Friday, January 22, 2010

Amazing Grace...even in the aftermath of a quake

Yesterday I was just in a rotten mood.
Not sure what triggered it, but it lasted all. Day. Long.
Which for those around me makes for them a very long day too.
The perfect topper to my day was at 8:30 at night on my way to pick up my son from a basketball game.I followed a car through a yellow light and
just as I entered the intersection, the yellow turned to red.
So naturally, I gunned it so the oncoming traffic to my right and left wouldn't hit me.

That's when I saw the light show in my rear view mirror.
A twelve year old policeman pulled me over.
I was so proud of myself as I quietly took my ticket instead of releasing pre-Jesus Lelia on his youthful looking self like my flesh so badly wanted to do.

I picked up my son and he made me, no, forced me to go work out.
My sister and I have been doing the 30 Day Shred video by Jillian Michaels for 2 weeks now and I stupidly hired my son to keep me motivated. Stupid of me because he's taking it serious and has no mercy.
After getting ticketed, while driving to pick up Aaron, I told myself (out loud and rather convincingly) that I was not going to go work out.
But Aaron wanted to earn his 5 bucks for the week for keeping me on track and he clearly didn't care about what kind of day his Momma had. So off we went to my sisters and I'm so glad I did. It was a great workout and released a lot of the frustration I was feeling.

Later that night I started thinking about what is happening overseas.
So many children without a family, a home, clothes, food or familiarity.
I saw an interview the other day with this man who had gone to Haiti and said that even in the midst of all the death and devastation, he could hear the people singing Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace in the middle of a disaster that not even the best weatherman could predict.

And here I am in the States boldly complaining about my "bad" day. How disgusting.
Today, I saw and kissed on all 3 of my beautiful children and 2 granddaughter's faces.
My husband and I went to the grocery store and returned home to a hot meal in the oven.
My daughter laid out her clean clothes for her next school day.
My son hung out with his friends at a basketball game.

We went through normal life today.
Our home may be messy, but it's intact.
Our family and friends are still alive and well.
My kids weren't picked up by strangers and taken away from all they know.
All my kids know wasn't wiped out by the shaking of the earth.
Schools are in session.
Food and water is in abundance.

So, I ask myself...How the heck can you claim that you had a bad day?
I mean, really what was so bad about it?
The ticket?
The piles of snow everywhere?
Why not be thankful you have places to go and try driving through an intersection only when you have a green light?

The summer of '08 I attended the writers/speakers conference, She Speaks.
I returned home with more than great feedback, wonderful memories and friends for life.
I came home with a little girl from El Salvador.

Not physically, of course, but one of the last things that Proverbs 31 Ministries gave us before we headed home was the wonderful opportunity to become a Compassion sponsor.
Over the last 19 months, we have received many letters from our little friend all hand written in Spanish and kindly translated to English.
Beautiful pictures she has drawn for us.
And prayers. She prays for us. And she asks us for prayers.
It has been an honor to sponsor her.
I've never shared this here on my blog, but now is a good time to do so.

Haiti needs us right now.
And Compassion has many kids in Haiti.
Unfortunately, some sponsors have lost their sponsored children as they were killed in the quake.
With so much loss, I'm sure many new faces will join in hopes of being able to ask someone in the US of A to pray for them and to pray for their sponsor.

Below is the button you can click on to see how you can help out.
Do whatever God prompts you to do.

Today, I choose not to be in a bad mood, because a rotten attitude is a choice.
Disasters such as Haiti tends to put bad hair days in perspective.

Instead, I thank God for my life and who is in it.
I will lift up the precious people in Haiti.
And with all my heart I believe that somehow, some way, the Giver of grace Who is beyond amazing will be glorified.
While the streets of Haiti smell of death, may the sweet aroma of Jesus Christ fill the hearts of those left to live out this hell on earth.
May our Lord and Savior become known through the the people sent there to help.

We love You Jesus and no matter how someone comes to know You...You are worth it.


AnooCre8ion said...

I'm almost in tears Lelia. You are so right. Thank you Jesus for opening our eyes.


Jennifer said...

Praying for Haiti and all who are there. I have a link on my site too for donations through World Vision. Every bit helps!! And, yes it helps us put things back into perspective.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Beautiful post, Lelia, as always. To be honest, I don't watch the news and I've not really started since this tragedy in Haiti. However, I've read things here and there and watched the special last night. The one resounding thing is to hear what praising people the Haitians are. I read today about a lady name Ms. Zizi and she was trapped for six days. She was in church when the earthquake hit. For the first few days, she talked with a fellow trapped person until it became silent. But she said she didn't need a human to keep talking. She was talking to her boss (God). Her husband was resilient and persitent also in searching for her. He finally got others to help and they rescued her. The Haitian appear to be such preciously strong people. I wonder if there would be such praise sung to God if a terrible tragedy happened to the too-spoiled and rich America. True focus and sight doesn't come with riches. God tells us the poor will become rich and He doesn't mean financially or physically.

You're a gem. Hey, tell Michelle I said hi and miss her. I'm guessing she's not blogging since I don't have her blog pop up as updated on my bloglist.


Peggy said...

Blessings Lelia...Praying with you for Haiti! With all that was weighing on you and happening, I'm so glad that God surrounded you with His grace and you saw His grace and chose
to not allow that attitude to fester and rear its ugly head! Then you chose this great song (& video)by Chris with a really beautiful prayer & great reminder to us all! Thank you & Thank YOU LORD for Lelia, her heart, her compassion, her real self that she shares so truthfully and you use her to deliver us...our chains fall too!!! I'm so pleased with your choice! May God bless you with no more young policemen or any more tickets or days you wanna just wish away. We need each one to draw closer to Him and who He wants us to be and touch with His love!

Thanks for your visit to my TSMSS &
I pray you HOLD ON to God's LOVE & GRACE!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautifully said Leila - we have so much to be thankful for and we so often overlook that. blessings, marlene

nancygrayce said...

It does put things in perspective doesn't it!?

We have a team in Uganda right now....go visit to see what's going on there!