Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank you Jesus for


Two years ago today you came into my life and completely took over every vessel of my heart.
I love everything about you Little Girl. From your tiny ears that don't listen to Grandma when I tell you to not take all of my books off of my bookshelf.
To the little toes you let me paint hot pink. Not once, but a few times because you smear the wet paint all over your foot and then say "uh-oh" with such innocence that I believe it was an accident and re-do them.

I love the sound of your voice when you say "I lu you" and how your little hands get into everything.
I love to watch you dance and play with your little sister Juliana; even though we have to protect her from your sweet, yet very aggressive love that she craves.

I love how you can make your bad attitude filled teen uncle Aaron beg you for kisses when you call him "Ewin".
I love how close you are to your Aunt Alivia and how you search the house for her after she leaves for school calling out "Awivia". Over and over again.
And how you melt your way right into your Papa's heart.
And how when your Mommy walks into the room your face lights up only for her.

Or how just now you decided your sleepy and as I'm trying to type this you fell asleep on me.

I loved watching you last week when you put on 2 different high heels of mine and walked outside with your hands on your hips. You had only been awake for awhile and your hair was crazy. You had on one of your aunt Alivia's t-shirts that you wore to bed, but you looked full of confidence and beauty.
You are such a gift from God, Amiyah Elizabeth.
I love watching you fold your hands and pray to Jesus everyday.
I love how you try to use praying without ceasing to get out of going to sleep at night.
I love your prayers even though the only words I can understand are "Jesus and Amen" and yet I'm sure when your prayers of passionate gibberish falls upon your Creator's ears they fill His heart to overflowing.

You are such a gift from the Lord, Little One.

As I look at you, there is a fierceness inside me that wants to protect you from ever experiencing anything Satan has planned for you, but I know I must trust God with your life.
I want to be someone that teaches you about Jesus because of how I live life in front of you.

I'm already celebrating the day you ask Jesus to be your Savior.
The day you want Him to be yours and you His. I hope I see it firsthand.
I pray you grow close to Him and desire Him above anyone or anything else in your life.

Oh my Precious Princess, you have no idea what is coming your way, for God has such big plans for you.

I LOVE YOU Little Blessing...HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!


Message from Amiyah to our Bloggy Friends...


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I'm scrolling through these pics (I'll come back to read) but you know I love me some pics. The whole time I just kept saying "no, no, no". Let me explain. I was saying that as in "no she is getting so big. no she is not that cute. no she isn't looking too old. no that is not the most adorable pic." You get my point. The one with the heels and white short...OMGosh. That's all I can say. And then, the last one...what a grown up expression. I am madly in love with her so I can't imagine how in love you are with her being right there with you and being your precious grandbaby.

These pics have made my day. I just wish now I could love on her, all of you sweet people.

The first pic with glasses I thought "why does she have a old pic of Alivia". Does that pic look like Alivia's younger pics? Maybe it's just the angle or glasses but it's the first time I notice Alivia's face in Amiyah.

Love you all!

alethea said...

you are such an amazing mother, wife, grandmother and friend! I LOVE YOU!

Kim said...

oh so sweet! Happy Birthday Amiyah Pumpkin Piyah!!

such a sweet blessing those girlies are to your family!!

Praying for you all!!


Paula ~ Princess Warrior Chick said...

Oh my! What an adorable little Pumpkin Pie! Happy Birthday little miss sweet Amiyah! You are a doll! xoxo

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Angel Girl! Two years! Wow!!! She is a doll, Lelia! How do you stand it?!!! :) The last photo of her with her face in her hand is so precious... And I cannot get over of the dress-up shoes and the hands on the hip!!! Classic!

You, Lady, are an amazing, wonderful Mi Maw! They are so blessed to have you all in their lives, as you are all blessed to know them. I wish those sweet cheeks were kissable all the way over here!!!!!

With love, N x

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, my birthday is today (10th), so as I celebrate, I'll do so remembering the precious gift of your grand-daughter. She is, indeed, a gift from God and precious beyond words.

You're doing a good job, Lelia. Been thinking about you all; prayers for you today.


God's girl said...

What a beautiful heart-filled post for your granddaughter. God takes some of our scariest and most uncomfortable moments and turns them into our biggest blessings! Praise God that not only does He hear her little gibberish prayers...but He also hears ours when we can't seem to put our heart groanings into complete sentences.

LisaShaw said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Belated Birthday blessings!!

Praying still for you and your precious family. Hugs and love.

Jennifer said...

She is beautiful!! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Amy L Brooke said...

Too cute. I cannot believe she is two!

Happy Birthday! May it be a wonderful year!

Stacy said...

She is a precious beauty!! I can't believe it has been 2 years. She truly is a gift from God and she is doubly blessed to have you on her side, in her life, and a huge part of her heart. Happy, happy birthday to your precious one!

Carol said...

Oh my goodness! She is a DOLL BABY! I love love love the picture of her in the big t-shirt and high heels. So sweet. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. Praying for you. I'm having to fight Grace away from the keyboard. She wants to type you something too!! LOL.

valerie said...

She is so precious.
I remember so well praying for her when your daughter was expecting her.
I can't believe she's two!
I love the picture of her in the high heels. That is too cute.
Thanks for the sweet video. I know you're proud and she is so fortunate to have such a wonderful grandma.
Thanks for teaching her about Jesus.
Love you!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Wow, 2 already? Love those pics, she is too cute!

AnooCre8ion said...

She is absolutely gorgeous and oh so edible. Wow!!! Happy belated birthday Amiyah.

I love the ones in the high heels and I really thought the first pic was Alivia :):)

blessings on your whole family Lelia

covnitkepr1 said...

Children are so precious in God's sight. They have angels that watch over each and every one.
I pray the angels watching over yours are real warriors and guard them against any harm.
I follow this blog and invite you to look mine over as well.