Friday, April 25, 2008

These boots were made for...Hiding?

The beginning of the year I started reading Beth Moore's blog that she writes on along with her two daughters. No teaching, just fun thoughts from them. Sometimes I just assume everyone knows who Beth is, but if you're not familiar with her, she's an incredible Bible teacher with a huge world wide ministry based out of Houston, Texas. I've done some of her studies and always close my workbook feeling so much closer to God than when I started.

WELL, last January Beth posted on her blog these pictures she took of shoes she found at Payless and loved...

I too loved these shoes, so I took myself to the local mall and lo and behold there they were. I tried them on in the store and though they are higher than what I normally wear since my husband Gene towers over me by only a few inches, I decided that I just wouldn't stand next to him when I wore them. So, I made my purchase and home I went.

In Nebraska, Spring has finally sprung and the opened toe shoes are getting worn by everyone who has any sense of fashion, except for Lelia. These shoes are the most awkward shoes ever on me. We have wood floors throughout our home and every time I've had them on I feel like a 12 year old that gets to wear high heels to church for the first time. I wobble and pray the whole time I don't fall or twist an ankle in them. My husband doesn't even dare comment as I prance my way past him.

Now Beth Moore is maybe 5 feet 5 inches and is petite as she is maybe a size 2, perhaps a zero. Also, just looking at the pictures of the shoes above, I would guess Beth's feet are probably a size 6. Me on the other hand, I am 5 feet 8 inches and I too could wear a size 2 if you sewed about eight of them together. And my feet fit comfortably in a size 9.5 or 10. I also suffer from what I call Cankleitis. If you have no idea what that is, please let me share with you. Cankleitis is the inflammation of the calf which causes the leg to cover the ankle area therefore hiding any cute definition. Here is a meaning that I found on the inter net along with a picture...

The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, non-tapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight gain and improved in appearance only by boots. From the English "calf" meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and "ankle" meaning slender joint of leg with foot.

So here are the pictures I took of me in my Beth Moore shoes this morning that I'll never wear except to do housework in front of my wise and silent husband. One would think I was the model for the above drawing as the similarities are haunting.

This is what I have learned from this experience...

So often when we like some one's teaching, writing or speaking we perch them up on a pedestal. A pedestal that they themselves do not want to be put on if they are a true humble servant of our Lord. Beth was simply showing the blog community what she found while shopping. Yet, in my warped sense of wanting to be a God-fearing woman like Beth, I ran out and bought the same shoes she had bought. I took home the shoes despite knowing while still within the walls of Payless that it would take a miracle for my feet to look good in them.

How often do we do that?

When there is someone we admire for their relationship with Jesus we want the same walk they have. Lord knows buying some cheap shoes was not going to make my relationship with Jesus the same as Beth has. God proved His point to me that I can't walk in Beth's shoes as I stumbled around in them. The calling on Beth's life is different than the calling God has for my life.

I just want to encourage you to keep your eyes focused on Jesus Christ.

He is using women like Beth Moore and Lysa TerKeurst to get us closer to Him no doubt, but worship Him not them. I know both of these godly women would agree with me on this point. Just like you, they are women who just want to say Yes to Him and want to be an instrument for Him. Remember that when He's using them to perform heart surgery on you whether it's through their books, teachings or blogs, HE IS THE SURGEON and they are just the instruments He's using to work on you.

Recently my husband had back surgery and prior to surgery he talked to a guy that had the same procedure done a few years ago. This guy praised the surgeon many times during their conversation, but not once praised the instruments the surgeon used to repair his back. I'm not saying we can't share what an impact they've had on our lives, just be wise and keep in mind that they are being used by God.

Let's keep focused on the King ladies!

As for me...I guess I'll be wearing boots this summer because according to the inter net definition that is the only way to improve the appearance of my Cankles.


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~Many Blessings~


Heather@Mommymonk said...

Is that definition for real? You crack me up! I don't have that canklitis problem, but I have other foot issues that make sandals and summer footwear complicated for me too. Wish we could just wear boots all year long but I don't think they look so good with shorts :)

SweetPea said...

Good posting...humor but great scriptural truth. I think we all, especially women, fall into that wicked web at times of comparing ourselves and wanting to be like another person. I love your analogy of the surgeon and instruments. That is so true, we don't leave an operation saying, that was one heck of knife he used. God is our great Physician and may we always aspire to be more like Christ but realizing He does have individual purposes and talents for each of us.
Grasping Him,

tiggerdaisy said...

You are a NUT!!! In the sweetest, Cankleitis kind of way! hehehehehe

Great, great post girl! Really good insight!

Prayers and Blessings!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This is an important post, Lelia...for so many reasons (not the least of which is that if the shoe hurts...ditch it!).

I love Beth Moore. Her teaching has been pivotal in my journey of faith. Through her studies, I had a head on collision with the power of God's Word. I've done almost all of her studies and consider her to be one the strongest Bible teachers alive today.

However, there came a point early on that I began to idolize Beth; thankfully, I was quick to realize my unhealthy idolatry. God began to show me that the same Spirit who resides in her is the same Spirit living within me. The times I have spent with God, alone, have been the moments of my deepest transformation. He has used Beth to lead me there. He continues to do so...not only through her, but through many other fabulous teachers of his Word.

I applaud you today for owning up to something, that perhaps, we have all struggle with from time to time. Actually, when I saw her original post on those shoes, I showed my husband who was quick to wonder how many women were rushing to the mall to get a pair. I suppose now...we know one person!

You are a wise teacher in your own right, my friend. Thank you for the reminder to keep my eyes focused in only one direction...



Rachelle said...

Great analogies!! Super thoughts you give us to ponder. But...the shoes are really cute! You need tennis shoes to keep up with that baby anyway : )

Yolanda said...

I loved this, it so spoke to my heart. With being in any type of ministry, someone is ALWAYS watching us. And comparing, and as Lysa said, complimenting basically in one breath and criticizing with the next.

So this really made me think about a teacher I once heard say, parking in the garage doesn't make the car a garage. In other words....who we sit under isn't who we are, we have to get in God's word. That is how you and I are changed. PRAISE HIS NAME! Allow the Holy Spirit to bring about the change from inside out.

Love ya!


PS: Does any one know of some other great bible teachers besides Beth Moore? Looking to broaden my horizon, and I do enjoy her studies. Must be a truly GROUNDED woman in God's word! (Hint)

Linda said...

Yes, I say that my legs/ankles look like upside down bowling pins. Only thick around the ankles. My favorite heel is a "kitten" heel because I think it slenderizes. On the other hand, it may be the perfect thing to point out cankleitis. Anyway, you are a pretty woman even if you do have strong ankles. We women of good stock will not be breaking our cankles soon, thank you very much. And yes, I like the spiritual application, as well!

Heather said...

Ohmyword, Lelia, you are so funny! I love the way you write! And the spiritual application really got my attention!

You know.... i think you COULD wear boots this summer... think of all those girls in the movies who wear shorts and black boots up to their knees.... yeah baby!

Have a great weekend!

nothingcanseparateme said...

Oh Thank you Lelia for the great laugh!!! I too suffer from the cankles thing. No cute little shoes for me. I am ready to head to the Tom Mcanns my grandmom wears!! Do you hate yourself in capris also??? I am only 5 ft 4 inches tall and with the cankle problem I look absolutely ridiculous in capris!!!! So great to hear other women's trials.

Sita Henderson said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by...

Wanna know something...doing Beth Moore studies has always drawn me to God..never to Beth..that is how I know those were God's words to her for she always emphasizes her humanity or 'normalness' least that is what I hear...
this shoe thing is like..wha..?...I simply cannot imagine myself getting to be a famous teacher and someone going out to buy something I was fact that would be really sad..I am one of those who would be nominated for a makeover if there was a contest...sigh...

Be blessed, Lelia...(-;

Joyful said...

Lelia, thanks for sharing such a valuable post. It reminds me of a song that Twila Paris sings - I believe called, "Faithful Friend". The lyrics include a line that says, "And I will never place you on a pedestal, 'cause we both know all the glory is the Lords". That's so key. We shouldn't be emulating the person delivering the message, but the One who IS the message. Our prayer should be that other's are attracted to God in us, not us.

I've copied fashion of my 'heroes' before - you're not alone. Thanks for the wonderful lesson.

Love & prayers,

Jo said...

Leila, what a wonderful post! You are one of the few people who has drawn attention to that mistake we all make so often: putting people on a pedestal. Thank you for the gentle reminder and for using your wonderful writing voice to minister to me this morning.
Its been a pleasure!
- Jo

kmom3 said...

You are so awesome, Lelia! You are always finding God in the everyday stuff which just shows that you are listening to Him and looking for Him! :)
You bless me! I love you and your cankles. hee hee

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

This is great Lelia! I definitely have the tendency to want to place someone on a pedestal and try to "be them". What cracks me up is that any one would think that about me! There are women at church or CBS bible study who think I have it all together and am so spiritually mature. Oh if they only knew!! That is one reason I try to tell it like it is and be transparent(besides I don't know any other way to be).....
BTW~ I wear a size 9.5 too, I think it is the new average :)

Take care and I will be in touch!

Bonita said...

This is a great reminder that one size, and one style, doesn't fit all. I can't tell you how many times I've bought something or tried to do things a different way because someone I knew, not necessarily someone famous, raved about how wonderful it worked for her. And then it didn't work out for me at all.

Your post is a great reminder to keep our focus on the Lord and listen to Him in everything, even the small things.

You gotta admit, though, that the shoes are really cute!

MrsJoeB said...

Lelia~Love those shoes since I saw them on Beth's blog. I am only 4ft 11inches when I stretch (I'll pass on sharing my clothes size at the moment) and I though I wanted them, I didn't get them because I thought they were too high and I am too old!! You should e-bay the shoes if you aren't going to wear them. Advertise them as a Beth Moore favorite and I bet you get a great deal!!
How is the granddaughter????

In His Graces~Pamela

Susan said...

Oh Lelia,

You are just precious!! You may not believe this, but I've always wanted "cankles", no joke! My mom and my older sister had them, and I wanted them. I hate my thin ankles...

Hope you had a great weekend. Now mail those shoes to me!!

Amy said...

I love your humor along with God's Word, Lelia.......I relate, I relate. ~Sigh~

God Bless,

Alyce said...

Oh Lelia, that was funny. I too read the LPM blog. Its great! I saw that post w/ the shoes Beth bought. I didn't rush to the mall but the next time I was at a Payless, I looked for them. I tried them on and uncomfortable..not the shoes for feet that house bunions! I went back to Payless yesterday actually..That type of shoe is mighty popular and none of them were comfortable. Now, I am known to buy shoes that are uncomfortable, but are totally cute..but I didn't this time... My poor old feet settled for flip flops!

Scribbit said...

I wear a 10 also--it's so hard to find shoes in that size it seems--great take on the topic.

Jill Beran said...

Great post Lelia...I believe these words were from before I entered the world of blogs, so thanks for sharing!! Your words make me think of one of our pastor's lines, "Do you worship the gift or the Giver?" So true - Beth, Lysa and the likes are definitely gifts, but they'd be the first to tell us who is worthy of the worship!!! Love how God works and blesses us and thankful for the gift He's given through you as well my friend!! Praying for you as She Speaks nears!!! Love, Jill

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm so glad you posted this on facebook 'cause I must have missed it when you originally posted it! A great post! I wear 9.5 to 10 shoes also and have plantar faschitious (sp) and back problems so even if we COULD find cute shoes in our size, I couldn't wear them! Unless they come in flats which most of them do NOT! ha

I especially liked how you brought out that each of us are individuals and that God has a plan for each of us and it may not be the same as He has for someone else.

God bless you! Mississippi