Monday, May 17, 2010

Does Victoria's Secret even have stuff that lasts for 11 years?

"I remember those," Gene said while pointing to the white lacy underwear I was wearing. After giving me a sexy smile and even a wink, he said,
"Those are from our wedding night".

After staring at his confident self for about 30 seconds, I responded with,
"We got married in '99 Gene, it's now 2010! Who wears underwear for ELEVEN years???? "

First I must say, if you wear your panties for 11 years, please don't tell me, it may just alter my thoughts of you.

Secondly, even though there is a 64 pound difference between wedding wife and his 2010 bride, he still thinks I can fit into wedding wife's panties.
Little does he know that back in the day, his new bride wore gorgeous, white lacy panties brought to her out of a drawer by an attendant at Victoria's Secret.
While his 2010 bride had on white underwear she found at Wal-Mart hanging on a plastic hanger next to the Hanes plus size undies that come 10 in a package and these only have lace on the front to hide the fact that they're tummy controller underwear.
Bless his heart though; I may just have to keep this pair until 2021.

Third, the fact he wasn't bothered that I'd be wearing the same underwear for over a decade made me go through his personal drawer and make sure everything he wears has been purchased within the calendar year. It's all good.

Okay, had a fun drawing for some jewelry handmade by a woman named Patti in Mexico. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and would like to read a really cool story of how God introduced Nancy to Patti in a park through a flower Pattie made from wire in her mouth...and how He has provided for Patti's family in a unique way, then click HERE to read this awesome "to God be the glory" story.

So, time to meet the winners.
At first I asked Amiyah to draw 2 names out of Gene's Dallas Cowboys hat, but only because I had forgotten that her cooperation level isn't high in the morning. I was quickly reminded though when she grabbed all the names and wouldn't give them back to me. Gene finally convinced her to drop the pieces of paper clutched in her little hand back into the hat and he drew the names for me.

The woman who will be wearing red from her earlobes and around her neck is...


And the woman who will have a unique flower necklace to wear, is...

I'm sorry that you don't get Amiyah along with the necklace as promised in the previous post, but once I found out how much shipping and handling was, I waited until she fell asleep and carefully removed your necklace.
And E'Lise since you said in your comment for the drawing you'd take Alivia, she'll be ready for you when you get off work!

Please e-mail me your name & address to and I will get these mailed out to you ladies over the weekend.

Since "someone" is throwing a toddler tantrum as I type, I don't care anymore about the price of shipping costs, she's outta here. Not sure to where though...perhaps to Sharon (His Princess) in if you find a package on your doorstep that weighs 25 pounds, open it quickly...she'll be hungry!

Thank you to Nancy who has blessed not only Patti and her family in Mexico,
but us too by saying
yes to God!


Andrea said...

Thanks for a great laugh, today. I do believe your hubby is a keeper.
How sweet!
Blessings, andrea

Tammy said...

I'm smiling!!!

Tina said...


Brenda said...

What a great story. Thanks for choosing me as one of your winners. i'll send you my address. I would have taken your daughter too but oh the tears from daughter if you decide you wanted your daughter back. lol She has always wanted a little sister,

Runner Mom said...

I am cracking up!!! You are just too funny!

Thank you for your precious comment on my blog! I feel quite blessed to have met you at SS! I won't be there this summmer, but will be praying about next year.

Love you!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

great laugh today - you are adorable Lelia!

I'll pay the shipping and she can come here for a few days.. ha!

Melanie said...

Funny! My HM lingerie is in the bottom right dresser drawer.

dailyseeking said...

I, too, have claimed Wal-mart my offical brand of underwear!

Danielle said...

Ahaha! I am cracking up. Thank you because I seriously needed that!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm pretty sure that he paid you the highest compliment possible - he thinks you look just exactly like you did on your wedding night! Either that or he needs new glasses. :) blessings, marlene

Sita said...

You're so funny, girl! (:

HisPrincess said...

No problem!

Does she come with a no return policy? Or perhaps a 30 day trial?

I've not dealt with toddlers in a while but I have teens and I'm pretty sure there isn't much difference!

You do make me smile Lelia.

Unreasonable Grace said...

Great laugh Lelia!
my thoughts are altered....

Wanda said...


Debi said...

This is my first time to your blog and I have to say I was laughing so hard my husband asked what was so funny that I had to read it to him.

Thanks for giving us both a chuckle. And your hubby is a keeper.

Kela said...

I have a smile and a blush goin' on here! I needed that :)

I'm so glad to meet you!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting at my place.
It may interest you to read more about our oldest daughter, Aubrey in my "She's Staying In The Castle" post. Its something that I wish I'd known growin up...

Rachel Olsen said...

"Secondly, even though there is a 64 pound difference between wedding wife and his 2010 bride, he still thinks I can fit into wedding wife's panties."



Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

This had me laughing so thank you for some comic relief that I could relate to.