Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is that a Saturn? A Toyota? No! It's a Beemer!

Yesterday I saw a car in the parking lot.
There were a lot of different vehicles, but this car really stuck out.

Bless the soul that invented putting cameras in cell phones.

This wasn't anything unusual as all cars have their make branded on their backside.

But perhaps you were side by side at a stop light and didn't know what kind of car he was driving.
No worries.
He graciously put the name on all four door handles accompanied by fancy racing stripes.
Here's a closer view if you missed it...
And just in case you didn't see the manufacturers' small round BMW symbol on the trunk
or on all 4 door handles,
he put this on the rear windshield....

I continued walking through the parking lot after my photo session and here are the thoughts that ran through my mind.

Four doors.
Definitely a BMW.

Not a car that would normally grab hold of my attention, but this car demanded it.
Not because of anything that the creator of the car did to it, but it was what the owner of the car put all over it that made your head turn.
You could tell he was proud of what he drives to and fro.

He wants people to know without a doubt what he is cruising around in with the unspoken word.
He has made it known on all sides of his car.
You don't drive by him and wonder if he is driving a Ford or Chevy.
You are assured that his car starts with a B and ends with a W.

The shape of the car and the little round manufacturers' symbol on the back and hood really is enough to let one know that his car is from Germany.
That it's considered a luxury vehicle.
But for the Impala drivers like myself that may not recognize that he is not driving an Impala,
he has plastered BMW on all 4 sides.
From every angle we know what kind of car he insures.

John 13:34 (NLT)
Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

How do others know that you are a Christian?
Is your love for them alone enough to make them curious about what is different about you?

Or do you have to put the fish symbol on the back of your car and buy all your t-shirts at the Christian store hoping they don't miss your beliefs?

Now don't get me wrong here...if you have those things like I have before, I'm not saying anything is wrong with them, not at all.
But is that the only way that someone who is not saved knows you believe in Jesus Christ?
Can they tell from afar that you are a Christian or do they have to read the back of your shirt or see the fish symbol on the back of your car before they know you have faith?
As believers we can't just wear our message on our shirt or car with hopes that the lost get saved from reading our shirt or bumper when we walk or drive away from them.

This past weekend my friend Kim and I attended the Beth Moore simulcast.
It was beyond awesome.
One thing of many she said that got me was this:

Do you have God at the top of a priority list?
Is He #1 on your priority list of life?
We all have that list where He's at the top...

Then she said this...

God doesn't want to be #1 on your priority list of your life.

God wants to BE your life.

Make Him your life Girls,
Make Him your life.

This on the back of our car can't be all the Jesus people see in us.

May we allow Jesus to be our life!

~Many Blessings~


Jennifer said...

Fantastic!!! You are so right. I often think as Christians we are incognito. No one really knows by looking at us. We have to show others through our actions, our words, our works, not just when they are looking but when they are not. Are we for real? Or do we play the part only when others are looking. We have to let God have all access, to be our life, as Beth said, and let others see Him shinning through us!

Heather said...


I try and fail every day. I don't know if my kids get it cause they hear my yelling at them as soon as we get in the car after school. The last 2 days we have driven out of the school parking lot with one of the two of them crying... because of my tiredness, I didn't handle some minor disobedience well, and came down harder than I should have... thus the crying.

I don't know... at least I have a new day to work on it... every day! sigh.

Yes, I want God to be my life, not just a priority.

Thank you for the reminder of what she said this past weekend. I don't want to forget that, and I am so prone to... hard to keep what I have learned stuck in my head and in my heart.

God bless you,

Danielle said...

That Simulcast was AWESOME! I haven't posted on it yet because I'm still going through the Heck, I'm still going through the process of She Speaks. My mind is SO slow.

This was a beautiful and truth filled post, Leila. Thanks for sharing it!

Danielle said...

I see someone's been playing with mom's blog. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

what a great way to put it! You are so right.

Anonymous said...
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HisPrincess said...

Great post Lelia! With encouragement and help from my friends and bloggy friends and my Lord and Saviour, I'm getting a little better at showing people who I love, and who I belong to.

A little better.

Still not great.

But better.

Thanks Lelia, keep these posts coming and perhaps you can help me to become even a little more better!

Sharon said...

Leila this post is great...I have one on the back of my car too, I want the world to know I am a Christian, also it makes me drive that way too.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend :) Hugggsss

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Wendy Blight said...

Thanks for such a great post! I am laughing at those pictures. I truly cannot believe someone actually did that!

Thanks for sharing the message you gleaned from your experience. It is a powerful one.

I am SO jealous you attended the Beth Moore simulcast. She is truly AMAZING!!

Yolanda said...

I GET THIS LOUD AND CLEAR and what a great visual and reminder of the Simulcast. I'm afraid, I am the one that has a Jesus emblem on my car and often wear a Christian T-shirt. Got some pondering to do, my Friend.


Sandra King said...

What a visual!

I missed the simulcast, but you brought a great takeaway for this to-do-list world. Jesus isn't just number 1 on the list. He IS the list. Not my first priority. My life.

Love it!


Jenn@Spejory said...

This is wonderful!

I don't want God to be the first thing on my to-do list that I check off and move on. I need to be so saturated in God's love that it seeps out of me, in every word and deed that I do. I want to positively glow with His spirit.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Homerun, Lelia.