Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Spring-Bling GIVEAWAY you don't want to miss!

Last month my friend Michelle invited me to go to a jewelry party with her. I usually don't do stuff like that, but when I heard the story behind this unique, beautiful hand-made jewelry and the intentions of the party, I just had to go.
So Alivia went along with us and we had so much fun. I bought these cute earrings
and Alivia picked out these adorable turquoise danglies. My camera on my phone really does not show how cute these are, but trust me, they are super cute.

The party was in a home about 30 minutes from Lincoln and after making our selections we headed back to our home during the 5 o'clock rush hour. We got off the exit ramp and were the first ones in line waiting at the light to turn onto a very busy street. Just so happened Michelle's transmission went out. She called the tow truck and her hubby Mike and we waited. And while we waited Alivia and I admired our new jewelry. Alivia even modeled hers for me. Did you know that only mean people drive at five and take it personal that your vehicle broke down in front of them? And they are extra mean if they don't notice your hazard lights flashing.But even the mean scowls adults gave us and a teenage girl on the verge of flipping us off could not steal our jewelry joy.

Well, a last week I tricked Aaron into going with me to another one of their open house parties. He reluctantly went inside with me after I fessed up and told him that jewelry heaven was just beyond the front doors of this home. Luckily he left his teenage attitude in the car and even helped me pick out some jewelry to send to some girlfriends.

As I was checking out, I grabbed a pair of really cute cross earrings for Alivia hoping it would soften the blow when she realized Aaron accompanied me to a jewelry party instead of her. That's when Nancy, the head of the jewelry business, gave me a really cute purse!
And then that's when I received the ultimate compliment.
The ladies helping Nancy pack up all the jewelry thought Aaron was "my friend".
Did you read that correctly?? Not my 15 year old son, but my friend.
I'm pretty sure Aaron threw up inside his mouth, but I was beaming that I look youthful enough to have a teenage boyfriend. A cougar, I believe is what the world labels older women who have young eye candy, but call me what you want, I look like I'm at least in my twenties!

With compliments engraved forever in my youthful heart, I should've been thumbing through the yellow pages in search of a good therapist for Aaron, but instead I was checking my e-mail.
That's when I read this from Nancy...
Lelia~Your not going to believe this but I was just thinking about you. I got home and in my jewelry room I am going to be cleaning out things that have been here for a few months, I thought I could send them to you for your friends if you want them. I just need your address (I don't care if you keep any of it!) We are just getting ready to move and would like a good home for the stuff I have had around for a bit! Good night and thanks so much for coming and your son is a keeper for sure!

And then yesterday I received a box full of blessings from her. Minus the toaster and bread....

Here's a closer look...
So what's a girl to do, but share these blessings, right? So, I asked my assistant, a.k.a., Amiyah, our 2 year old granddaughter for some help modeling the jewelry I am giving away today on behalf of sweet Nancy.

Okay, so when I asked her to show me the necklace, this is what I got.
So if you win this necklace, this is what the people sitting
behind you in church will see.
If you wear your hair up.

After a few minutes of explaining to her what I expected when I hired her,
I begged her again to show me the necklace.

Then I became like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire and instead of screaming
"Show me the Money!" I was yelling at my toddler granddaughter/model
"Show me the NECKLACE!!!"
And finally Little Girl came through...

And after many blurry pictures and telling her if she swayed again she would get no lunch, I snapped this close up...

But I'm not only giving away one piece, I'm giving away another one.
The model above wouldn't let me remove the necklace up for grabs, so if you win, you will have to come to Lincoln and get it off her yourself.
Good. Luck.
After the struggle of the first photo session, I fired the model.
To showcase the next set, I thought briefly about going and pulling Alivia out of school, but knew Gene wouldn't approve, so I placed the set on top of my computer and snapped away...

That's when the unemployed model noticed I was taking pictures of objects on my laptop and ran and plopped these next to the necklace.

Unfortunately, the shoes are not part of the giveaway,
but the cute two-toned pink shoes with a flower and bling are not.

So, here is what you need to do in order to have your name in the drawing.
There will be 2 winners.
First, you have to go read the cool story behind the jewelry.
The jewelry that makes you oblivious to Nine to Fivers cussing you out while sitting in rush hour traffic in a broken down PT Cruiser.
Then come back here and leave a comment AFTER you read the story behind the jewelry called
Ana Patricia

I promise, you'll be blessed by Nancy & Patti's story;
both women who definitely know how to say
"yes to God".
When you get back, leave a comment telling me your thoughts and also,
which piece of jewelry you would want a chance at winning:
the flower or the red.
But keep in mind, the high maintenance Little Girl comes along with the flower necklace.
They're a set.
The red comes with earrings, the flower comes with Amiyah.
Did I mention that all giveaways on this blog have a strict No Return policy?
As of 5/13/10, they do.
The winners will be announced Monday morning, May 17th!

Spread the word to all your girlfriends...if not about the giveaway, at least the story.
Also, check out the recent post on the ana patricia blog as they are part of the
Ultimate Blog Party.
Yet another chance to win a beautiful, handmade necklace.
And if you don't like jewelry, try winning it as a gift for someone who does.
Oh, and did I tell you have 4 chances to win????
Here's how...
1.) Leave a comment here after reading their short story.
IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BLOG~Leave your comment by clicking on the "Anonymous" button.
2.) If you have a blog, sign up as a follower for Nancy's blog
3.) If you are on Facebook, then follow ana patricia jewelry on FB,which you can find on Nancy's blog.
4.) Put a link to this post on your Facebook inviting others to join the giveaway which of course, leads them to the ana patricia blog.

Just let me know in your comment here all you did above and that is how many times your name will go in the drawing.



Brenda said...

What a neat ministry of helping out. Nancy really has a heart for service. You were really blessed with all that jewelry. How nice. i don't own much jewelry at all so i would be happy to win either pieces.

Brenda said...

I am now following Nancy's blog.

Brenda said...

I am also following ana patricia jewelry on facebook.

Danielle said...

How amazing that God had them in the park at the same time! He is so good! What a truly inspiring testimony.

I am now following on the blog and facebook, and I've linked to your post on Face.

TeeHee! I don't mind four chances to win. That jewelry is beautiful! I can see myself buying some from their site.

Put me in for the Red.

And I'll take Amiyah even if I don't win.;-)

E'Lise said...

This story is truly amazing. Having spent a summer in missions in Mexico (a "few" years ago), with the support of a very special 2nd grade class, reading this story has taken me back in time. The pictures look so familiar, still, and the beginning of this story reminds me of so many we had the privilege of sharing the gospel with throughout the country. I love the ending for this family. Caring for others is so powerful. I love serving an awesome God!

Put me in for the red, too. Since someone else has a bid in for Amiyah, I'll take Alivia no matter what:-)

Kimberly said...

First of all, I LOVE the winking cougar Cougar, you! :) You are too, too funny. :)

And what an amazing story about the jewelry! I love how God KNOWS exactly what connections we need to make in our lives. He brings exactly who we need right when we need them! Thanks so much for not only sharing their story, but also for sharing the jewelry! I looked around at some of the other pieces on their blog...beautiful!

I will be happy with whatever you want to send me if I win...even a certain sassy cutie! ;) I almost laughed out loud at getting to see what the flower necklace will look like to those sitting behind me at church!!!

Love to you!

HisPrincess said...

Thanks for the smile Lelia! I really needed it today...

I won't enter the competition, I'm sure you don't need to be sending jewellery and small children all the way over here (imagine the freight cost??).

Thanks again so much. I really needed something to smile about this cougar you...

Laura said...

Hey, there, girlie. I have been thinking about you and praying for you since your last email. Can't get you off my mind! I'm sending so much love your way. Just wanted to stop by and say.

And see how I was blessed with this amzing story? Nancy must be a very special lady to see the remarkable gift she did and actually help this young lady do something with it! An engineer! All because one person believed in her. Wow. These are the things that change the world.

and the jewelry is beautiful.(as well as the model). I think I like the red best (though wouldn't mind borrowing a little girl for a while).

blessings to you, Lelia. From my heart to yours.