that marvelous gift doesn't quite compare to the gift that God gave each of us on that fateful night in Bethlehem. Oh, Jesus, thank you! I love you!

Kelly said...

This is great--thanks for sharing!