Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm just not so Grand

Okay, as you know my sweet daughter Alyssa

has added a branch to our family tree by giving birth to my little angel Amiyah Elizabeth on April 9th. I am no longer just a Mom. I now have a little branch coming off of my name with the lovely title of Grandma. This is a role in my life that I have taken on with much passion. I am so in love with this little angel.

The hardest part of this whole Grandma thing for me is when I'm holding my little princess in my arms and I'm rubbing her chubby cheeks and I say, "Hello Amiyah, your Grand....loves you." As hard as I try, I cannot bring myself to complete the word Grandma so I stop at Grand. I have tried and I about choke. It just sounds so...well, old to me.

Yes, Amiyah thinks I'm Grand, I can see it in her pretty eyes, but that is just not a cute nickname for me. I've tried "Mama" and Alyssa said that's for her. I've called myself "Nana" and Alyssa just shook her head no. So, I'm calling on you to help me. I need a name other than Grandma. It has to be cute and hip for heaven's sake because I won't even turn 40 until October of 2010! I mean really, does this face look like the face of a Grandma?

Now this lady, yes, now she can be called a Grandma. I mean look how naturally Grandmother-ish my Mom looks with her oldest grandchild.She is often mistaken for my sister which she tries to revel in until I gently pull on her Loreal colored long gray hair and snap her back into the reality that she is now a Great Grandma and not my sibling. Dye your roots all you want Lindy Sue, but the only sister you are to me is in Christ!

Okay, back to a nickname for me. I feel young and full of energy and just like Brooke Shields, I do this every morning.

I also do this...

I highly doubt my Mom has the same morning routine that I do, so that is why, my dear friends that I cannot be in the same category as her. I love my Mom dearly, but it's bad enough that she thinks we're sisters.

Can you feel my pain?

So, please help me. Come up with a name for this too young to be called "Grandma", because this is not how I want you to think I look like when I'm reading your blogs...

I will have my kids vote on the name they think best fits me and the winner will get a copy of the book that our very own fellow blogger
Linda, at 2nd Cup of Coffee, is featured in... If you have never visited her are really missing out. She is so funny and has such a heart for God.

I'll give you all until Friday and then I will announce the winner--be creative, but remember cute and hip!

Thanks for having fun with me, but I have a feeling no matter what this little angel calls me, I'll go a runnin'!

~Many Blessings~



Sita Henderson said...

You are so funny, Lelia! Loved the pics..bee-yoo-tee-full!
Not sure what you were asking want a new signature name?
By the way, did you get that grandma pic from my album? My boys think I'm from the dinosaur age!

Rhonda said...

Hmmm. I agree. You do need a cute name. You're far too young to match the older gray-haired frumpy model that we are used to.

Here are my suggestions:


Lizerd said...

Cute blog, Lelia! I love it and you really don't look like a grandma at all! However, we all know the truth and therefore we need to come up with a fantastic nickname for you. I have two names that I would like to difficult as it is :) because one of them is the one I hope to be called when I am blessed with a little grand-angel of my own.

Ya Ya - Greek for Grandma.
Grammy - the very special name that I called my own grandmother.

MrsJoeB said...

My dear frind-you do not look anything like a gandma!! I thought og Grammy but I am not sure that works either? Is "GiGi" a title used by grandmothers? Too funny!! I just looked at the other post and "GiGi" is listed there too! I will go with that suggestion. Good luck. You know, that precious little girl may come up with her own little name for you!!
In His Graces~Pamela

Sita Henderson said... I see...ah-hah--how about

Linda said...

First of all, you are gorgeous. And I have a real life friend who looks A LOT like you. Once, I tried to scan her picture to email it to you, but it was so tiny, you couldn't really see her. Yes, I see your grandma dilemma. Germans call their grandmas "Oma," but I think that's as old sounding as grandma. Certainly no "mamaw." What about a variation on your name, like "Lee-Lee." Of course, it will probably come out of Amiyah's mouth as "Yee-Yee" at first, but I think it's cute. And how sweet are you for doing this giveaway? I am totally flattered and flabberghasted. You made my day!

SweetPea said...

Your daughter is beautiful, your granddaughter is a doll-baby. You are beautiful and very young looking. The pic you put in the middle doesn't really look like the one on the side. You seriously could pass for 22 in that center photo. Your mom looks very young also. Maybe you have that young gene. I am 34 and when I was 26 I was asked if I was 16. They say I look young!

All the suggestions above are good. I personally like pronounce it without the D. It is what I call both my mom and dad when the grandkids are around. It could also be gramma.
grammee (pronounce gram-E like the gramey awards)


Susan said...

Hey Leila,

You are so funny! Hmmm, you are in a serious dilemma, I truly understand.

I had a name that was affectionally called by my children to my mother.Because she is no longer with us, it's in memory of her, GRAMMY. Now I must admit, it sounds "kinda old"...

You've got some great suggestions up there in the comment section, but here's one that is becoming popular, it's called "Honey". Yep, I have a friend that is going by that name.

Also "Ree". I've also heard Lo-lo too.

Don't worry, no matter what you choose, you're still YOUNG and beautiful!! Nothing will ever change that.

Love you,


Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

What the call Grandma here in Hawai'i is "Tu-tu!" You could go with that! :)

BTW Amiyah is a cutie!

Samantha said...

I call my Italian grandmother Nun, which is a slang version of Nonna. But I also call her GrannyCakes, hahaha...

I also used to call my other one "Ama" (pronounced uh-mah), because the "gr" could never get out.

Bonita said...

Amiyah is beautiful just like her beautiful mom who looks just like Amiyah's beautiful Grand...YOU!

My kids call my mom Giggy. When my son was a little guy and my daughter was about 7-8 months old we visited my parents and my son kept going around saying "Grandma". My daughter heard him, but couldn't say anything except the hard G sound which she repeated over and over. Eventually, that evolved into Giggy because it's what it sounded like when she said it. Pretty young and hip sounding to me!

Alyce said...

Oh that is too cute..and don't look like a grandma!! But you will be one that is full of energy.
How about Le-Le (or LiLi..(long i sound, not short), since your name is Lelia..

Michelle said...

Too funny! I love the pics. How about G'mom (Geemom) or Grandy?

valerie said...

Hey Lelia,
What beautiful women you all are & Amiyah is such a doll. Not that I'm going to be a grandma anytime soon, but Kristen & I were discussing names one day and that's what I said...."I want something cute!"
I think Gi-gi is a cute name.
I know what you mean about "grandma" especially if you are so cute and young like you are.:)
Sorry I haven't commented yet on "Yes to God" but I am reading it and underlining and highlighting and really enjoying it.
I loved the part in ch. 6 where Lysa told about being at the restaurant with all the kids and already feeling tired and worn out the lady she had never met before saw that she looked like she could use some help & encouragement got the napkins and other things for the kids at the table and helped her out. That just shows how the little things we do for others can really help them. Look how much that meant to Lysa.
Back to the name for the new will probably call you something totally out of the blue and that will be the start of what all the grandkids will call you. That's what happened to my mom. She's mimi.
Love ya & so glad you shared the pictures.

Kristen Schiffman said...

I'm going to have to cast my vote for your new Grand title in as: Awesma (Half awesome, half Grandma) lol. : ) or you can steal my best friend's son's title for his grandma: A-Mwah. (All of her grandchildren call her that- like she is just one big kiss!) Am- MWWWWWAH! Too cute.

Jamie said...

This post made me smile. That grandbaby is absolutely adorable. Your daughter is beautiful too. Sorry, I don't have any fun, hip suggestions, but I'll come back to see what you decide on.

Joyful said...

OK...these are just my thoughts. They are the views of this writer and do not necessarily reflect those of other readers.

"Grandma" is such a special title - a recognition many can't claim. No matter the age, I'd relish in it and be proud to be "Grandma" to such a special little one. I know young Grandma's and they wear that title with honour - they beat the rest of us to it early and cherish the title that the world over recognizes as a very special relationship. If you tell someone you're her "Gi-Gi" - what's that? But there's an overwhelming love and instant understanding that accompanies the word 'Grandma' and evokes treasured memories in us all. "Grandma's" can be hip and young - wear the title boldly. Little Amiyah will grow up knowing a hip, young Grandma. Don't let your own conceptions of what you think a Grandma should look like, steal the joy from such a precious title - one even used in the Bible - remember Timothy's Grandmother?

Well...just my thoughts...Amiyah will love you regardless of the title you finally choose!

Love & prayers,

Anonymous said...

Wow--beauty & youth REALLY "runs in the family"!! I can understand that grandmom sounds "old" to you.

My boys call my mom-MomMom and my nephews call their grandmother Memom. I just think it should have the "mom" in it so you don't sound like the "nice neighbor lady next door" afterall you ARE Amiyah's grandMOM!!!! Good Luck with this big decision because most likely all the grandbabies to follow will call you the same thing!!! No pressure now!!

Also, thanks for your comment on my new blog. I am still experimenting with it and feeling a bit "shy" about it. You are an encouragement to me!

Kim from PA

Amy said...

Lelia, you crack me up! I feel like that old lady in the picture when I am sitting in front of my computer....Okay, now for the name.

Since you still look good in your Calvins, and you can bend your body into a pretzel, and are obviously still in your "twenties" and very "glamorous".....I suggest....

"Glam~Mom" ;)

Just a thought!:)

God Bless,

tiggerdaisy said...

Girl, you are too funny!!! :) Grandmother is a crown to relish! Grandmothers are VERY special people! But I agree, you are too youthful to be labled grandma! So, how about these???

LeLe--after you

GeGe--short and hip for grandma

GRAN--my favorite!!! that's what my mom is to my baby girl


Mims--that is what another youthful friend who is a grandmother goes by (and I really like that one, too)

G-Mami--spanish for grandma

What is in your lineage? Spanish, Greek, German, etc.? Maybe we can find out more names that fit your heritage...we might find some really hip and cool names that way!!! :) :) :)

And by the way, you are just beautiful!

Prayers and Blessings!

Joyful said...

OK Lelia...this is too funny. I just seconds ago received my P31 devotional for the day and guess what the main verse is for the devotional? The one from 2 Tim.1:5 that talks about Timothy's grandmother - the one I referred to in my comment above! The devotional is titled, "A Grandparent's Faith".

God has such a sense of humour to send this on the day you're looking for "Grandma" names.

Have a great day!!!!

Amy said...

Hey Lelia, it's me again.....While I was in the bathroom just now contorting my body into a pretzel and looking amazing in my Calvins too I must say, I thought about my mom. My boys call her to go along with my earlier suggestion of
"Glam~Mom" could also be called "Glammaw".....I promise I will leave you alone now, and let you get back to your life.....If you need me, I'll be the old lady in front of the computer all day.:)

God Bless,

heather said...

Hey Lelia,
I called my grandmother "Gram"
My kids call my mom "Grammie"
My daughter calls Dave's mom
"bug-ah" and my son used to call her "Bummah"
Just thoughts. You know "grand" might just work as well!
and if your daughter doesn't like "Nana" what about "Nan?"
Hope you have a good day. Thanks for your emails yesterday. I finally did get a post done on how things were going, so that people would know.
Love you,

Sandra said...

I feel your pain! I thought I was too young to be a granny but Ava's other granny is only 35. I haven't given it much thought as to what Ava will call me but I do have a co-worker, who is also a young grandma, that has her grandkids call her Nonnie. I think that's cute. But if you want to incorporate your name, GeeLee would be cute.

Blessings Granny!

Chris & Brenda said...

OK, here is our two cents. This one actually came from Rhiannon - Lolly for you and Pop for Gene. As in, "We are going over to
Lolly Pop's house."

Faithful Froggers said...

What a sweet & funny post! You definitely look much to young to be a "Grandma" but what a blessing it is! Your granddaughter is just precious.

My kids call my mom "Grandmom" which I have always loved. And my cousin's grandkids call her "Mimi" which I like a lot, too.

But you will still be a hip, cool, young Grandma no matter what that beautiful little girl calls you!

Sita said...

Ok,just kidding with the last one-Trini humour, I'm afraid--
been chewing on this all night--so hear it is--"Mimzee!" such genius from insomnia, wouldn't you agree(-;

Misha said...

You definitely do NOT look like the granny in the fact, I have known you long? Since 1st grade and I would have to say that you look better than I ever remember....though there were a few years in there where I hadn't seen you at all. Id like to think you are a Mee-Mah. Good luck with finding something that fits!! :)

Jenny said...

Those are all great ideas! You all three look wonderful!

I called my Nanny, Nanny and the other side MawMaw. My girls call my mom, Nan and chad's Granny (she is ready to be called granny she is late 60's.)

I don't have any to add that others haven't mentioned but I can't wait to see what you pick!


Amy L Brooke said...

My grandparents were always the traditional "Grandma and Grandpa." But how about just "Gran" but even that sounds a little oldish and you aren't.

So, how about "Meme"? No, I don't know anyone who is called that by their grandchildren and I know it is an internet thing. I don't mean it like that. But when a children are so young they think of everything in terms of themselves -- me -- (We probably all do but hide it better) and they think of everyone as an extension of themselves.

Seriously. You are an extension of Amiyah to her. So you could be "Meme" for that and all the times you look forward to have her yell "Watch me! Look at me!"

Silly, maybe, but it doesn't sound frumpy!

MrsJoeB said...

You know Lelia-the more I think about this, I do not like "GiGi". I was in a hurry when I posted that. My grandmother was "grammy" to me and she was my most favorite women all times in my life. I would want to carry that title because of the value she gave it. Just a thought. I still think your granddaughter will find her own name for you!! Blessings Friend.

In His Graces~Pamela

My2Blessings said...

I vote for Mimi :) This is what my sweet mom wanted to be called by her grandchildren. She was a young one too at 43 when her first grandson was born way back in 1972! He even told her one day that he only had ONE grandmother and she asked him why he thought that. He said, because you're not my grandma, you're my Mimi. She thought that was cute, but let him know that she was also his grandmother :)


Emily said...

you're one hot grandma. I'd say...HOT GRANNY. :) lol. I'd demand that your husband calls you that at least.

Peggy said...

I'm with you way do you look like a Gramma...I think you look Grand....I, too, had problem with this but not because I wasn't old enough or look as young and beautiful as you do & your mom I might add... My reason was I had neber been a "mom", how could I now be a kids were both adopted and at the time they were having babies, I still was hoping to have my miracle, I guess!!! But I was not at all ready to hear Gramma, Grams, Nana, nada...I tried reading the above suggestions and I guess Mimi would due...but I told my kids to tell their kids
to callme by my name...Peggy...
cause they had others they could call Grandma...that suited the name better than I. But soon they were calling me Gramma Spanish it's abuela...but that doesn't really help...abuelita. These kids have a BB too, who was much more of a grandma to them!
(the BB came from her first and last name). My initials would have made MAh or PAh so not workable for me but perhaps you can do something with your name! But no matter what, you are the foxiest
youngunfor a, Grand is what you will be for the love of God you give and share to both your daughter and hers! Bless ya,
How about Graham Bear- ya know those little cookies...because you bear Love. Grambear Lelia...then just fill her up with sweet little honey bears, chocolate bears or original
cinnamin...Enjoy bearing it up!!!
Lots of Cute things with Care Bears and all the bear stuff that babies cuddle up with...Bless you

Rachelle said...

Love the post & the pictures!! "the only sister you are to me is in Christ" funny stuff. Sorry, I don't have any names to add,.... but I like GeGe.

Anonymous said...

I've only just hooked onto your blog. It's a great read and I just want to say how beautiful it was to read about the grace and mercy you have shown your daughter. What a wonderful witness you all are of God's abundant love... You're five months younger than me... you look ten years younger!!! Wear the "Grandma" tag with pride - she's beautiful, your grand-daughter, and no-doubt will come up with her own version of your name. But I must say I do love "Lolly & Pop". I think, from the little I know of you (!!!) that "Lolly" would really suit you... it sort of works with your name, and it's sweet... pun intended... God Bless. Naomi

Becoming Me said...

My mom is called Nina

MrsProverbs31 said...

I've enjoyed this pretty funny blog post and all the comments. I did read all the comments. Can you believe it? I mean, I really read all the comments, but I'm feeling pretty low today and your post made me laugh so I wanted to see what people wrote. Normally I skip all the long comments, but today I read everyone. I mean everyone. I agree with joyful. Grandma/mom is such a grand title. When I think of grand I think of greatness. Grandma. It's the title not the look. You do look awesomely young!

I will be past 40 before I become a grandma so. I'll have to wait and see. But, I think I'll still with grandma or like Pamela said, whatever the first one wants to call me. I'm old fashion. I cherish that "grandma."

Anonymous said...

Hi Lelia--I might be to late for the vote but how about LuLu or LeLe. I also have heard GeGe!

Maybe it should be Grand--you are a grand person and what a great thing to have a little person walking around behind you calling you Grand! It would be a moment my moment compliment!

Also you could try MeMa--that is cute coming out of a little persons mouth!

There are my efforts! I think you are Grand and so it does fit--just leave of the ma until you are okay with it!


Kelley said...

Oh my goodness, this sparked a lot of comments! It's funny but I have worried about what my Grandchildren should call me for a few years now.

My kids call their Grandma Mimi but that has probably already been mentioned. My husband's grandma was Grand-Mama. I think that sounds kind of cute and southern.... A nice french version is MaMere (ma mare).

Anyway, it is good to see a picture of you. You look so PRETTY!! And of course you are much younger than I am. By October of 2010 I will be 46. YUCK!!

I can't wait to see which name you come up with...


Karen said...

Hi Leila,
I am delurking! :) I'm a real-life friend of Kimberly (Planting of the Lord) and found your blog through her. I know I'm late, but I read your post about a name for Grandma a couple weeks ago... and I saw something just today that made me think of you. It's from an e-newsletter I get and I thought you might like the sentiment behind it.

Some hugs have a way of soothing whatever ails us. I read a BBC report recently about an Indian spiritual leader, Mata Amritanandamayi, who is called affectionately "Amma, the Hugging Saint." Amma means mother.

Amma sits on a slightly elevated seat and people line up to receive her hug. It’s been estimated she’s doled out more than twenty-six million hugs.

FYI, my 2-year-old daughter calls my mom "Nammy." I think she was trying to say Grandma and said Na-ma and then it evolved to Nammy. :)

Congratulations Grandma!