Saturday, April 4, 2009

To-do list put down

Saturday morning to-do list scrolls its way through my head.
Baby needs a bath.
I need a shower.
Dirty clothes waiting to be laundered.
Clean clothes piled on the basement couch wishing they would have just been hung up and folded instead of thrown.
Dishes in the sink with remnants of biscuits & gravy and scrambled eggs made this morning by a mom and daughter cooking team while dancing to Mandisa's awesome new CD Freedom.
Floors needing to be swept, scrubbed and vacuumed.
Bathroom begging to be cleaned.
Wal-Mart run needing to be made to refresh the fridge and cupboards.
So much to do.
And yet all I can do is watch.
Watch my 1 year old granddaughter Amiyah dance her way through my heart.
With her head full of hair just going in every direction.
Still in her purple one piece pj's.
Wearing a little touch of fancy as a purple tutu hugs her waist.
The purple tutu that once belonged to her Mommy Alyssa.
And I wonder...where has the last 19 years gone?
Where has this last year gone?
It seems like just yesterday Alyssa performed on stage in the same skirt of purple that makes her baby girl gasp in excitement.
It seems like yesterday Amiyah was welcomed into this world.
19 years...1 year...both gone and never able to get back.
So I put my to-do list away for the time and just enjoy Amiyah Elizabeth .
We laugh and give kisses.
I tickle her under her chin just to hear her laugh.
I tell her no when she gets into my pretty-pretties.
I applaud as she walks and wobbles and she joins me when she plops to the ground.
She chatters and I pretend to know what she said.
So full of expression on her face and in her sounds.
I tell her how beautiful Grandma's girl is...messy hair, tutu and all.
And I laugh as I try to get her portion of scrambled eggs out of her curls.
She is joy. She smells good. Life without her cannot even be imagined.
A true gift from God that will turn 1 year old on Thursday, April 9th.
Where has the time gone...

I encourage you to just love on those in your life today and don't let time get away from you.
Got to Chunky Monkey is calling my name. At least I think that's what she said.

~Many Blessings~


LisaShaw said...

She's beautiful!!!

Awesome message! So true. We must take time to love on those around us and not get caught up in the "to do's". They will be there when we're done loving on others.

Bless you Lelia.

Stacy said...

Enjoy these precious moments. She is BEYOND ADORABLE!!

Tammy said...

She's beautiful.They do grow up so fast.

I remember when my son was a baby and I would get frustrated. I'd say "I can't wait for you to grow up and go to college." Then my mom in her wisdom would say "Now Tammy,someday you'll wish you didn't say that."

Boy,was she right!He will be 27 this month and I wish he was little again.


Rachel said...


Though I don't seem to be the only commenter saying that :)

Thank you for the reminder. I still have no idea how my almost-3-year old got out of my body... time passes so quickly.

What a blessing today is!

Yolanda said...

You said it all, nothing more needs to be

Laura said...

I am speechless! One year already??!! That sweet baby is beautiful and blessed. I can't believe she'll be a year old! Just leave those chores for another time, Lelia! You know how fast they grow...

StitchinByTheLake said...

You are a wise woman to realize this. Children won't wait. blessings, marlene

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

WHAT A PEARL of wisdom here today.
Thanks Lelia,
WHAT a beautiful family you have!
Takin time to stop
n smell the roses,

Paula said...

Amen to your message lovely Lelia! Whether it be an absolutely beautiful and adorable near one year old with messy hair or a long distance love, as in my case, it pays to put the to do list aside from time to time and just love on them; spend time, enjoy the moment and create special and precious memories. I will make sure I put the to do list on hold over Easter with Jasmine and just enjoy her. P xo

Shanda said...

Your list sounds so much like my own. I often get caught up in the wonderful moments with my little one - the rest just doesn't will all get done eventually if it really needs to...

Blessings on your almost 1 yr old granddaughter!

Cindy said...

What a doll!! is good to take time to enjoy the purple Tutu!!!
Blessings, Cindy

Carol said...

Oh Lelia

She's soooo cute, I love the purple tutu. This was such a good reminder that God only gives them to little for such a short time. Dishes and lists will always be there, but those sweet times come and go so fast. Glad you enjoyed your sweet one right then and there.


Leebird said...

oh my goodness....the she is so sweet, I can taste her through the keyboard!

Rachelle said...

She is beautiful!

Julie Gillies said...

Good advice, Lelia. Your little chunky monkey is adorable. Aren't grandbabies the BEST?

Tina said...

such wisdom! You are so right, there will be a day when the nest is empty and there will be time for a clean house......

I took my baby (he's 15) to the mall this afternoon, there was a CD he wanted along with a game. I'll get to the laundry, the dust and the dishes tomorrow. It was nice to just hang with him

She is gorgeous by the way!

Carol said...

Oh, I looooove this!! She is a doll baby!

valerie said...

I can't believe Amiyah is about to turn one!
She is a livin' doll!!
Love the tutu!

Sharon said...

Awwww what a great post, I thought for a moment you were in my house looking at my mess as well :) But it's like you said we have to savour those moments. That I do every now and then just let things slide a bit, I remember when I couldn't do that, but I have gotten a bit older and things surely don't bother me like they use to for sure, Praise God!

It was soooo nice of you to stop by and say hey, I have missed ya!

Have a Beautiful and Blessed week my friend :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Since I usually don't check my blogs on weekends, I missed this precious post. As I read this with my screen minimized, I kept thinking "that Lelia, sure better have a picture at the bottom as she is tempting us with these precious descriptions."

So glad to see the pictures. My how time has gone by. I remember the first picture you posted of her...I fell in love them. I didn't realize that she and His Ways had the same birthday. I'll never forget her birthday now.

Hope you can stop by for the celebration and give-away.

That hair on the second pic is something else. So long with big curls.

Kim said...

Hey my friend! Love her TuTu! So glad we are friends. To encourage one another and love one another even if it not daily.... I know you are there. P.S. Thanks again for the spray-n-wash!
<3 ~~Kim~ <3

Anonymous said...

its because she looks like her momma!! thats why she looks so cute! she loves that tutu i cant belive my baby is almost 1!

Love your
daughter <3

Sandra said...

Hi Lelia!

She's adorable in her tutu! My Ava Elizabeth is doing wonderful, praise God. I can so relate to how you feel.