Sunday, June 5, 2011

Like Charlie Sheen says...WINNING!

My sister Michelle said something the other day while we were in the car together that stayed put in my mind.

"I wonder if God ever looks at us and says, you're too much." 

We live in a world that we can dismember a baby while God's in the midst of forming him or her.
We can break every vow we took on our wedding day and make walking out on our family
look like an exercise.

We live in a world that 
a woman can go out on the town with no plan and the next morning a pharmacist can hand her Plan B over the counter and erase her night of irresponsibility before she leaves the store. 
We can fill our arteries with heart stopping fast food made by a teenager that just returned from a smoke break.
We can go broke living beyond our means no matter the cost to keep up with the Jones', the Smith's and the Johnson's trying to portray what we want others to see and yet be a mess within the walls of our heart. 

We live in a world that 
has low morals and and high teen pregnancy and crime.
Where morons are trying to take God out of the school, the state and get Him off of our radios. 

Being a Christian in today's world is not easy. 
But He never said it would be. 

When the media didn't have something meaningful like Alabama or Joplin to focus on,
they gave us hours of Charlie Sheen and his ridiculous lifestyle while he yelled "Winning".

Such a clear picture of what Satan must think and do. 

When a Daddy confesses to secrets he thought he could hide from his wife and kids all while attending church  because God is just a religion...Winning!
When a woman overturns her belief in abortion so her life won't be inconvenienced...Winning!
When a teen turns to drugs instead of the Jesus inside of them...Winning!

And yet in the midst of crazy, our God doesn't look down and say "you're too much" but instead says
"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you"
He sees us for who we are and wants relationship with us in spite of ourselves.

He endured the beatings, the torture and the cross for us.
He stuck to God's Plan A and was carried into that grave dead to walk out alive
with the hope that we would accept His sacrifice and choose to spend eternity with Him.

And when we do choose Him all the angels shout...


And through the tears of my grateful heart all I can manage to whisper is...
What an amazing Savior.



Cindy said...

Amen. Seriously.

JenB said...

I LOVE this. You said it so well.

Danielle said...

Amen and Amen! We do serve an amazing God. I thank Him that He opened my eyes to the truth of Him and salvation through Christ or I'd still be lost like so many others.

As a side note... it's a joke with my husband and I that "Keeping up with the Jones's"-- people wouldn't have to go too far to keep up with us.LOL But, God always provides and meets our need.;-)

Paula said...

Wow! This is awesome! You have summed up modern day society oh so well! Pxo

Lelia Chealey said...

Thank you, Cindy, Jen, Danielle and Paula! Amen Danielle...I have no idea why He took me back over and over again, but SO thankful He has!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My "too much" can only be trumped by God's "more than enough."

This would make a good talk to give, sister. Very catchy and thought provoking!


Jennifer said...

An amazing post!!! AMEN!!

Tina said...