Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pilot of my life

The end of July our 8 year old daughter Alivia asked, "Mom, can I get baptized?"

My heart of course just wanted to explode with joy at the thought of her making this public statement of her commitment and love for Jesus at such a young age, but I wanted to make sure she knew the meaning of being baptized.

"Do you know what it means when you are baptized?" I asked her.

"Yes, it means that I want to live my life for Christ and that when I drown my sins in that water tub-thingy, I'm a new creature. And God will help me live my life for Him. "

"You know Jesus was baptized too Alivia. Do you know by who?"

"Yes, John the Baptist.
I really want to get baptized, can I?

Satisfied and surpised with her knowledge of what she was about to do I said,
"Yes, honey, I'll call the church and let them know. I'm so happy for you Liv."

"Thanks Mom, I'm soooooo excited!"

So, on Sunday August 9th...

Alivia E'Lise was asked by Pastor Solo to tell her church family what she had told him her reason was for wanting to get baptized.

"I want to get baptized because I want God to be the Pilot of my life.
I don't want to pilot my life anymore, I want GOD to pilot my life."

I had overheard her on the phone Saturday morning tell Pastor Solo this and when she hung up, I asked her, "Liv, where did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" she asked.

"That you want God to pilot your life and be the Pilot of your life?"
She looked at me and said, "Oh, no where Mom, I made it up.
I do...I want God to be the Pilot of my life."

Being prayed over.

Making her stand for Jesus public and yet so private...

Last night Alivia and I watched this video of Lysa TerKeurst's daughter Hope showing her recent missions trip in Ethiopia. A trip this young teenager begged her parents to let her go on. (Please take the time to read these posts)

I looked at Alivia when she said a sympathetic "Oh" at a picture of a crying baby and there were tears streaming down her face. I asked her why she was crying and she shrugged her shoulders and just leaned on me. Then she said, "It just makes me sad that we have so much and they don't. Can we watch it again?"
So we did and more tears fell down her precious brown face.

We prayed together and off to bed she went. It was way past her bedtime and so I really wanted her to go to sleep. She came out in the living room again, but before I could yell at her to go back to bed she asked,

"Mom, how old do you have to be to go on a missions trip?"
A little taken back I said, "I'm not sure, but older."
"Like ten-ish?"
I laughed and said, "No, older than that."
"Well, how old is Lysa's daughter?"
"I'm not sure, but I think she might be 16."

She then pointed at me and said, "That's. When I'm going."

And off to bed she went.

As I cried.

Thank you sweet Jesus for the heart this child has for You.
May it never stray, but instead remain in rhythm with only You.
And whatever seeds You used Hope TerKeurst to plant inside the heart of my little girl
may they bloom in Your timing.

~Many Blessings~


Susan said...

Great testimony! I just love it when a child is so convinced of what they know. She is already living her life as a testimony for Jesus. Keep praying for her and taking those moments to teach her about a life that is 'victorious' and not defeated by all life throughs at her.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Susan said...

Wow - I can't spell when I am laying on my back typing I guess!!! I mean 'throws' !!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What? There's water in my eyes, Lelia. If I don't control my emotions I could flood. This words can find. Her heart...only God and His I read I wondered if we have on our hands the next great missionary...a Cory Tin Boone (spelled wrong)or whomever they are...they aren't famous...that's part of their heart...doing love in secret without glory. Seriously, I see this in your young babe.

Not being her her mumm, I couldn't be more overwhelmed. She is so much more mature spiritually that those walking with the Lord years.

Her begging you to be baptized. Wow...if only us adults would beg our Father to do more for Him, so sacrifice for Him.

I then smile when I see in my head Alivia pointing at you and saying "that's" when I'll go. Wow. Her thinking ten-ish is the missionary age.

Thank you so much for sharing this for giving me the heads up to come back after bomb-barding you already with my catch-up comments.

Thank you for sharing this most precious girl with us. I stand amazed at her, the Spirit within her, and her willingness to heed to the Spirit and let Him come forth from her beautiful heart, mind, soul.
Mucho lovo.

Samantha said...

Absolutely adorable and inspiring :)
Blessings to your family,

Mari said...

Oh Lelia, You and God? You done good with that one! You done good with all of them but God has a special mission in life for Alivia. I am so very proud of her, even though I had no hand in raising her :) Just glad to see a child leading for her generation!

Heather said...

That is powerful! Alivia has such a open heart with God and a tender heart for His people. What a willing instrument she is in the hands of her Pilot (that is awesome, the Pilot testimony! God is speaking to her!)

Susan said...

Oh Lelia,

How tender is her heart. I pray it will only grow and grow and she'll never forget what God has done in her life.

I took 2 of my son's too Haiti when they were in their early teens, LIFE-CHANGING...

Really if the doors ever open for YOU to go with her, better yet!

I'm so blessed we both got to sit under such a powerful word this weekend.


StitchinByTheLake said...

And that's why Jesus loves the little children! blessings,marlene

An Imperfect Perfection said...

I have goosebumps and tears reading this. What a precious child you have. Wow...I can only imagine the great and awesome purpose God had for your girl. Grace, peace, and blessings to you and your family.

Yolanda said...

Oh Girlfriend, not sure my heart can take much more. YES JESUS, in Your TIMING for THIS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS child of Yours. Love just oozes from her for YOU and for others.

Miss Lelia, I love ya and that little darlin' like c-r-a-z-y.

Miss Alivia, if your reading this, Miss Kansas Yolanda loves YOU!

Lets talk together on the phone again, real soon. Love, Yolanda

Lelia Chealey said...

Thank you all sooooooooo much!!

Many blessings~Alivia

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

What an awesome little girl you have there Lelia! I can see that girl goin' places in the ministry one day.

My middle daughter, Melissa, is so mission-minded. She has been to Bolivia 2 times this year alone and leaves in 10 days to spend 2 1/2 months at a medical mission in Cameroon, Africa. I will tell her to save space for your little one in about 6 years!

Danielle said...

Congrats, Little Sis! I think you rock! It's so great to see someone so young know what she wants. And there is nothing in this world that can ever take the place of Jesus. I love the fact, Alivia, that you want Jesus to be the Pilot of your life. Great job!

Lelia... wonderful job, mom!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a wonderful story. I was so touched and even reread it a second time....also read your comment on LP ....I missed the simulcast an am looking forward to reading all the comments.

Love your blog....
Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog that I launched this week. The button on my regular blog will take you right to it....
Have a great week

Shanda said...

What precious moments! There is truly nothing sweeter as a parent than seeing your children walk in truth!

My 8 yr old has yet to choose to be baptized. I cannot wait until the moment when she wants to publicly identify with her Savior!

I left you a couple of awards on my blog tonight.

Blessings upon you & your household!

lisasmith said...

Lelia---I'm crying too. Tears streaming down my wrinkled face. Praying for my babies and all our babies!

How's the Bible reading going?

HisPrincess said...

That is just be completely brutally honest I have to say that I'm a teensy bit envious!

Praying that Alivia's heart will never stray from her Pilot.


Carol said...

What a precious daughter of the King!

Walking on High Hills said...

Beautiful, I love it!

May Jesus continue to grow in her throughout her life. May her faith grow daily in Him even at this young age. May Jesus continue to pilot her life in every step and decision- I pray. Amen!!!

Carla J Schuchman said...

God is an Awesome God! Psalms 47:2
We are baptising loved ones weekly in our Gate Keepers group down at the river. What an awesome experience to share in their washing away the old and raising up in the new.
Thanks so much for this testimony and give your girl and high five from me. A hug too.
God Bless Ya'll!


Praise God...what an incredible testimony

Hope Terkeurst said...

Hey Alivia! I am the curly head girl in that video you watched! :)
I am so thrilled you got baptized and have a heart for missions. I was around your age when I started wanting to go to Africa. I have been praying for years to have the chance to go. This summer God opened the doors to make it happen! He will do the same with you! I know He has great things for your life. You sound like an awesome 8 year old! :)
Email me anytime if you have any questions at:
Love you girl!

Sita said...

I was struck that God's Spirit has taken a hold of Alivia--great things are stored up for those who love Him and pursue Him--and your daughter has shown just that..

~Grace and Peace said...

Now I'm wondering if I can ever read your posts without a box of tissue nearby?

You are a sweet, sweet girl and our Father in Heaven is so pleased with you. You have the wisdom most older people do not have. And you have found the secret to a meaningful life - yielding yours to His will. May God bless you, sweetheart.

And Mom,
Great job!

AnooCre8ion said...

What a beautiful heart. May it always be tender and loving towards God and all that He stands for.

God bless you sweet child.


Sandra King said...

Lord, put a hedge of protection around sweet Alivia, your handmaid. May her love for you grow deeper and deeper until you ARE her life. She is already on the mission field. She has ministered to me today.


Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...


That's is way cool girl!
God's Richest Blessings For Her LIfe!
I hope that you are doing well! It's been awhile!


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