Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walking down the aisle

11 years ago today I walked down the aisle toward Gene as a single mom. 
20 minutes later, I walked back down the aisle holding his hand as his wife. 
I loved every bit of our wedding day and honeymoon. 
I wish I could say I've loved every bit of the last 11 years, but there's not one couple that could say that about their marriage. Life is hard and there are going to be trials in every union, but when we have God to lean on it can make it a lot more worth it. 

There are many "aisles" we walk down in our life and say "I do" to. Sometimes we walk alone and sometimes hand in  hand with someone else. Sometimes when we get to the end, we're filled with joy, like I was on the day Gene and I exchanged our vows. And then there's sometimes the path I have chosen to walk down has left me with regret to what I've said "I do" to.
Like when I walked into the abortion clinic alone. And I walked out empty and scared. And years later still find myself with a huge hole in my heart and a regret I can't even explain. And knowing that I can't "undo" this horrible decision makes me heartsick to this day. 

So that is one of the reasons why I chose to do the book 
Surrendering the Secret 
for the next Yes to God study starting on Tuesday, July 6th

 Tuesday, July 6th will be the first day of discussing chapter 1 of  the summer Yes to God study being led by not just myself, but also Jennifer who has a passion for post-abortion women. Click here to read Jen's latest blog post called Out of the Darkness, which is so beautiful.  

Hopefully, you've never made this choice, but if you have it would be wonderful if you could join us. Or, if you know of anyone who has made the choice to abort their baby, please let them know about this on line blog study that they can join in from the comfort of their own home. 
*They don't have to have a blog to read the posts every Tuesday.
*They never have to leave a comment if they don't want to.
*If they want to leave a comment, they can do it under "Anonymous" if they wish to remain unknown. 

I hope and pray this will be a time of healing from the Lord for all that participate in this study because the death of a child at  your own hands...Lord have mercy, it's something you get through, but never over.
Click here to order your book today to join us and make sure you order the LeaRner Guide NOT the LeaDer Guide. Any questions about the study, since she leads groups in her church with this book, please contact Jennifer at

This video is so powerful, I hope you take a few minutes to watch it. It's a young man who wrote a song about his mother when she was 17 and almost aborted him. My Dad, who has always been so strongly against abortion loved this video when it first came out. It is also our 8 year old Alivia's favorite video; watch it and you'll see why. I hope you're blessed. 


Tammy said...

May you and Gene be blessed with many more years of marriage!

I pray that many will come to this study and for much healing to take place.

love and hugs~Tammy

Suzanne - Daughter of the King said...

Wow what a powerful video. I pray the same as Tammy and in agreement with what you have written in regards to this study! May God take what the enemy intended for evil and use it for His good!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

awesome post and I always just appreciate your honesty. We have to be real with God and open ourselves completely to Him so He can heal our wounds.

You inspire me, Lelia. I always get a word from your blog.

Sita said...

Happy Anniversary, Lelia! My Mom and Dad celebrated 59 years on the 26th! May God bless you with many more.
Love, Sita

Jennifer said...

Hey there sweet friend. I'm so glad to walk this road with you. I'm praying for all the women who will join us and finally be set free from this "secret".

Yolanda said...

I honestly believe, that when we are honest and vulnerable, God honors that, and while satan will come roaring at us, we no longer are defeated, because of the blood of Christ.

LOVE YOU and congrats on your anniversary.


Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!!

Believing Him~Pamela

Runner Mom said...

Happy belated anniversary, sweet friend! I pray that God will bless you both with many more.

Again, I'll be praying for you as you lead this study. I pray that God will be able to spread his love as a healing salve over the hearts that are hurting from past decisions.
Love you!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Happy Anniversary, Lelia!! And blessings for many more years together!


Samantha said...

Happy Anniversary :)
It's been a while since I've been on this blog, but I'm glad to see you're still doing studies. I will definitely be tuning in for this one...

AnooCre8ion said...

Belated congrats to you and your hubby.


Cindy said...

I hope you find healing and encouragement as you do this study. Blessings to you and your hubby as you celebrate your anniversary.

Darlene said...

Hello! I have linked this study at my post-abortion ministry site. Hope to see you and Jennifer Tuesday...

founder of Healing Hearts, Renewing Minds