Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Worn boots

Due to our circumstances, I have returned to doing home health care mainly overnights while my husband is recovering from back surgery. I have done this type of work for 17 years and have always loved it.

I work days for my Grandparent's business, then at 11pm spend the night with a client until 7am then come home, get the kids to school and then spend some time with God. I love my mornings with Him and when I don't get that time it really shows throughout my day. There is just something about spending alone time with Him.

This past weekend I was with a client from 3pm until 11pm. Sweet little 87 year old lady that wanted me to help her hang her Christmas decorations. These decorations were so cute...had to be from the 50's to 70's era so you can imagine...lots of tinsel. Anyway, around 4:30 she got very sick and I ended up having to take her to the hospital. When I went to get her shoes from her closet I noticed her husband's work boots next her little black shoes.

I was so touched I think I actually said, "Ohhhhh" out loud.
Her husband has been deceased for 10 years. Some of his clothes hung above the shoes and his hats laid upon the top shelf next to her purses.

For some reason the visual of his worn work boots lined up next to her little tiny black shoes keeps coming to my mind.

Her husband is gone. She can't cook for him, wash his dirty work clothes or touch him, but she can keep him near with something he once wore. Something she won't let go of that means everything to her but nothing to someone else. A sweet reminder of her loved one.

So why can't I shake the boots?

I wonder what he worked on when he wore them.
When he took them off were his feet blistered and sweaty?
Did he build her something beautiful while wearing them?
Did he earn the money to pay for their home, cars and pay the bills wearing those boots?
Did he teach their children something only a father can teach while those boots covered his feet?

The thought that came to my mind is the Bible.

The Bible needs to be to the believer what those boots are to this elderly widow.
Close to us. Something we won't let go of that may mean nothing to someone else, but everything to us. A reminder of our Loved One.

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

We need to let God's Word lead us in our walk.

The Bible tells us of the Man who wore sandals that John the Baptist said "I am not worthy to untie."

Just like those work boots in her closet 10 years later... his widow knows the story behind the man that wore the boots. She knows when he wore them and why.

The Bible knows the story behind the Man that wore the sandals. The Bible tells us where Jesus walked and why.

The Bible takes us from His welcome in the stable to His exit on Calvary... of His return 3 days later and then of His promise to come back for us.

It tells us much about His walk.

And it tells us how to walk with Him even though He is not with us physically.

The Bible is God's way of teaching His children things only a Father can teach.

I wonder when she sees his worn work boots...
Does she miss the touch of his feet against hers under the sheets at night?
Does she smile at the thought of him taking the boots off for the night?
Does she regret the times he walked into the house with muddy boots and she yelled at him?
Does she ever slip her tiny feet into his big boots?
After 10 years does she still cry that his boots are empty?

When I see my Bible...
I want to touch His feet when I read of the sinful woman washing His feet with her hair.
I smile at the thought of Him taking my burdens from me.
I regret the times I've walked into His house covered in the mud of my without Him is too messy.
I love slipping into His Word.
After many years of being "saved" I sometimes cry at the thought of the tomb being empty.

His boots were dusty and worn. Let your Bible get worn, but not dusty.

We have to be in His Word...everyday.
Keep your Bible close to you.
Memorize it.
Share it. Love it. Desire it.
Let it speak to you.
Let it guide you.

~Many Blessings~


Laurie Ann said...

Powerful post! We have a precious gift in the Word of God and we need to treasure it greatly!

Shannon said...

I know where you're coming from, I do home care too and I am so touched by things like that. It also weighs heavy on my heart as we will probably lose my Grandfather soon, he and Grandma have been married 67 years!

Btw, I would love if you would join me in prayer for him. He has dementia, is not able to communicate and I don't think he ever accepted Jesus, although God,of course, knows better than I. Thanks!

Joyfulsister said...

HI Lelia..
I love this post, I bet those boots meant a lot to her and the sentimental memories she treasured and cherished with ther bloved.
My sister also takes care of elderly clients and my heart gets touched each time she shares her stories of time with them. Thanks for sharing this precious post .

Hugz Lorie

Leebird said...


I want you to come spend the night with me!!! I feel 87...does that count?

Sure do love you...Lee

Karyn said...

Thanks for sharing this, it's really great. It's wonderful to read such encouraging words, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Karyn

AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Lelia, this is such a beautiful post. I am so in love with the Word of God and I am thrilled to read posts encouraging us all to get more into it. I know the change that is coming about in my life because of the Word and I so desire others to experience the same.

I too am a home health worker and my patient is 87 years old. Her husband has been gone a few years and she has given away everything he owned other than a small black hat he loved. It stays right in the corner where she sees it. I know it makes her cry a lot though.

Thank you for this post. Very touching.


Mel said...

What an incredible gift you have!!! Tremendous post.

Krisha said...

What an awesome & very powerful post!

I love reading your posts, they are so encouraging and remind me to always put God first in my life.

I recently asked Jesus to come back into my life. For a while there I was lost. I've come back and need prayer to follow my devotions and to always put him first.

Jill said...

Lelia, Your words were wonderful and as the wife of a farmer who often sees worn out and dirty boots the picture you created hit real close to home. Thank you for the wonderful comparison - I was touched!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautifully written, Lelia. I'm off to spend some time in his Word when finished here. What a gift you are living and giving to these people. I know they must treasure your companionship.


Laura said...


What a sweet sweet story, friend. And what a blessing you must be to your clients. I can imagine that any job you do you would find the joy in it. You are truly a special lady.

Luv ya,

Luanne said...

Lelia--how precious. Thanks for the analogy--i'm praying for a renewed passion for His word.

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Thank you for a wonderful post, as per usual! And yes, we do need to cling to the Bible, which tells of the man who gave it all for us, and also tells of how we can walk through life, in our boots, a lot better if we just cling to Him and what we read in it. My post from today tells of how God uses His Word to guide us, which I wrote before reading your post about the book that contains those valuable guiding words. A great analogy. Thank you again lovely lady, love Paula xo

PS: Had to fix up a typing error, hence the deleted comment above. 'Perfect' Paula strikes again, hehe.

Yolanda said...

Oh my....I can imagine slipping my feet into those precious boots and precious memories.

Loved this writing, Friend.


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey girl,
Reading this blessed me so much.
The Lord is certainly reminding me to not take love for granted these days.
I'm grateful He used this post as yet another gentle reminder.
Clinging to His word!

Wanda said...

That is so sweet.
I don't think I would move my hubby's stuff either.

Thank you for sharing.

Nicole said...

You have such a beautiful gift in writing. I have read three or four posts now. They have all touched me. Your authenticity is contagious! Keep living for Him and loving others!!!

Love in Christ,

Mari said...

As usual, beautiful words of wisdom. Thank you as always

Stop by and visit the blog. I have a surprise for you :)

Sharon said...

This blessed me so much and I so needed to hear this, What a inspiration you are to us all.
Be Blessed my friend and have a blessed weekend.
Great, great, post

Shari said...

I'm a friend of Rhonda's from Canada... I saw your blog on her list and your post title interested me. So here I am.

As I read... I cried. My Dad died of a sudden heart attack in 1994 (he was only 60), leaving my Mom a widow at age 54. She's given the majority of his clothing away BUT keeps a pair of his work boots outside the back door entrance. He wore a size 12 boot and was a tall, hardworking, Godily man.

I miss him so... especially at Christmas.

His boots do tell a story - as Dad Lived a life of hard work and integrity.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Next week when things slow down I will probably write a post in response to yours... regarding my Dad's boots.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lelia, such a beautiful precious post!!! I have a huge lump in my throat... You would be such a gift to those you are caring for...

Susan said...

Oh how deeply touching.

I love the way God speaks to you Lelia.

You seem to see Him and hear Him all the time.

Thanks for the encouragement to follow hard after Him.

Susan said...

PS Come on over, I'm having a give a way!!!

Marilyn said...

What a sweet sweet story...what a precious love for a husband. I can't imagine my life without my for my Bible I would not want to live without it either, it is my love letters from my Lord.

Kimberly said...

My father-in-law's Bible was duct taped together. Seriously. He didn't want to get a new one either. I want my Bible to look like that some day!

Beautiful post, Lelia. :)

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Beautiful Lelia-just beautiful!

In His Graces~Pamela

HisPrincess said...

Beautifully written post as always Lelia. You have such a gift.

I just love the image of those old work boots next to her little black shoes...really touches my heart.

Cindy said...

I received my Self Talk, Soul Talk book today. I cannot wait for the study to begin:)

Carol said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.