Thursday, April 24, 2008

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I loved all the comments you left on the Tuesday YES to GOD study. I'm also enjoying visiting every one's blogs & reading your thoughts. God is really doing amazing stuff in every one's lives. I love that no matter whether we are a farmer's wife in Australia like His Princess is or a counselor in Illinois like Amy Brooke is or wives and moms in Canada like Joyful and Sita are or a nurse in Missouri like Pamela from In His Graces is, God is moving! He's asking woman all over the world to say YES to Him and you're one of them...Isn't that so exciting?? Keep sharing your stories ladies for when we share what God is doing in our lives it may just be the encouragement the one who is reading it needs to say YES too.

Okay, the winner of the drawing for Lysa TerKeurst's cd
"No More Shame"


You'll really enjoy hearing Lysa's testimony of God's greatness working in her life. It will encourage you to keep saying YES! I bawled & praised God all the way to Wal-Mart when I listened to it. Liz, e-mail me your address please.

Now here is a special little something just for you today...

a Q&A about chapter 5 with the author of

"What Happens When Women Say Yes to God", Lysa TerKeurst.

Lelia: On page 80 we learn that Grace has two foes: Acceptance & Rejection. You seem to have such a great support not only at home and at P31, but also the blog community. When God lays something on your heart that you are certain is from Him and you are ready to say YES do you ever back away and say "no" instead because you've allowed Rejection or Acceptance to slither their way into your mind?

Lysa: Of course I would not be human if I said I was never tempted to slink back from an issue... especially one where people are attacking me. That's why it is essential for me to constantly be in God's word and prayer. Then He can give me a Holy confidence based on His wisdom and not my own.

Also, I always consider the source which the attack comes from. Is this a grounded person who is seeking the Lord from a pure heart? Is this a person wanting to better the Kingdom or build themselves up by tearing me down? If their concerns are valid, then I have to be humble enough to back down and see things from their vantage point.

If however, it is just vicious attack, I see if there is anything that I could learn from what they are saying and brush the rest aside. People have issues you know... and what is really going on with someone who is vicious usually has very little to do with you anyhow.

Yolanda: I'm not really sure that I felt a definite answer on how we truly get to the point of not allowing others compliments to get to me. (page 78) I realize this is pride, and I know to pray for this to be broken off, but any other suggestions?

Lysa: Just realize that compliments from man are very fleeting. A person who compliments you today could be your toughest critic tomorrow. My pastor often says, to many people he is only as good as his last sermon. If we live our lives looking for the compliments of others, we'll get in a bad pattern of living life to please others rather than God.

My husband has prayed for me throughout my ministry adventure that the Lord would keep me humble. God has answered my husband's prayer because I get regular doses of humble pie often. I've finally gotten to the place where I simply ask the Lord if He is pleased. Living my life for an audience of One has helped get me off the emotional roller coaster of the good and the bad things said to me and about me. But I won't lie... it still totally stinks when people are ugly acting. I'm just more able to see it for what it is now.

Lelia: When you start to worry instead of worship, how do you rope yourself back in to a state of worship? (pg. 83)

Lysa: It is a choice that I verbalize based on truth not feeling.

"I choose to not get so focused on my fear that it becomes bigger and more magnified. Only God should be magnified and big in my life. God will be there with me even if this fear comes true. And God will bring good from it. I've lived it. And I believe it still."

Lelia: Here's one of your own questions from the study: "What does taking refuge in the Lord mean?" according to Psalm 141:8 My eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign Lord; in you I take refuge---do not give me over to death.

Lysa: This is a choice... moment by moment, day by day. The more we take refuge by filling ourselves us with reassurances from God's Word, the more crowded out fear becomes. Also, be honest with God about your fears... tell Him exactly what you fear and why. Ask Him for personal reassurances for you.

I hope this helps!

Sweet Blessings,


Thanks so much for blessing us Lysa with your book, your answers, your blog and your example of a life of obedience. We just want to be women that say Yes to our God with a heart that is willing instead of cautious. May we please You Lord with our desires lived out to just serve You.

In Him,


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing these questions and insightful answers from Lysa.

Sandra said...

Hi Lelia,

This is so neat! I just started reading the book (finished the first chapter) and am looking forward to visiting each weekly study as I go along. Maybe I can join in on the next study!


MrsJoeB said...

Ohhhh! I wish I had opened you e-mail in time to have submitted a question! This was a wonderful ay to wrap up a chapter Lelia. Thanks for doing this!! What a blessing! Thank you Lysa for being available!! Now I have to buy that book!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Lizerd said...

LOL! I won! I popped open your blog to read more comments on the Bible Study and to let you know that I would be praying for Alyssa as she spends time with bio dad and I saw my name! I actually stared at it a moment and thought, "why is my nickname on Lelia's blog?" Then I remembered! Thanks! I will look forward to listening to the CD. You are so fun, Lelia and I love reading your blog. Prayers and blessings to you and your family. Give that baby extra kisses from me!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Hi Lelia,
I know I haven't posted about the book yet but I wanted you to know I am reading it and LOVING it! I am highlighting and underlining and going back over the chapters 2 or 3 times. Also, I am recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks for doing this, you are ministering to lots of hearts!! And thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, one of these days I may just have to drive up there to Lincoln. I can't wait to spend some time hanging out with you!!


valerie said...

I've been bad about commenting, but want you to know I have several different things going on right now and haven't felt well this whole week. I always enjoy your blog and I love the book. I got on Lysa's blog today and watched the Oprah show of when she was a guest talking about the adoptions. That blessed me so much. I hadn't known that story before that.
I pray often for you and your family and want you to know I'm really proud of you all. Love the pictures of the baby!
Have a blessed weekend.

Laura said...

You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for doing this study and interviewing Lysa. What a go-getter! I was blessed by the questions and, of course, Lysa's replies. She truly is a woman who has said yes to God and i always love to hear her advice to help us do the same. I am enjoying this study on the sidelines!
You are a special lady, my friend.

Yolanda said...

Lelia & Lysa,

I found some comfort Lysa's statment:

Just realize that compliments from man are very fleeting. A person who compliments you today could be your toughest critic tomorrow.

Isn't that the truth! And in our flesh nature, that is what hurts, having to work so hard at always pleasing. When we get that under our belt, and simply allow our hands and feet to work for God. We then find our worth and value....that He loves us, and we are to love Him.

Thank YOU!

Love to you,

Heather@Mommymonk said...

That is SOOO cool that you interviewed Lysa about her book! This was a great chapter for me personally too. Acceptance and Rejection - man, do I know those gatekeepers.

Joyful said...

Lelia - WOW - thanks for doing this Q&A with Lysa! This added even more depth and insight to the chapter! I'm thoroughly enjoying going through this book via your blog! Thanks for the thought, time and prayer you put into this each week.
Have a great weekend!
Love & prayers,