Monday, December 24, 2007

Give Him the Name JESUS...

Luke 1:30-32a
But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name
I can't even imagine what Mary felt that day. Life changed forever for this sweet, obedient, selfless woman. What I love about her is said in Luke 1:38 "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." What a display of faith, love, devotion, trust and obedience.
I want that in my life. When God tells me to go, I want to be like Mary and go. Asking questions seems to be okay with God as Mary asked a few questions herself such as "You know I've never been with a man before so are you sure?" But in the end God had her complete devotion. Just what He was looking for.
When I had my kids after the nurses got them cleaned up and wrapped tightly in a blanket they would bring my baby back to me and lay my tiny bundle of joy on my chest and I would whisper their name to them. Wonder if she did that with Jesus before she put him in the manger. Did she whisper the name Jesus like I do when I feel afraid? Did she say the name of Jesus through tears like I sometimes do? There is just something about his name that cuts through all fear, shame, doubt and makes my knees weak.
I know what it does for me to say his sweet precious name, but to actually say it face to face to him in the first moments of his life on earth?? I can only imagine it left Miss Mary unraveled in her bed of hay.
Take this time to love on your sometimes unlovable ones this Christmas season. Try to slip into Mary's sandals and get into her mindset for a moment. You just may come back to reality different then when you left.
If you are spending Christmas alone, know that your Savior is so excited to get you one-on-one. Soak in His presence and know that with Him in your life you're never alone.
Take care, my sweet sisters...
may God bless you as we praise and worship our precious
King of Kings
For the Cool Christmas Giveaway winners....
Lysa announced on her blog this morning that the winner of the BeautiControl $100.00 giveaway is...Becky Avella! I'm so excited that you get to pamper yourself~you deserve it!
And for my drawing for the cd that was playing yesterday, titled Kari Jobe (prounounced like Job in the Bible) the winner is...tiggerdaisy!! I was just listening to this cd driving around today~it will bless you! You can visit Kari at She told me the other day she has a new cd coming out soon...I can't wait!
WOOHOO!! I'm so excited for both of you! E-mail me & I will get back to you this week to give you all the details.
~Many Blessings~


Lelia Chealey said...

Thank you to all who commented. I commented on some blogs, but there were ones that I couldn't get on (must be private) I just wanted to tell you...
kmom3: Loved what you said about snapping off your precious kids' heads & then asking God for forgiveness. I have had so many nights of waking up little ones already in a sleep coma to tell them "Mommy's sorry." Guess it made me feel better. ;) Thank God He's so forgiving! Let me know how you're doing on your tongue as I deal with the same issues. I have verses from Proverbs & James all over the place. Take care!

Alyce: So glad you came by to visit. Thank you for your sweet comment on my daughter. She is doing well~thank you. I recently posted on her called "Grace meets Innocence" Take care!

Jesstwins01: I'm so glad you came by to visit & thank you also for the sweet comment about my daughter. I too love the music I was playing by Kari Jobe. If you can visit her at & read what she has under Kari on the bottom-what a heart for God this young woman & singer has! Also, what part of Florida are you in? My husbands family is in Orlando.
Take care!

tiggerdaisy: I e-mailed you since you were the winner & have your CD ordered. :) As soon as I get it I will mail it your way. Thanks for all the prayer for my daughter & sharing your story about your 1st Christmas with your new family. How sweet. I read your comment on Lysa's about not being able to hold her. One thing that helps my mom who just had a foster baby returned to their "mom" after almost 2 years is knowing that God sings over us. I'll find you that verse & e-mail it to you. I bet if He sings over your little one, He holds them too.
Be blessed & enjoy watching others hold her while you can't.
I'll be praying for you.
Take care!

Josie: Thank you so much for visiting~I hope you come back soon. I agree with you~if we could only put all of our trust in Him. Once I get to heaven, If I'm able to tear myself off of Jesus then it's a toss-up between Mary & Abraham of who I want to sit & chat with. :) She's just so sweet.
Take care!

You all have just blessed me so much! Please come back soon & if your blog is private, let me know how to get on it.

MrsJoeB said...

Lelia-thank you for commenting. I am new to this blog-thing and when I return to work after this Christmas break (I teach at a local college) I hope I can continue this. I find it such a blessing to find other Christian women who just want to be a women after God's own heart. I pray each time I put an entry on my blog that it is God writing and not myself. So I was touched that you were blessed. I went down a really rough road around 4 years ago-it was my own choosing I'm afraid. In other words, I stepped into the pit all by myself. The writings of Beth Moore and the Proverbs 31 Ministry really helped me to get back to my God and experience His redemptive grace like never before. I am a changed women for God so I cherished that pit in that sense. My husband thinks I have a Beth Moore library as I cherish her work so much! You should really try those others books I have listed on my blog page too. I just picked up Sharon Jaynes book 'The Power of a Women's Words' yesterday. I really felt drawn to it so I anticipate God will bless me with what I need or need to change in my life with my words.
The music on your blog is beautiful and I plan to order her CD! Again, thank you for your comments and have a blessed day surrounded by God's joy!
In His Graces~Pamela

Becky said...

Hi Lelia,
I am so thrilled about winning the giveaway. Thank you so much!!

I am away from my house and computer for the week. You can email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as we are home. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

: ) Becky